5 Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutters In The Market 2021

When was the last time you considered buying the best ladder for cleaning gutters? Obviously, it is a long time ago already, probably the time when you began building your house.

Now, your previous ladder did not make it to assist your future activities regardless of simply storing it in your garage.

The selection of the best ladders is not as easy as it seems. Similar to other products available, you have to evaluate existing choices carefully and cleverly. It is imperative to consider not only the cost or brand but its wholeness.

Most importantly, you have to take regard of your preferences. The attributes of a product must match must at least what you need. Otherwise, it should be useful for you in any way.

Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutters

1. Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty

The multiuse ladder has a weight rating of Type IA ladder. It measures 40 inches by 18 inches by 7 inches. The cumulative weight of the product is just 30 pounds. The Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty is a versatile type of ladder, anticipate that it could serve as a scaffold, step ladder, stairs, and extension ladder.

Its scaffold height is 1 to 2 feet. Basically, it has eight 3 to 5 feet for step ladder utilization. Lastly, using it as an extension ladder could be done from 7 to 11 feet. Regardless of its form, it has a load capacity of 300 pounds on every side.

Comfortable climbing is also supported by the product since its side rails are curved and smooth. Even the durability of the ladder is proven and assured by its double-riveted steps. Firmer support is also found at the bottom of its expanded flare.

The Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty is one of the many models under the MT Series. Regardless of this, it can guarantee perfect support in any form it would take. When necessary, you may also configure the height of the ladder using the hinges and locks on its sides.

Changes could be done in a push or snap. The safety when using Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty is assured given its heavy-duty construction and compliance to American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and Canadian Standards Association (CSA).


  • Converts to different types of ladder
  • Safety features in every component
  • Non-marring slip resistance for users
  • Expanded bottom for support
  • Indoor and outdoor use


  • Heavier than counterparts

2. Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE

This is a multi-use ladder that could accommodate a load capacity of 300 pounds on both sides. It measures 26.5 inches by 8 inches by 67 inches. Similar to the previous product, Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE has a Type IA rating for weight capacity.

Though it is perfected for multiple uses, you will find it 20 percent lighter than its rivals. Its frame is out of aluminum material utilized for aerospace applications. The legs also feature extra support wider flare.

To increase safety when being used, it has hinge locks powered by Quad-Lock technology. Little Giant 12022 RevolutionXE is also designed for more convenient length adjustments with the application of its Rock Lock system.

There are five ways to use the multi-use ladder including a 90-degree ladder, scaffold, A-frame ladder, staircase climbing, and an extension ladder.

You will not experience fatigue, pain, or strain during or after the use of the ladder. It has wider rungs, which will improve balance and stability while standing on the platform. Increased traction is also granted by its deep treads, giving way to easier climbing.

Besides its compliance with ANSI, it also met or probably exceeded the standards of OSHA standards. Another significant feature of the product is its tip and glide wheels, making its transportation much easier so you can take it with you all the time.


  • Aerospace-grade aluminum materials
  • Safety features in every component
  • More portable with wheels
  • Secure feeling with wide bases
  • Solid side ratchets


  • Conversion to extension ladder is complicated

3. Louisville Ladder FS1506 300-Pound

The product is a step ladder with a length of 6 feet. It is primarily made of fiberglass for durability and a sturdier finish. It has a load capacity of 300 pounds of Type IA rating.

This step ladder measures 40.9 inches by 22.6 inches by 72 inches. Its cumulative weight is just 17 pounds. The product is designed with gear slots for easier access to your tools.

The side rails of Louisville Ladder FS1506 300-Pound are perfected with fiberglass material for protection. It also has spreader braces and rubber feet platform. The latter feature is added to ensure you will be protected from slippage.

If you are working on low and medium-height projects, this is a good choice of the ladder. Besides a wider space for your feet, the ladder also offers extra traction with its grooved steps. The construction of the steps is also secured with dual rivets.

Louisville Ladder FS1506 300-Pound is suitable for both do-it-yourself and professional workers. Both the standards of OSHA and ANSI are met by the product, guaranteeing it has considerable quality. You will feel at ease that even your family may use it.

You may use this step ladder for household repairs, painting, and construction with ease. Take advantage of its tool slots, three holders of the can, and pipe holder. Furthermore, it has shock legs perfected to keep the ladder balanced even on unleveled ground.


