Best Deshedding Tools Reviews [Jan-2022]

Before buying a dog, one of the biggest concerns of dog owners is the hair that can be found all over the place.

Fortunately, the pet industry is doubling its efforts in creating the best deshedding tool for your needs.

These tools are offered in different packages in the market, and they also vary in functionality.

You will appreciate the importance of these tools when your pooch starts shedding its hair to be replaced with a new one.

This buying guide enumerates the top-rated deshedding tools in the market that might be perfect for the dog’s type of hair.

Best Deshedding Tools Review

1. Furminator Deshedding Tools

If you would like to reduce the density of hair in your place, the Furminator Deshedding tool is the best to have on hand. Due to its functionality, this is considered to be the best dog brush for shedding.

You should note that no perfect tool can eliminate hair shedding, but this tool can make it manageable for you and your dog.

This grooming tool can put a halt on the continuous shedding, and you can also use it on double coated dogs like Siberian Huskies.

If your dog has an undercoat, the Furminator deshedding tool can quickly eliminate it. It also works for excess hair that hampers the clean look of your dog. You will see unexpected results right after you use this product.

Another feature that you will like is that it won’t damage the top coat of your dog with this tool.

This is the most common worry of dog owners since most of the common deshedding tools in the market often damages the outer coating of their dogs.

With the Furminator deshedding tool, only the excess hair will be removed for a cleaner look. The best thing about it is that it can reduce the shedding drastically.

This will help in keeping your home clean and hair-free. This feature is important for those who are allergic to pet dander.

The design of this tool makes it easier for you to grip it. The rubberized handle prevents the tool from slipping off your hand while you are using it.

It is made from rubber, so your hand won’t be scarred while you are using it.

2. DakPets Dog and Cat Brush

Named as the best dog brush for shedding, the DakPets Dog brush has already gained popularity in the pet industry because of its superb performance. It can reduce shedding by up to 95% compared to other ordinary deshedding brushes available in the market.

Within 10 minutes, this brush can create a slight thinning on your dog’s coat while removing excess hair. You don’t need to worry anymore about excess hair inside and outside your home. You will also notice that the density of dog hair in the home is lessened.

This brush is created with a 4-inch steel comb that is strong enough to be used even on coarse hair. Since it’s made from steel, it has anti-rust and anti-corrosion features. There is also a blade cover that will protect it from scratches.

The handle is made to be sturdy so that it will not easily break. Even if you accidentally dropped it, you don’t need to worry because it’s done so to withstand these breaks and falls. You don’t need to waste money on buying a new brush every time.

Whether your dog has a single or double coat, this deshedding brush can work for both and single coat dogs. This can help in keeping the skin of your dog healthy and shiny. It can also prevent tangles and rough ends.

One thing that you can do to keep allergies at bay is to brush your dog’s coat frequently. You can use the DakPets Dog brush with your pet that is recovering from skin allergy, as it helps prevents scratches.

Most of the users find this brush very practical and functional. They even recommend it to other dog owners regardless of the breed.

3. Chirpy Pet Dog Brush

The Chirpy Pet Dog Brush is a combination of a sleeker brush and a deshedding tool. This has the capacity to let you check if there is an onset of skin problems in your dog’s skin. Also, loose hair will no longer be an issue with this deshedding tool.

The density of shedding hair can be reduced, thus, causing fewer problems and damages to your home as well as your furniture and appliances. It also helps in keeping your children safe from asthma caused by pet dander.

The best thing with this deshedding tool and brush is that it is so comfortable for you and your pooch. While you brush it on your dog’s coat, he will surely feel relaxed because it can also provide a massage effect.

Regarding your comfort, the handle is also made to fit in your hand without causing sores and blisters even if you hold it for a longer period. This is the reason why this product is recommended for individuals who are always grooming pets.

