5 Best Hand Grip Strengthener Consumer Reports

You can reap tons of benefits with the use of the best grip strengthener. It may be obvious to say that you will improve your hand strength, but there are more perks associated with this use.

With greater hand power, you will also find it easier to be lifting in the gym even for a long time. Simply imagine finding more reasons to train better, giving you more considerable rewards in the end – a well-toned physique and improved lifestyle.

Best hand grippers may seem to be a less trivial tool than dumbbells, treadmills or pull-up bars, but it can provide tons of changes in the way you train. When it comes to size, it is more advantageous. Just think of how compact it is, making it easier for you to carry it anywhere for hand strengthening.

Best Grip Strengthener Review

1. Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener

This can be your best hand strengthener given that it can instantly heighten the strength of your hands, forearms, wrist, and fingers. It has an adjustable range of 10 to 40 kilograms, which is equivalent to 22 to 88 pounds.

The product measures 4.4 inches by 0.9 inch by 6 inches. It is compact and only weighs 5.4 ounces. The materials used to manufacture the product are rubber and stainless steel, which guarantees long-lasting use.

This hand grip strengthener is designed for a wide array of sports enthusiasts. It is made for tennis players, rock climbers, surfers, bodybuilders, musicians and golfers among others.

The product is also developed to benefit people who are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and tennis elbow among others. Given that it can train your entire hand, it will promote improved workouts and prevention of injuries.

Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener is constructed to fit any size of hands. Men, women, teens, and seniors can use it for daily training. Since it is adjustable, you can modify its resistance levels depending on your training level. Kootek made it possible to present the product for both beginners and advanced users. You can also anticipate the product to last long since it is made out of high-quality materials.

The small size of Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener makes it reliable to be used anywhere. You can bring it while traveling or working.


  • Ideal and safe for patients
  • Easy to use, adjustable knob
  • Suitable for any hand size
  • Useful for stress relief
  • Sturdy construction


  • Handles should have been larger

2. Shadibody Hand Strengthener

The hand strengthener is designed with reliability and long-lasting use in mind. It is made of high-quality materials as proven by its soft rubber, which is made for frequent use. It is designed according to the structure of hands for squeeze strength training and physical therapy.

Shadibody Hand Strengthener is also constructed with easy-to-use adjustments. Its resistance level can be set from 22 to 88 pounds, which is a useful range for both musicians and athletes.

Shadibody Hand Strengthener is also comfortable to use. The package even comes with an 18-inch terrycloth wrist straps for support. These are designed with thumb loops and will be suitable for all hand sizes. This will make your training longer and more effective.

People who find this hand gripper effective are bodybuilders, musicians, and patients diagnosed with a chronic wrist disease or hand injuries.

The package is also available with a workout guideline, which will make it easier for you to train your hands, wrist, and forearms safely. This product has been recommended for patients with physical disabilities.

Since it is also lightweight, it will be easier for you to carry it around, especially if you are a busy person. It can fit in a purse or bag.

Even if you are only looking into improving your hand strength, this is the tool to buy. By simply following a frequent workout regimen, your muscles will improve and imbalance will be eliminated.


  • Improves strength and reflexes
  • Non-slip covering for better grip
  • Works for all ages
  • Durable construction
  • Comes with wrist straps


  • Poor quality plastic brackets

3. Gripmaster Hand Exerciser

This is another top rated hand strengthener that will increase the strength of your fingers. It generates as much as five pounds of tension for each of your fingers. With the aid of its finger piston system, which has a patented and spring-loaded feature, you will be able to challenge each of your fingers.

Apart from hands and fingers, Gripmaster Hand Exerciser is also designed to perk up the strength of your forearms and wrists. The grip strengthener also comes with an exercise program to guide you all the way.

You can choose whether to use Gripmaster Hand Exercise for your entire hand training or individual finger training, which is the most ideal for rock climbers. Like the two previously featured products, you can carry it anywhere due to its pocket-size construction.

You can also be assured of added comfort by the strengthener’s a palm bar. It is ergonomically designed for better grip and convenience. You can use it on both your right and left hands.

