23 Awesome Bedroom Decorating Ideas That Will Not Break Your Pockets

Redecorating your bedroom can sometimes become rather frustrating, especially when you want to have it customized and make it look like it was done professionally.

It can even be more stressful as expenses can easily add up. If you don’t have enough budget to get what you have pictured in your mind for a long time, things can quickly go awry.

However, there are heaps of ways that can actually help you save a bunch of money while also being able to get awesome and gorgeous ideas to use for your bedroom makeover.

1. Start by Planning and Setting Your Budget

It is essential to plan ahead of time before starting any project.

Divide the project into its various elements such as the furniture, the type of flooring, different accessories, and décor.

Visit your local home improvement stores to make a canvass of how much you are going to pay for these elements.

When you have already decided on a certain price point, then it’s time that you review your finances.

2. Set a Focal Point

Your room should have a focal point that one won’t miss. This will set the tone of your projected design. Most of the time, the headboard becomes the focal point which you can supplement by putting a set of fluffy pillows that are bold in color.

You can also design a focal point without spending too much by revamping your window by using a roller blind. This is an inexpensive piece of item that will not fail to update the look of your room.

When redecorating your room, you might find yourself drawn to the window. However, instead of making these two components clash, you may put the bed adjacent to the window in order for them to complement each other.

Aside from that, you may also choose to use neutral colors on one element so that it appears drawn back and it can let other pieces stand out.

3. Create an Industrial but Elegant Looking Pipe Bed

Yes! Decorating your bedroom does not mean spending a whole lot of money for it to look chic. Actually, you can definitely incorporate a gorgeous look without buying or paying for anything. After all, who doesn’t want a free bedroom makeover?

If you are into the industrial look and you are in need of a new bed, you may not want to pass up on the opportunity to build your own project. You can build your own bed using recycled pipes and lumber. The only thing that you have to spend a little cash on is the bed’s fittings.

4. Try Building a New Bed Using Wooden Palette

If you are into the rustic look, the stylish do-it-yourself palette bed is a unique style like no other. It can be a genius substitute for those big beds that would most likely eat a lot of bedroom space.

The palette bed has become one of the most chosen styles among DIYers, as it not only has a good aesthetic value, but it can relatively be so easy to make and customize depending on your budget, style and bedroom space.

5. Remodel Your Headboard

Redoing your bed’s headboard is an excellent way to revamp the look of your bedroom. There are a number of ways that you can use to redecorate your headboard, and you can do this by salvaging some items that you can find or that you already have in your house.

For instance, you can use an old door that you have been keeping in your attic for a long time. All you need to do is remove the ends of the door, use sand paper to smoothen it, paint it with your desired shade, and finally position it on its side. Its slightly run-down look presents a warm and comfortable ambiance.

You can also choose to use a muted fabric to cover your existing headboard. All you need is a quilt batting, your chosen fabric, some tacks, and staples.

Just place a couple of batting on its base and then secure the batting quilt and the fabric using the staples into the wood. And then form three rows of tacks, these rows will hold the mid fabric and make for an interesting look.

Also, you can recycle old iron or wooden fencing and plywood or mirror panels that you are no longer using. You only have to be more creative, after all being creative is always free.

6. Repurpose Items that You Already Own

Obviously, you will not be getting the thrill of waiting for new furniture and home décors to be delivered to you as compared to redoing dated design elements.

However, with a little hard work and time, you will be able to actually makeover your bedroom. Also, by doing so, you will be able to save a significant amount of money that you can use for future important purchases.

Just find interesting pieces in your place and search for DIY tutorials that will surely guide you in going through your project.

It is important that you learn these guides before you begin and make sure to check with it as you continue to build your project.

7. Repaint! (This is way cheaper than stencils and wallpapers)

I will let you in on a little secret that interior designers keep: color saves a lot of money as it is rather cheap when compared to other elements. But before you start repainting your bedroom, you have to make sure that you have already chosen a certain color.

