13 Essential Tools You Need for Woodworking (#13 is something you don’t want to neglect)

There are a lot of woodworking materials available in the market today along with its various prices, style, and brands. There are also different types for woodworking purposes and woodworking equipment offered in today’s market.

Due to the numerous lists of woodworking equipment, many may feel overwhelmed and get confused on which ones they need to have for their woodworking activity.

To help you choose the equipment you need, here is a quick rundown of the basic woodworking tools essential in getting the job started.

Woodworking Essential Tools

1. Steel Tape Measure

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When doing woodworking projects, an accurate measurement is needed. You will need to have a retractable tape measure that is at least 25 feet long. While using the tape measure, make sure that the tab is firmly attached to the case.

If it becomes loose, inaccurate measurements can be a pain in the neck because it means that you have to redo it all over again. The outcome of the project is also highly affected if your measurements are wrong.

2. Claw Hammer

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A claw hammer is probably something you won’t forget on the list of basic woodworking hand tools. It’s not used for the purpose of woodworking alone, but it is one of the most common equipment in every household.

You will want to purchase a claw hammer that is 20 oz. in weight. It is quite dark to bury nails on wood and allows easy manipulation in pulling out nails.

3. Utility Knife

utility knife

There are a lot of utility knives but the most commonly used one for woodworking is the one with disposable blades. The blades are retracted into the grip which makes it a lot safer to use.

A utility knife is used by woodworkers when scribing on wood, sprucing up mortise joints and for many other purposes.

This is probably one of the most versatile tool that you can use for woodworking. Most professionals carry a utility knife in their belts or their bags wherever they go. They can use it to mark the wood, create inscriptions, take wood samples and many more.

4. Combination Square

combination square

Mix or layout square comes in two sizes; 12 and 6 inches. Woodworkers commonly use the 6″ layout square because it is the easiest one to carry. The design or combination square comes in a triangular shape which you can use to create square-shaped cuts. You may also use this woodworking device to determine angles.

5. Jigsaw


A jigsaw is one of the woodworking tools that are powered by electricity. This tool is helpful for cutting curves or even when you want to cut a straight line as well. This tool is very easy to use and does not require expertise. If you are just starting with power woodworking tools, a jigsaw is something you’ll get along with quickly.

6. Hand Saw

hand saw

You can’t do woodwork when you don’t have a good quality hand saw to use. Although there are brands who make great alternatives to traditional hand saws nowadays, there are always instances where a manual saw can come in handy.

According to some articles, woodworkers should start out with a fretsaw and a mini hand saw for certain areas that a chisel couldn’t work with.

7. Clamp

You can’t have a perfect woodwork without the use of a clamp. A lot of woodworkers use the traditional wooden clamps called a hand screw clamp which is ideal for sloped pieces. Clamps can be quite expensive. Make sure to invest on a high-quality clamp to get the desired woodwork output.

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8. Feather Board

When you do woodwork, you would want quality output. One of the best ways to do that is to achieve smooth and precise cuts. This is where a feather board comes in handy. You can make your feather board on your own by following step by step instructions, or purchase them in the store near you.

9. Level

To achieve a flawless woodwork, you need to have levels in your basic woodworking tools stash. 6-foot-long levels are the ones commonly used in construction, but for your woodworking projects, 48-inch level is ideally good enough.

According to some experts, a level is a tool used to measure imperfections. You can check your work with a level to see if there is any slants or unevenness. A level is used by most professional woodworkers to ensure that the outcome of their project look sleek, straight and attractive.

10. Block Pane

To achieve flexibility in your woodwork, having a block plane is one of the primary keys. It is mainly used to add curves or flatten the surface. Instead of sanding which will take you literally hours to achieve to smooth out joints, use block plane for a more efficient work.

11. Circular Saw

circular saw

There are tasks your regular hand saw can’t work on. Thus, having a circular saw is good for your woodworking projects. A circular saw is one of the essential tools for woodworking that is powered by electricity. Having a high-quality circular saw should be included on your to-buy list.

12. Power Drill

power drill

The next power tool you must have for woodworking is a good quality power drill. Although a lot of wireless drills are now out in the market, traditional ones still work just as good and not as expensive.

It is recommended that you get the corded power drill as it has a steadier supply of authority as compared to the wireless one. This is ideal for extended use and for working with larger projects.

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A corded power drill gives you more boost and power when you need to finish a big project such as houses, buildings, doors and cabinets.

13. Safety Gears

safety gears

Woodworking does not limit you to having a whole woodworking equipment stash. As much as you want to achieve a perfect output, you also want to do it with yourself in one piece.

Investing in safety equipment saves you the trouble of losing valuable parts of your body. Remember that your body is your main tool.

That being said, protecting every inch of your body is your top priority in woodworking.

To help you achieve your top priority, here is the list of safety gears you must have before doing woodwork as used by professional woodworkers.

  • Safety glasses
  • Ear plugs or ear muffs
  • Face dust mask and respirators
  • Face shield
  • Long sleeved shirts and pants


The items mentioned above are the basic woodworking tools every woodworker must have. Having a popular finished product is not a difficult task as long as you have got the right tools in hand. Patience and determination are also some of the keys to achieving a quality output.

There are still a handful of tools essential for woodworking. However, the ones listed above are the ones you never want to neglect. If you are new at woodworking, it is advised that you try to gather all the equipment one by one, as you go along. This will make it easier for you and it’s also budget friendly.

There are many brands and stores that sell different types of woodworking tools and power tools to choose from today. It’s your duty to make sure that you get the best ones to create high-quality woodwork products.

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