  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Useful slots for gear and accessories
  • Non-slip features
  • Works even on uneven ground
  • Fiberglass material does not dent easily


  • Reports of defects upon delivery

4. Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound

The product is developed by Little Giant Ladder Systems. It is a step ladder that could be adjusted into varied sizes such as 5, 6, 7, and 8 feet. You may use it on both flat and uneven surfaces.

The ladder has a weight capacity of 300 pounds, giving it a Type IA rating. It measures 60.6 inches by 27.6 inches by 8.3 inches. The cumulative weight of the product is 30.4 pounds.

Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound is made of aluminum material for durability and lightweight feel. Although it could hold up large loads, it is tested by OSHA and ANSI for safety. It has components perfected for protection while working in a higher area.

Among its significant features is its full toe-to-feel support for feet. Select Step 5-Feet to 8-Feet 300-Pound prefers to keep you protected from fatigue, pain, and strain at the end of your work. While standing on the platform, you will definitely feel comfortable and stable.

If you want to adjust the height of the ladder, you may do as well using its Rock Lock system. This quick and easy-to-use feature requires you to push the lock for release. Relocking can be done by a tap.

For extra stability, the step ladder also has a handrail. You could keep your buckets, tools, and accessories using the added platform. It also has tip and glide wheels, giving you easier means of carrying the ladder.


  • Comfortable feet platform
  • Holder for tools and accessories
  • Quick and easy adjustment
  • With wheels for portability
  • Feels sturdy


  • Extremely heavy for its size

5. Cosco 20-417T1AS Multi-Use Ladder

Like other products featured above, this is a multi-use ladder that has an extended length of 17 feet. It could convert to a step ladder, scaffold, extension ladder, wall ladder, and staircase. The commercial-grade product measures 23.82 inches by 4.33 inches by 168.5 inches.

The Cosco 20-417T1AS Multi-Use Ladder could handle a workload of 300 pounds and has a weight rating of Type IA. You may adjust it to different positions quickly and conveniently, without the need to use tools. Cosco 20-417T1AS is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The material used for the ladder is aluminum, which has an aircraft-grade quality. For further strength and balance, it is constructed with an “I” beam. The locking levers of the product are also secure enough with its large spring and hinge structure.

If you will use as a step ladder, you can adjust it to five different heights. Alternatively, the Cosco 20-417T1AS Multi-Use Ladder may be used as an extension ladder with 10 heights available. Besides, the product as a scaffold can serve in three heights.

Lastly, using it as a wall ladder will provide you four height choices. To ensure safety, it also has a feet platform with slip resistance for protected work. You may use this product for indoor and outdoor activities. It does not complicate changing heights, which will accomplish your task faster.


  • Converts in a variety of heights in each form
  • Feels very secure
  • Sturdy ladder for heavy loads
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Affordable


  • Rungs may cause foot pain

Best Ladder for Cleaning Gutters Buying Guide

Types of Ladder

many ladders

Ladder ratings may not be concentrated on types of the product, but this matter is also crucial in the selection of what to purchase. Ladder types are made for their corresponding uses. You may find it more manageable to narrow down your choices by learning more about it.

For instance, there are certain ladder sizes that construction workers would prefer to take with them. Alternatively, a typical dad would not mind focusing on the dimensions, but on the uses of the product. To begin having a better understanding of ladder categories available, here is the breakdown.

1) Extension Ladder – This is among the best ladders you could find given it could assist works done over 17 feet from the ground. Though it is typically longer than its counterparts, it is lightweight. Furthermore, an extension ladder is easier to set up.

Compared to straight ladders, you will find this product type to be steadier when used. Nonetheless, it could only work in a straight direction. It must also have sufficient storage.

Precaution is also necessary since there are models present today that could cause pain to your fingers and hands when disassembled without care or quickly.

best ladder for cleaning gutters

2) Step Ladder – This has a construction similar to the “A” letter. It is made up of spreaders that keep the two sides together through locking, sustaining a correct placement. Usually, you will find this ladder having stepped on one or both sides.

This is an alternative if you have a project that will not accommodate an extension ladder. Most people utilized it for painting and installation.

