9 Best Faux Wood Blinds: The Perfect Decorative Flair

Let’s face it. Not everyone wants to spend a ton of money behind wood blinds. On top of that, when you’ve got an affordable and durable option like faux wood blinds, you could very well avoid wood blinds altogether. 

As far as blinds go, it’s one mammoth of a task to find out the best faux wood blinds. Lucky for you, I did most of the homework for you. All you’ve got to do is go through each of them and figure out which one suits you best. 

But a lot of you are here to find out a bit more about faux wood blinds. For those people, I’ve come up with a detailed buying guide that covers everything you need to know about them. So, without delaying this any further, let’s see what’s in the bag- 

Our 5 Favorite Faux Wood Blinds

Best Faux Wood Blinds Reviews

1. US Window And Floor 2″ Cordless Faux Wood Blinds

US Window And Floor 2' Faux Wood 34.375' W x 60' H, Inside Mount Cordless Blinds, 34.375 x 60, White

When it’s about durability, the US Window And Floor 2″ Cordless Faux Wood Blinds is a tough opponent to beat. It’s made out of heavy-duty and lead-free PVC material that won’t break any time soon. 

Despite having a plastic build, you won’t notice any kind of plastic smell if that’s what you’re worried about. On top of that, you could install these everlasting blinds anywhere from your kids to an old person’s room. Speaking of children, it comes with a cordless design. If you’ve got pets or children around the house, this cordless design is an absolute blessing. Apart from all these, you’ll get the tilt wand. Instead of pulling on a cord, all you have to do is move the wand and it’ll raise or lower the blinds. 

And the best part is, it comes with all the right installation hardware. If you’ve been around the faux wood blind block, you would know that a lot of manufacturers don’t really include the right kind of material. 

But that won’t be an issue for this product. Simply unpack it and you’ll get the installation in a jiff. Even though the price is a bit higher than other brands, the durability and versatility make it worth your while. 


  • Durable build quality 
  • Simple installation 
  • Easy to clean 


  • Gives out a little plastic smell when you unpack

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2. Achim Home Furnishings DSG235WH06 Deluxe Sundown G2 Cordless Blinds

Achim Home Furnishings DSG235WH06 Deluxe Sundown G2 Cordless Blinds, 35' x 64', White

The Achim Home Furnishings DSG235WH06 Deluxe Sundown G2 Cordless Blinds proves that you can get convenience at an affordable rate. With a G2 cordless design, the installation is as easy as it gets. Whether you want to install it inside or on your ceiling, this set of white faux wood blinds will ensure you get everything done right. 

Other than the easy installation process, the blinds come in 16 different sizes and 5 iconic colors. From white(and new version white), alabaster to grey, mahogany, there are multiple options to choose from. 

This versatility gives you the freedom to choose different styled blinds for different rooms. For example, you wouldn’t want to get dark shades for your living room. That’s something you’d want in your bedroom where privacy and low light is the biggest priority. 

And I guess I don’t have to go on about the cordless design. In addition to this tangle-free design, the durability speaks for itself. Where other affordable faux wood blinds suffer from warping, sagging and other issues, the durable vinyl design of this blind promises a sturdy build quality. 


  • Hassle-free G2 installation 
  • Comes in 5 different colors 
  • Doesn’t warp even with longer versions 


  • The installation guide isn’t much helpful 

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3. Chicology Cordless 1-Inch Vinyl Mini Blinds

CHICOLOGY Blinds for Windows , Mini Blinds , Window Blinds , Door Blinds , Blinds & Shades , Camper Blinds , Mini Blinds for Windows , Horizontal Window Blinds , Gloss White , 29'W X 64'H

Let’s put out a drum roll for the first 1-inch faux wood blind on this list, the Chicology Cordless 1-Inch Vinyl Mini Blinds. Apart from the fact that it’s 1-inch, it’s also the most affordable faux wood blind you’ll find. And that’s not only for this list.

You get 3 different colors to choose from. The rich and matte wood texture the cappuccino color gives out is quite close to real wood. Although you could go for other colors for matching with your interior. If it were up to me, the gray one looks the finest.  

Despite having a lower price tag, you get a sturdy build quality made out of vinyl, plastic, and stainless steel. But you do have to sacrifice a little bit when you’re looking for an economical option. So, don’t expect it to last year after year. If you need a quick blind solution, then go for it. But if you’re willing to spend a few extra bucks, I’d suggest you get the US Window and Floor blinds. 