However, you should note that you should not use this tool for dogs that are not shedding hair. After using this tool, you should replace the cover to protect it from wearing and breakage. You can save much by utilizing the benefits of the Chirpy Pet Dog Brush.

Above all the advantages, you can enhance your bonding with your dog through this product. As you groom your pooch, you can develop a connection with your pet because you are both enjoying the experience.

4. OxGord Trimming Tool

As one of the best deshedding tools for dogs, the OxGord Trimming Tool is a premium for brushing and deshedding your dog’s fur. It is a high-quality matting comb that can offer superb deshedding performance.

The steel brushes are useful in keeping the dog’s fur shiny and healthy while the deshedding blade ensures that there would be no excess or loose hair that can cause allergies. You’ll be happy to know that it works gently on your dog’s undercoat.

The good thing about this tool is that it can prevent over deshedding of the dog’s top coat. This can also avoid the onset of allergies and other skin irritations. You can check if your dog is developing skin ailments too.

It has a self-cleaning action, so you won’t be hassled when you need to use it a couple of times. The mats can be removed so you can release the trimmed loose hair from your dog. The bristles work gently, so your dog won’t feel uncomfortable with it.

Many of the users noted that this is a great alternative for the Furminator. The dogs like how it works because it is completely pain-free. They are also able to keep their dogs well-behaved while they are being groomed.

For you to properly use the OxGord Trimming Tool, remove the comb from the handle to release the loose hair. This ensures that the comb will be able to grasp better. The deshedding tool also works great in thinning some areas of the coat.

5. Sminiker Deshedding Tool

The Sminiker Deshedding tool is the best deshedding brush for both cats and dogs. You can use this for long and short hair dogs. The best thing about it is that you can actually remove loose hair with this tool.

This pet grooming tool can effectively keep the shedding manageable up to 90%. It is one of the best deshedding tool in the market that is why it’s also getting popular among consumers. With this tool, you can actually groom your dog without harming him.

The Sminiker Deshedding tool is built with a 4-inch stainless steel edge and an ergonomically designed handle. This makes it easier for you to grip it as you work. The high-quality blade can work smoothly without causing skin abrasion or allergies.

Aside from this, the blade is made not too sharp to ensure the safety of your pet. Although it is not too sharp, it can actually reach up to the deeper layer of your dog’s top coat. You can also use it easily without any complicated instructions.

You will notice that there is an unlock button. This will automatically release the loose hair you have trimmed down. While it is locked, the hair will remain intact between the blades of the deshedding tool.

This tool is available in yellow and black color. The edges of the steel measure 5.9 x 4.0 inches for efficient deshedding. This will surely make your grooming routine easier and fun for you and your pooch.

Most of the users praise it for its practical and convenient design. You can easily use it whenever you need to keep your dog’s excess hair at bay.

Best Deshedding Tool Buying Guide

green deshedding tool

The best deshedding tool for dogs is a great addition to your grooming kit. Your kit will never be complete without one of these. They are specially made to deshed the undercoat of your dog. After using it, you will instantly see the difference.

You will notice that there is less fur on your carpet and furniture. Before availing one, you should first determine the right size and type for your dog’s breed. Prioritize what is most appropriate for your pooch.

It is recommended to develop a grooming routine for your dog so that they will grow healthy and vibrant hair. The frequency of usage greatly depends on how quick the fur grows and how thick it can grow in a given period of time.

Most of all, you can use this as a maintenance tool for your dog’s coat. It is recommended to keep it accessible when you need to groom your pet.

Why Do You Need a Shedding Tool?

There are breeds of dogs that grow longer coats, and there are also those that grow short fur only.

The top coat of dogs is mostly composed of rough and coarse hair compared to the undercoats. This serves as their protection from the cold season.

If you do not groom your dog, there will be a matting of the undercoat. It can also get tangled and harder to comb.

There are cases when the dog needs to be shaved if there are thick knots already that can’t be removed through normal brushing.