Go to your local home depot and ask for free color palettes and try to cut down your choices so that you can select what you like and then ask for free samples of each color. And then you can proceed to paint small swatches of every sample on your wall so that you can finally decide which color you are going to use.

You can also leave the color swatches on your wall for a couple of days in order to see how these colors appear all throughout a given day.

When choosing the color of your bedroom, I strongly suggest that you use the 60-30-10 rule. This means that 60% of your bedroom should be painted a major neutral shade while 30% of the room goes with the secondary shade and the remaining 10% should be for an accent color.

Aside from that color scheme, you can also decide to color your walls and other pieces a neutral shade. This makes it easy to incorporate different colors everywhere.

Just choose a couple of colors that you really like and then duplicate these shades on your wall hangings and other accessories.

8. Incorporate Art Into Your Room

A lot of people don’t like the idea of having a piece of art hanging in their bedroom.

However, having something that means to you actually gives a lot of personality to your room.

And your room can be the perfect place to place your collection of photographs as this is one way of reminding yourself of the different memories you share with your loved ones. The way that you are going to arrange them will also communicate your style.

Since you are on a budget, there are a lot of ways where you can cut corners like, finding great pieces on the internet.

There are sites that have available amazing pieces for sale like handmade goods from different artists, pre-framed wall décor that are ready to hang, and there are also some who offer finishing services that will surely fit your budget.

Also, another great idea is going to art schools where students organize an art exhibit after the end of the semester. These students usually sell their pieces of art at a very affordable price.

Going to these exhibits will give you the opportunity to get great art pieces from upcoming and promising artists and at the same time supporting their craft.

9. Go Minimalist

In home improvement design, minimalism means more room space with the least number of furniture and details.

As the name suggests, going for the minimalist look will surely be minimal in cost when compared to other interior design styles. Not to mention that the minimalist style is definitely all the rage right now.

10. You Can Also Go Bohemian

If you are into the more eclectic side, you can try mixing and matching a lot of design elements like colors and patterns.

In deciding to go bohemian, you will certainly be able to save a lot as you can find a lot of affordable items and pieces in your local thrift stores.

11. Update the Look of Your Furniture With Different Accessories

In updating the look of your furniture, you can incorporate throw pillows as well as blankets to bring a fresh look to your bedroom. So rather than getting a new set of furniture, you can check out new colors that you have not used before.

You may go for a new color palette and try mixing and matching different kinds of patterns and textures. You may notice that these are way affordable and can be easily replaced whenever you want.

12. Make Wall Treatments From Everyday Materials

This idea is also a quick and easy fix. There are a lot of things that you can use to decorate your walls without having to spend a lot of money.

Wall treatments can be done by using everyday materials that you can easily find at home. These treatments can go from using masking tape, stickers, decals, fabric, newspaper and lot more.

All you have to do is be more imaginative and creative and put your skills to use and these wall treatments will bring a whole new vibe to your bedroom. You can also get murals like cityscapes that you can hang to cover your entire wall.

You can also use framed photographs, artworks and even posters and hang them on the wall in an arrangement that would suit your taste. You can also put shelves to hold the things that you would want to be in your room but with a proper place to put it.

It could be your favorite books, some memorabilia that is appropriate to be inside your bedroom or anything that you think would give you that good vibe you are looking for.

13. You Can Also Use Old Toys as Wall Decors

My favorite is this piece of art made of rainbow strings. This will certainly bring a lively effect to your room, not to mention this wall art will definitely not cause you anything.

14. Add Texture to Your Design

The people at Hatch Design define texture as the surface quality of a certain material which could be smooth, rough, flat or bumpy.

Also, texture can be characterized as either tactile of visual. When interior designers talk about tactile texture, this refers to how a certain material’s surface feels. Meanwhile, visual means one’s perception of how something is going feel like.

By incorporating texture into your design, you will be able to reinforce your design ideas as it defines different types of objects and it also conveys your specific design aesthetics.

There really aren’t any limits when adding texture to your design, and you can certainly go ahead without spending too much.