Apart from all these, you get all the basic features like a cordless design and a tilt wand. Unlike the Achim Home Furnishings DSG235WH06, you can’t install it anywhere you want. Overall, I’d suggest this set of blind to someone who’s a little tight on budget. But it’s certainly not the best in the market. 


  • Sleek design 
  • Maximum privacy and light control 
  • Cordless control 


  • Not that great in terms of long-lastingness

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4. Bali Blinds 1″ Vinyl Cordless Blind

Bali Blinds 1' Vinyl Cordless Blind, 34' x 64', White

Next up, there’s another 1-inch faux wood blind, the Bali Blinds 1″ Vinyl Cordless Blind. I know I said some harsh things about Chicology 1″ blinds but this one’s also affordable. In fact, these two products are in the same price range. So, what makes it different? 

First of all, there aren’t any design options. You get only 1 design to choose from whereas the Chicology blinds gave you 3 different colors. Think of it like this, when you’re manufacturing the same product with 3 different colors, you have to cut down a few things to maintain that affordable rate. 

I don’t know it for sure, but this is a rather common issue with affordable products. The less variation and features they have, the more they can focus on the durability and other aspects that actually matter. Sure, people like to choose from different colors. But what good will that be if it breaks after a short period of usage, right? 

I’m not saying the Bali Blinds don’t have any flaws. For instance, when you unravel the blinds, the bottom part sometimes can’t stay straight. This happens more if you choose wider blinds. I know it sounds a little biased but this even happens to other pricey blinds too. At the end of the day, it’s plastic. So, you have to cut some slack for it. 


  • Comes with proper installation hardware 
  • Focused more on durability than design 
  • Easy cleaning process 


  • No color choices 

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5. Achim Home Furnishings, White Cordless GII Madera Falsa 2″ Faux Wood Plantation Blind

Achim Home Furnishings MFG231WH02 , White Cordless GII Madera Falsa 2' Faux Wood Plantation Blind 31' x 64'

Why am I recommending another from Achim Home Furnishings after what I said last time? It’s because this one’s not that ‘affordable’. This one isn’t your regular 20 dollars faux wood blind that comes with the terrible build quality. 

With a price tag that’s almost double what you’d pay for, these vinyl cordless blinds come in 4 stylish colors. Other than all the basic colors(grey, white, mahogany), it furnishes a beautiful maple color. This isn’t something you see every day. I know some people don’t like how dark mahogany can get. For those people, the light shade of maple is stunning. 

No matter where you install the blinds, it’ll make sure to block all the lights efficiently. As it’s a 2-inch blind, you’ll also get a ton of light when you open the blinds, making it perfect for your living room. 

Aside from all this, it boasts a functional cordless G2 design, meaning you could install it inside, outside, or on your ceiling. Not that many people install blinds on their ceiling, but it’s nice to know that you have that option.   


  • Texture sleek design 
  • Comes with a great looking valance 
  • Cordless G2 design 


  • The included screws are longer than required 

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6. DEZ Furnishings QJBK224480 2 in. Cordless Faux Wood Blind

DEZ Furnishings QJBK224480 2 in. Cordless Faux Wood Blind, 22.5W x 48L Inches, Dark Oak

The DEZ Furnishings QJBK224480 2 in. Cordless Faux Wood Blind with its dark oak color will give you the privacy you need. Whether you do a night job where you need to sleep during the day or you want complete privacy, this blind set is more than enough. 

On top of that, you could install it both indoors and outdoors, making it easier for you to get a perfect fit. The one I’m reviewing has a dark oak color but you could very well get other shades like grey and white. 

Apart from that, you get a crown valance that gives the blinds a finished look. However, what I liked most is how transparent the brand is. Everything you need to know is right there on the product description. More importantly, the user manual is included to walk you through the process beforehand. 

When it comes to size charts, DEZ Furnishings offer the highest number of options. It’s kind of like you’re getting your own set of custom faux wood blinds except for the fact that it’s not. Although they will freshly make your blinds right after you order them. 

Overall, this is a decent set of faux wood blinds. The durability is somewhat similar to US Window and Floor blinds. But as an addition, you get 3 different color options.  


  • Easy installation 
  • Quality made blinds
  • The highest number of sizes to choose from  


  • The installation hardware is sometimes missing 

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7. Lotus & Windoware 2″ Faux Wood Blind

LOTUS & WINDOWARE 2-Inch Faux Wood Blind, 31 by 64-Inch, White

The Lotus & Windoware 2″ Faux Wood Blind is easily one of my most favorite products out of this bunch. The one thing I don’t like about it is it’s a corded model. But it makes up for that with its superior durability. 