3) Multiuse Ladder – The versatile ladder could be folded in multiple ways. You may use it as an extension ladder, scaffold, and stepladder. You might as well utilize it on your stairs.

Normally, even the best multi-position ladder has a size of 12 to 15 feet. It also requires smaller storage space. Simply expect that it is heavier and could be more expensive.

4) Platform Ladder – Even the best step ladder review considers this type of product similar to the step category. It also has a dedicated surface for standing. The difference is that there is a rail extending at the top of the platform.

This component provides the user extra means of supporting him or herself. If you are working at a fixed height and requiring added convenience, this is a good choice.

What to Look For When Buying

If you want to purchase the best extension ladder, it is crucial to be clever enough in selecting one. Besides choosing among the types of ladder available, you should go more in-depth by evaluating the features a ladder could offer.

The best ladder should not only be best at having the features of its category. As much as possible, it must anticipate what you need and require as well. There are products that could do such and surprisingly packed with attributes you simply need.

1) Size – When considering ladder reviews, you have to check how safe the products are based on size. If you are going to buy an extension ladder, it has to be feet higher than the level you will try to work on. As for the standing level, the safest height is four rungs from the top of the platform.

If you are considering ladders that reach 36 feet in length, the overlapping of sections must at least be three feet. Alternatively, longer ladders must have converging areas at least five feet.

2) Weight – You will find ladders with label listing, indicating the amount of weight these products could handle safely. The three classifications developed by American National Standards Institute are 200 pounds or Type III, 225 pounds of Type II, 250 pounds or Type I, 300 pounds or Type IA, and 375 pounds or Type IAA.

If you want to be certain, find ladders that could meet at least the Type IA requirement.

woman climbing a ladder

3) Material – The material used for the ladder is also necessary. By choosing fiberglass, you will have a durable and strong ladder to use. This material is a great choice when working on electrical activities.

Another option you have is aluminum. This is obviously lighter in weight but still strong enough for jobs. However, it conducts electricity despite its resistance against corrosion.

Safety Tips When Using the Best Ladder

Once you have found the right Type IA ladder for your project, it is necessary to find out how it is used properly. You would not be able to get the most out of the product by simply reading telescoping ladder reviews. It takes regard to what the professionals have to advise.

To ensure your safety while using a ladder, here are things to keep in mind:

1) Inspect Before Climbing – Regardless of the extension ladder sizes, it is necessary to inspect the product before use. Be cautious of wet or slippery substances, such as rain, oil, and chemicals among others. Beforehand, always wipe the entire ladder and ensure it is clean.

girl climb a ladder

Follow the instructions of the manufacturer prior to the product’s use. For instance, you may need to check the locks or hinges of an extension ladder. Fiberglass ladders may require checking bent areas, cracks, or breakage among others.

2) Position the Ladder Properly – You should find a firm surface where you could place the ladder. If you have to use levelers, you may do so. Manual leveling could be done using a stone, lumber, or anything that could support the ladder.

There are ladders that come with a bubble leveler as a built-in feature. Take advantage of it, especially when working on uneven surfaces.

3) Check the Weather – You should not proceed to use your ladder for a project if there are strong winds, lightning, or heavy rain. In case you have been caught by bad weather while on a ladder, climb down slowly while keeping a grip on the side rails.

4) Use It Accordingly – Stand on the steps at the center to ensure balance. As much as possible, you should not let another person climb the ladder for safety. Furthermore, prevent making unnecessary movements when climbing up or down the ladder.


You now have the best choices for the best ladder to purchase and use for a construction or home-based work. You do not necessarily have to look far given all of the products can satisfy in different ways. Nonetheless, if you want a fully packed ladder, you should consider Werner MT-13 300-Pound Duty.

It could be converted to different types of ladders, eliminating your need to choose among the types of product available. The ladder also complies with the stringent standards of regulatory boards Besides OSHA and ANSI, it even has a CSA safety listing. This proves that it met or even exceeded the requirements for safety.

When it comes to protective features, it never failed to gratify as proven by its slip-resistant steps, wider bottom, and overall stability.

Nonetheless, it is still your choice whether to select the best ladder for cleaning gutters out of the list. Always remember that you must prioritize your needs without focusing on the budget since a ladder’s price is not a determinant of its real value.

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