The tension settings of the product are coded based on colors. Red models provide seven pounds of tension per finger, black represents nine pounds per finger, and blue generates five pounds per finger.

According to Gripmaster, this is the training tool that is used by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF). It is not similar to the standard squeezer because it also provides individual finger training. You can begin with a light workout and build repetitions for further strength.


  • Concentrated finger training
  • Adjustable resistance levels
  • Targets the tendons
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Comes with a training program


  • Grip level may be poor for some

4. Fitness Master Hand Grip Strengthener

You may also consider this product if you want to train your hands, forearms, wrists and fingers. This is a portable device that comes with adjustable resistance levels. You may choose from 20 to 90 pounds depending on your training level.

The top users of this product are weightlifters, rock climbers, bodybuilders, golfers, and tennis players among others. It will not only enhance the strength of your hands but also improve your performance in the gym.

Although the Fitness Master Hand Grip Strengthener is designed for boosting the endurance of your hands for sports, it also works for patients. If you have recently suffered from tennis elbow, a hand injury, carpal tunnel syndrome or tendonitis, this is a good tool to use.

Fitness Master also claims that this product encourages better blood circulation. Men, women, teens and seniors will definitely get tons of benefits from the product. For maximum grip and convenience, the design includes grooves to avoid slippage while training.

You can be sure that using this grip strengthener will go a long way since it is made to be durable. Its springs are made of strong chrome material, while its body is made out of hard plastic.

Despite frequent use, you can guarantee safety and avoidance of breakage. With its compact design, you can keep the Fitness Master Hand Grip Strengthener in your purse or bag whenever you travel. You may use it while commuting, working or even while just chilling at home.


  • Targets different muscle groups
  • Safe for patients
  • Sturdy spring system
  • Compact size
  • Extra grip


  • Not suitable for small hands

5. HerculesGrip Hand Grip Strengthener

Similar to other products on the list, it has an adjustable resistance level that ranges from 22 to 88 pounds. It works for both beginners and advanced trainers. Along with the hand gripper, the product also ships with an exercise ring, finger stretcher, and finger exerciser among others.

With the use of the entire pack, you will be able to build the strength of your hands, forearms, elbows, wrists and fingers. Regardless of your hand size, gender and age, it will provide the convenience you need.

The HerculesGrip Hand Grip Strengther is suitable for tennis players, bodybuilders, rock climbers, golfers, drummers, guitarists, and pianists. It can also serve as a surgery rehabilitation tool.

Patients who are suffering from carpal tunnel, injury, tendonitis, and arthritis will find this hand gripper highly useful. The product not only aims to target your strength requirement, but also achieve control and coordination. Anywhere you may be, this equipment will be highly useful because it is easy to configure.

The gripper delivers up to four pounds of resistance on each of your fingers. The extensors of your hand will be exercised for improved lower grip. This is most advantageous for musicians.

The HerculesGrip Hand Grip Strengthener is recommended for those who sit in front of their computers throughout the day. If you have been suffering from pain, you can use this gripper to recover naturally or without using supplements that cause side effects.


  • Reduces pain
  • Comfortable to use
  • Easy to adjust resistance level
  • Durable construction
  • Fits on all hand sizes


  • Reports about extras breaking easily

Best Grip Strengthener Buying Guide

Types of Grip Strengthener

Prior to selecting the best hand grip strengthener, it is ideal to find out more about the product. Similar to other training tools, it also has several types.

The categories of the product will help you narrow down your choices when selecting a hand gripper. Take note that as people appreciate more of the product’s advantages, the more features are included in it.

1) Pre-Set Grip Strengthener – From the name itself, it has a resistance pre-configured before selling the tool. This is the basic type of gripper that only has one resistance. If you are only a beginner in grip endurance training, this would be an ideal starter. Additionally, it would be useful if you are working on a high repetition training. You will find its construction perfected for extra grip.

The structure is either engraved or contoured to make it easier for your hand to keep holding the tool. The resistance mechanism of this gripper provides a regular amount of tension on the muscles. For more advanced models, manufacturers have used coating for extra grip.