Sure, the durability is nowhere near to wood blinds. But put some wood blinds in your kitchen or bathroom and see how it turns out. For those areas, a faux wood blind is a perfect choice. The stylish Lotus & Windoware will provide you durability and long-lastingness at a somewhat affordable rate. Even though the price is almost as double as the US Window and Floor blinds, the durability speaks for itself. 

As you’ll notice the bottom rails are made from solid foam wood. Along with the rails, the slats are scratch and fade-resistant. While some other blinds made out of synthetic material can be broken during transportation, this one will stay intact, even if you accidentally fall on them. 

However, you can’t forget about the fact that it’s a corded version. I know some people actually prefer corded models but they could’ve at least added an option. When you charge this much, this is the least you could do.  


  • Made from top-notch synthetic material 
  • Enhanced durability 
  • Boasts a classic crown valance 


  • Doesn’t have a cordless variant 

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8. Calyx Interiors Snow White Cordless 2″ Faux Wood Blind with Royal Valance

Calyx Interiors Snow White Cordless 2-inch Faux Wood Blind with Royal Valance, 34-Inch Width x 60-Inch Height

I’ve been waiting for a while to review the Calyx Interiors Snow White Cordless 2″ Faux Wood Blind. Mostly because this one stays at the top of my list of recommendations due to its superior quality. But there’s a twist.  

For most people, the first thing they’ll notice is the price tag. When you can get the same thing for a fraction of the price, this is normal. But as far as faux wood blinds go, this isn’t your regular set of blinds. This sturdy set of blind comes in a single snow white color. Although when you’re paying this much money for a blind, a few color options wouldn’t hurt. So, that’s a bummer. 

However, I wouldn’t raise a second question about the durability of this blind. The top-graded vinyl will ensure it lasts for year after year. And you’ve already noticed from the name that it’s a cordless design, which makes it perfect for your kid’s bedroom. 

But the classic design will enhance the beauty and privacy of any room. Overall, I don’t really have any bad things to say about it except the fact that it costs a ton of money.  


  • Sturdy build quality 
  • The slats stay intact even after years of usage 
  • Boasts a classic royal valance 


  • Expensive

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9. Designer’s Touch 3588780 Cut-to-Width White Cordless 2 in. Faux Wood Blind

Designer's Touch 3588780 Cut-to-Width White Cordless 2 in. Faux Wood Blind - 27 in. W x 72 in. L

Finally, let’s talk about the final product on this list, the Designer’s Touch 3588780 Cut-to-Width White Cordless 2 in. Faux Wood Blind. Even though the name is rather big, the features are similar to the other products on this list. 

You get a basic cordless design in white slats made out of synthetic material. Although it’s good to note down it comes with a valance. However, you don’t get any sizes to choose from. It’s either take the 27 in. W x 72 in. L size or leave it. So, that’s something to look out for. 

Other than that, all the basic features are there. That’s why I won’t be getting deep into those. It’s not the most affordable option out there but it’s true to size and you get a durable blind that’ll last for a while. 


  • Children safe cordless design 
  • Comes with a wood texture 
  • Can be mounted both inside and outside 


  • Comes in a single size 

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Comparison of Our Top 9 Faux Wood Blinds

Available Colors
US Window And Floor 2" Cordless Faux Wood BlindsWhite Yes 
Achim Home Furnishings DSG235WH06 Deluxe Sundown G2 Cordless BlindsWhite No
Chicology Cordless 1-Inch Vinyl Mini BlindsCappuccino, white, gray No
Bali Blinds 1" Vinyl Cordless BlindWhite No 
Achim Home Furnishings, White Cordless GII Madera Falsa 2" Faux Wood Plantation BlindMahogany, maple, white, grey Yes 
DEZ Furnishings QJBK224480 2 in. Cordless Faux Wood BlindDark oak, white, driftwood gray Yes 
Lotus & Windoware 2" Faux Wood BlindWhite Yes 
Calyx Interiors Snow White Cordless 2" Faux Wood Blind with Royal ValanceWhite Yes 
Designer's Touch 3588780 Cut-to-Width White Cordless 2 in. Faux Wood BlindWhite Yes 

Buying Guide for the Best Faux Wood Blinds

best faux wood blinds

Do you need a comprehensive buying guide to buy some faux wood blinds? For most people, it’s a big no as these are inexpensive items that people don’t care for that much. 