You can create a textured look when painting your walls by attaching rubber bands or wool around your roller to get a gorgeous stippled look. You can also use rugs, embroidered fabrics, and furniture made with laminated plywood.

15. Give Your Lighting a New Glow

Lighting and lamps are critical factors in interior design. When updating your lighting, you can put your attention to your bedside lamps and accent lighting in order to give your room a warm and cozy feel.

However, if you are on a tight budget, you can always choose to recycle your old lampshades and give it the extra oomph that it needs. You can make your own lampshade by choosing a nice fabric and decorate it with different ornaments, laces, ribbons, etc.

Also, you can use your old string lights that you had the past Christmas. These lights will definitely look really pretty in your bedroom.

16. Incorporate Pillows for Accent

With accent pillows, you will be able to easily change the character and color scheme of your bedroom.

Using accent pillows is very effective in providing a standout element, as the bed is the usual focal point of a bedroom. Also, pillows add texture, color, and pattern.

17. Put on New Bed Linens with Bold Colors and Pattern

Having a fresh set of beddings feels like heaven. If you are low on budget and cannot afford large comforters, you can opt for duvet covers as these are affordable pieces.

You can find colorful bed linens in many stores and with the number of different styles and colors that you can pick, you will be will be able to change the style of your bedroom anytime you want.

18. Use Different Patterns on Certain Spots of Your Bedroom

While pattern can definitely add texture to your room, these two design elements have totally different meanings. Patterns refer to how a certain material’s graphic motif is repeated.

In interior design, patterns can be incorporated using tilescarpets and any other graphic items. It is just important that you do not go overboard when using patterns as this can easily overpower your design.

19. Re-arrange Your furniture

Rearranging is very simple. How you choose to rearrange your furniture will make a lot of difference with how you feel about your bedroom.

This is also perhaps the only way to get a brand new feeling in your bedroom without having to spend any money. All you need to do here is to sweat a little by moving your furniture and bed to new locations in your room.

Just a little tip for this quick fix: try to re-arrange your things to a not-so-traditional way. By that, I mean to say is that instead of putting your bed exactly in the middle of the room or right next to the wall, put it in the corner diagonally or at an angle before you start re-arranging your furniture that will match your bed.

Also, get rid of the things you no longer need and don’t have any function in your room to make it more spacious. That way, you add a new character to a room that will make it look differently.

In order to provide your room a makeover without breaking the banks, you can place your bed in a certain angle or put it in one corner of your room.

20. Redecorate the Doors of Your Closet

Closet doors usually cover a lot of wall space and you can actually replace its boring and look by replacing or redecorating them. You can actually replace these doors with pieces of flowing fabric and it will instantly give your bedroom a romantic vibe.

Also, covering it with wallpaper is an easy and affordable way to update its dullness. Or you can opt to add mirrors on them, this will make your room look more spacious and it also mirrors add extra light making your room look more vibrant during the day time.

21. Put on Some Architectural Feature

When used alone or together with different types of elements, architectural details give numerous design choices.

Considering your bedroom’s style, these details can give a more laid-back or formal, modern or traditional, rustic or industrial effect. In any case, recycled floorings and mouldings can definitely bring a lot of character and charm into your room.

22. Don’t Forget to Put Flower Vases or House Plants

This is awfully an easy idea and you don’t need to have the highest level of creativity to arrange flowers and plants in your room. All you need to do is look for a nice-looking vase or jar.

You can also find one in a thrift shop, then go to your local florist and buy your desired flowers. You can also use artificial flowers made of silk or plastic.

You don’t need to worry about mixing and matching different colors as I am sure the look will all definitely work.

23. Change your window treatments

Changing or updating your window treatments can definitely set the mood in your bedroom. You can use draperies and other traditional curtains or swags to add a formal or informal look.

Also, you can use different styles and designs of blinds if you want to go for the more contemporary look.

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I hope you enjoyed reading this bedroom decorating ideas as much as I enjoyed writing it. And if you find this in any way helpful, please don’t forget to leave and write your thoughts in the comment section.

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