To avoid all of these, deshedding tools should be used regularly whenever you groom your dogs. This will ensure that your dogs will develop healthier coats and skin.

How Does It Work?

Most of the deshedding tools are built with a comb which is used to work on the undercoat quickly.

It helps in lifting the inner coat of your dog and give way to new hair. You should know that they are different from other dog hair tools because deshedding tools work by removing excess hair deep into the undercoat.

Sizes of Deshedding Tools

In buying a deshedding tool, make sure that you consider the breed and size of your dog. Also, choose one that can reach areas like the joints.

For small breeds of dogs, you can use mini deshedding tools to ensure that your dog won’t be hurt. If you have Shit Tzus or poodles, then this size is a perfect choice.

For medium-sized dogs like Pomeranian and Chow Chow, you can use medium deshedding tools. They’ll work faster and more efficiently.

If you have double-coated dogs like Malamute and Siberian Husky, then you opt to find large and heavy duty deshedding tool because it is tough to keep their fur well-tamed.

Deshedding Tools as Part of Your Grooming Routine

grooming with a dog brush

If you have a pet, it is a must to develop grooming routines. It’ll be hard to do this, so proper training is needed.

Be gentle when you are grooming your dog, so he won’t be reluctant to the use of the deshedding tools.

You can make your dog more relaxed by praising him during the grooming session. This will create a connection between you and your pet. He’ll get used with the grooming in a particular point of time so just Be patient.

When Should You Use a Deshedding Tool?

You can use a deshedding tool if you notice loose hair or knots on your dog’s coat. You can do this grooming on a weekly basis to maintain the topcoat healthy and free from skin irritations. It is recommended to do it more frequently during hot days, like summer and spring.

Grooming Your Dog

You can use a dog brush together with a grooming tool. They can actually remove unwanted hair and untangled, hard-to-manage knots. You can use the dog brush first to make sure the hair is free from tangles.

After using the brush, proceed with the deshedding tool. Start working on your dog’s undercoat.

You can see that loose hair is trapped in between the blades. You can repeat the same process until you don’t see loose hair anymore.

Product Info of Deshedding Tools

Before you avail a deshedding tool, make sure that you can read the instructions correctly. Not all of these products are appropriate for all dog breeds. There are deshedding tools that can be used for double-coated dogs only.

Another consideration is the size. There are many sizes of these tools in the market. Determine first the size of your pooch before buying one.

This is to ensure your dog’s safety. Consider if the type of deshedding tool is going to be harmful to your dog.

Types of Combs

Grooming and trimming equipment for dogs

  • Wide Tooth Combs – You can use this vast tooth comb for easy combing and top coats with fewer knots. This can offer a pain-free grooming for your dog. They can quickly remove hair compared with other combs.
  • Slicker Brushes – They are often found in a rectangular shape, and they are created with metal tines. If you have a long-haired dog, then this is the best option for you. You can use it for the entire body. They are best in removing tangles.
  • Blade on a Handle Combs – This is one of the best options for dog brushes. This can be used for plush-coated dogs. The teeth are very narrow, so the undercoat will be shiny and sleek.
  • Bristle Brushes – They can be made from synthetic bristles. This is an essential deshedding tool for everyone. You can use if for cats as well.
  • Pin Brushes – They can be made from metals or wood instead of the regular bristles. If you need to release tangles, then this type of comb is the best option out there.


To keep and maintain the coat of your dog to be free from knots and tangles, choose the best deshedding tool out there.

It is also very effective in maintaining the skin of your dog healthy. This can control the density of shedding in your home.

The DakPets Dog brush is a recommended tool for grooming all type of dogs. Its functionality is beyond everyone’s expectation. It can reduce shedding up to 95%. It is not only effective but durable as well.

To make buying deshedding tools worthwhile, you should check first the different types of brushes in the market and check which one is appropriate for your pooch. Most of all, make sure that the size of the deshedding tool is suitable for your dog’s size.

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