2) Adjustable Grip Strengthener – This is an exercise equipment that is developed with a configurable gripper. If you want to play with multiple resistance levels, this is the gripper you should consider.

Many trainers also use this in order to have multi-repetition grip exercise. You can either add up or reduce weight using this tool. The increments may depend on the brand you will buy, but it is usually by five pounds.

Though adjustable, you will find this grip strengthener very convenient to use. Nonetheless, it is designed for gripper endurance and not for power training. The aesthetics of the gripper is also competitive.

3) Heavy Duty Grip Strengthener – These grippers are set at resistance levels, which is ideal for heavy sports training. It could provide resistance of more than 200 pounds. Instead of the five-pound increment, it may have margins of 50 pounds each.

What to Look For When Buying

There are also aspects to consider when searching for the best hand exerciser to buy. Similar to how you select your clothing, furniture, or gadgets, there are features that will make a gripper stand out among the rest.

To help you find the most suitable tool for grip training, here are the attributes to consider:

1) Resistance Level – The resistance level of your grip strengthener must be set correctly. Remember, not all grip strengtheners offer the same amount of resistance.

You may encounter one that can take time to get used to, whereas the rest may be easily squeezed. It is not advisable to buy a gripper that will be too easy for you to train with. Purchase one that is challenging but not too hard to clench.

If you are a novice in using a gripper, you should settle with average levels of resistance. Alternatively, if you are involved in heavy sports, you should actually consider a higher resistance level. You will not know if a gripper is meant for you unless you test it.

2) Hand or Finger Training – Grippers are designed to train the hands or the hands together with their individual fingers. If you are a weightlifter, you may consider an entire hand workout.

However, if you are a musician or climber, you will likely have to target your individual fingers. Consider your purpose for hand training so you will know what grip strengthener would suit you best.

3) Pre-Set or Adjustable Resistance – There are grip strengtheners whose resistance levels are pre-set or adjustable. It would be your discretion if you want to control the level of resistance when you are training.

If you cannot find out what level of grip you can handle, you may choose to purchase an adjustable hand gripper. Otherwise, a fixed resistance grip strengthener is best for those who know what they are looking for.

Using/ Safety Tips

best hand grip strengthener consumer reports

Given that you have found your best hand grips, you should also be aware of its proper use. There are professional advice that you should consider to avoid pushing and hurting yourself.

To give you a good start in training with grippers, here are the guidelines to follow:

  • Always Warm up – Before you even train your hands, a warm-up should be carried out. It may sound weird, but you can also suffer from injuries if you disregard this step.
  • Begin With Low Resistance – As a beginner, you should begin with a low resistance level. This is best done by those who have no experience. You may increase the repetitions and resistance level as you get used to the workout.
  • Train Your Flexors – Flexors are the muscles responsible for opening and closing your hand. Aside from using the hand gripper, you should also train these areas to make your workout more effective. This will offset the difficulty in squeezing the hand strengthener. Training your flexors also lead to muscle balance and better hand health.
  • Concentrate on Quality Effort – You should not train by focusing on the number of repetitions. You can reap higher strength by sticking with low repetitions and high effort. The gradual building of strength will definitely follow. You should take the training seriously. If you can train with it during a break, you should do so.
  • Add Other Grip Work – There is no issue with adding other grip works with the use of a hand grip strengthener. You could do the training of two grip workouts alternating each day.
  • Toughen Your Skin – If you want to increase the grip strength of your hand to a high level, you should toughen your skin. Having a tough skin will enable you to increase repetitions more easily. Mountain climbers have no issue with this matter since their skin naturally gets tougher through their activity.


Convincingly, the winner of the round-up is Kootek Hand Grip Strengthener. It complies with every standard you look for in a top-quality hand gripper.

The product is also a great choice if you are seeking for a long-lasting strengthener that can also serve as injury rehabilitation. Its sturdy construction makes it safe, and even the adjustments are easy to learn. As for the price, it is certainly worth every penny.

In case you want to purchase a different product, simply consider the guidelines in selecting one. Remember not to compromise quality over price. There is still a risk of getting worse pain or injury when you select a low-quality gripper.

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