But there are a few tiny details that you should keep in mind so that you don’t get yourself the set of blinds. And if you really care about interior decoration, then you know how important blinds are. So, here are a few things to look out for- 

1-inch or 2-inch 

The size is a somewhat complicated topic to some people. But it’s rather straightforward if you know what you’re doing. Some people like 1-inch faux wood blinds because they allow limited light inside. That’s great if you’re installing it in your bedroom. 

But dark and gloomy living rooms never look good. You want some light and air to complement that space. At the end of the day, it all depends on which room will be the blinds going to. 

Cord or Cordless

Cordless blinds are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Thanks to having no cords, children or pets can’t mess with the cord. So, you don’t have to worry about the cords getting broken. Most importantly, they can’t hurt themselves by tangling the cords. 

The best part is cordless blinds work in the simplest way possible. All you need is the touch of your hand. Operating cordless blinds couldn’t get easier that’s for sure. When there’s a better option like this, there’s no point in going for corded blinds.   


When it’s blinds measurement is one of the most crucial factors. On top of that, if you’re planning on installing the blinds yourself, make sure the measurement is as accurate as possible. 

As they say, measure twice(do it as many times as you need), but cut once. Although ready-made blinds make this task a lot easier as you don’t have to cut it. Simply unpack, install and that’s it. 

The problem comes with custom fitted blinds. If you’re bringing someone over, then you don’t have to worry about it all. And I’d advise you to leave it to the professionals. They know what they’ll be doing and they’ll walk you through all the steps if you plan on engaging. 

But as I’ve already said, make sure you get a precise measurement if you’re handling everything by yourself. An accurate measurement is always the key to a perfect fit. 


With so many styles to choose from you’ll have a tough time choosing, it’s not going to be easy to find out what you want. But the good news there are tons of resources online if you’re in a dilemma. So, before you make the final decision, make sure to get your research done. Trust me, the internet’s a great place to search for design ideas.  


Valances are the perfect addition to give your faux wood blinds a finer and more sophisticated look. Although faux wood valances are not like your regular contoured valances. 

Most of the time they come with a simple design. With regular blinds you could go for different patterns and styles. But faux wood blinds themselves have one single color. From a design perspective, that surely won’t look good.

Cloth Tapes

Cloth tapes are the perfect addition to give your blinds a little more decorative flair. On top of that, they come in handy when it’s about privacy control. 

Unlike valances, you could go for a contrasting look for the cloth tapes. Whether you choose a premium and luxury look or a clean and polished look, ensure that it goes with the color of the blinds. 


Cutouts are completely optional. And frankly, they’re not available for ready-made faux wood blinds. If you’ve got a door handle or some other thing blocking your blinds, get yourself a custom-fitted blind. 

Tell the manufacturer what you need and they’ll make your blinds ensuring nothing gets in its way. 


Question: Are wood blinds better than faux?

Answer: When it’s about durability, wood blinds are significantly better. However, wood is not a moisture-resistant material, making wood blinds not so perfect for high humidity areas. On the other hand, being made out of vinyl, faux are great for kitchens, bathrooms and of course living rooms. 

Question: How long do faux wood blinds last?

Answer: Despite the moisture-resistance, faux wood blinds don’t last that long. Although with a typical lifespan of 3-5 years, they’re a great option when you want an affordable option.  

Question: Are 2 or 2.5 Blinds better?

Answer: For most people, they choose larger 2.5-inch blinds because they allow more light in those chilly winters. However, installing larger 2.5-inch blinds on a smaller window surely won’t look. But when you think about it from a designer’s perspective, 2.5-inch blinds are better than 2-inch blinds in terms of durability and decoration.  

Question: Do faux wood blinds turn yellow?

Answer: The primary reason behind this is UV rays emitting from the sun. Over time, UV rays and other pollutants could result in your blinds turning yellow. The good news is, you could restore the original color by washing these with hot water.  

Question: Do faux wood blinds keep heat out?

Answer: Faux wood blinds are an affordable insulating solution. While these can conserve heat in the winter and let warm light inside in the summer, keep in mind that vinyl is the best insulation material. But it’s a bonus if you install them over your windows. 

Closing Thoughts 

So, that’s been it, folks. I hope you’ve a clear idea about the best faux wood blinds available in the market. Even if you decide to get it from somewhere else, don’t forget to crosscheck with the buying guide. 

Before I go away, I have one final advice for you. When it’s about blinds, don’t always go for the cheapest versions. While they might look the same, the quality isn’t. This is something you’ll see every time you enter your house. 

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