Best Loppers for Large Branches

It is entirely necessary to find the best loppers for large branches if you are assigned the job of cutting through long branches. The tool is the best replacement for pruning saw and shears. Most likely, when you utilize either of the two, you will encounter a broken equipment.

By appearance, loppers are pruners structured with longer handles. You can use this to remove not only branches but twigs as well. The handles of the tool are also lengthened to help you access hard-to-reach areas.

Thicker branches will be more manageable since extra leverage is gifted by the tool. That being said, there is a variety of sizes, features, construction, and prices when it comes to this product. You have to be smart enough to select one that will best accomplish your tasks.

Best Loppers for Large Branches

1. Fiskars 28-Inch Bypass Lopper

This lopper is designed to get rid of the stubborn tree branches and twigs that keep your garden or backyard from having a seamless appearance. The Fiskars 28-Inch Bypass Lopper comes with a blade that is highly toughened for continuous use.

You can also anticipate the product to remain sharp given its precision-ground material. The Fiskars 28-Inch Bypass Lopper is also constructed with the new coating to eliminate friction and development of rust. This makes gliding through the wood much easier.

You will not encounter the irritating jamming of the blade with debris and sap from branches. You can rely on it to cut up to 1.5 inches in diameter of wood. It also prioritizes giving the user extra grip when being used with the aid of its non-slip grips.

Apart from providing ease when cutting wood, you can also depend on it for better maneuverability. Fiskars chose robust steel for its blades. You can even replace these blades for smooth operation. The bumper of this bypass lopper also reduces shock, keeping risks at bay.

Finding a lasting lopper will be easier if you will consider this product. Besides the fact that its construction was well thought of, you can ensure that once purchased, it will be supported by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer. This implies that it can be replaced, substituted, or repaired when needed.


  • Very solid construction
  • Blades are replaceable
  • Comfortable grip
  • Not too heavy or too light
  • Supported by lifetime warranty


  • Reports of poor manufacturing quality control

2. Tabor Tools GL16 Bypass Lopper

This lopper became one of the trusted options at present due to its essential features. Primarily, you can rely on it to make clean cuts. The cutting capacity of the Tabor Tools GL16 Bypass Lopper is up to 1.25 inches in diameter of branches.

Without too much force, you will be able to create a quick cut through branches and twigs. You can also consider it as an option if you want to save time from cutting wood. Though it works faster than other tools as claimed, it will preserve your plants’ health.

Extra grip is also provided to the user given that it has rubberized material on the handles. This will not only keep you in control but comfortable while pruning as well. There is also a shock-absorbing guard available on the equipment.

The Tabor Tools GL16 Bypass Lopper is designed with 30-inch length, helping you reach places that even your typical pruner cannot. Though it is long, you do not have to be concerned with the leverage and resistance. It allows you to navigate successfully without the hazards.

It also has a bumper that absorbs shock, keeping your arms from quick exhaustion. All vibrations involved with its use will be eliminated as well. Even after the frequent use of the lopper, the blades will remain sharp.

This bypass lopper is also easy to carry given its balanced and light construction.


  • Sharp enough to cut quickly
  • Solidly made blades
  • Ergonomic grip design
  • Long enough for leverage
  • Lightweight


  • Reports of quick breakage of blades

3. Corona FL 3420 Compound Action Anvil Lopper

This lopper also comes from a trusted company in manufacturing and distributing equipment for irrigation, lawn maintenance, landscaping, and gardening among others. The Corona FL 3420 Compound Action Anvil Lopper is designed for precision and faster cutting work.

You can anticipate it to improve your experience in removing woody or new growth of branches on your trees. It has a cutting capacity of up to two inches. Unlike other products featured above, it has handles made of fiberglass that extend up to 24 inches.

Extra grip is never a worry as well as Corona used foam to give you comfort while using the lopper. The Corona FL 3420 Compound Action Anvil Lopper is designed with a 12-inch non-slip material, ensuring that even if your hands slide off, you will still avoid twisting the tool.

According to the manufacturer, the product is constructed for industry-level applications. Though the product has a cutting capacity of up to an inch in diameter of branches, it can still work on softer wood with a size of 1.5 inches.

It is also easy to sharpen the blade of the tool. Since it is smaller than its counterparts, it will be simpler to carry anywhere. Leverage is also increased while using the anvil lopper for once you make a big motion, it will only control the blades a little.


  • Works for professional-grade activities
  • Easier to use than curved loppers
  • Generates good leverage
  • Maintains clean cuts with adjustable anvil
  • Features foam grip


  • Too heavy for female operators

4. Melnor Talon Series 27-Inch Bypass Loppers

You can consider this tool if you are also seeking for satisfaction when trimming your trees or getting rid of new woody growth in your garden. It is designed to provide clean cuts with ease. The Melnor Talon Series 27-Inch Bypass Loppers has a cutting capacity of up to 1.5 inches.

These bypass loppers are also constructed for long-term use. Its sharp blades are made from durable steel.  Aside from this, Melnor chose to coat it with titanium for extra durability. Despite using it year after year, it will remain sharp.

Even if you are working on plants that generate too much sap, The Melnor Talon Series 27-Inch Bypass Loppers will continue to be resistant from the sticky material. This is why it is also considered as an easy to maintain set of loppers.

Since the product is part of the Talon Series, you can anticipate it to provide you maximum safety even when reaching higher limbs or branches. Without too much strain on your arms, it will surely deliver precise cuts.

It is also constructed to last for years given its strength and resistance from rusting. You will notice that it has a shaft design with the single arch. This gives much control when maneuvering the equipment.

It also has a bumper that absorbs shock. Melnor did not forget to add an easy grip feature as well. Gardening all day will never be too stressful anymore.


  • Delivers clean cuts
  • Comes with features for better control
  • Works for both small and high branches
  • Less sensitive to rust
  • Easy to use


  • Reports of loose components


5. Fiskars 32-Inch PowerGear2 Lopper

This is another lopper coming from Fiskars. Instead of serving as a bypass lopper, it is powered by PowerGear technology. This feature is responsible for multiplying the power of the equipment. Notably, the Fiskars 32-Inch PowerGear2 Lopper works with three times more force.

With the enhanced cutting pressure from the lopper without straining your arms, you will be able to accomplish more work with ease. Compared to traditional loppers, you will be able to cut through thick branches. You can take regard of it as a better-than-pruner tool.

Apart from the cutting power of the Fiskars 32-Inch PowerGear2 Lopper, you can also rely on the patented-pending design of the tool. It has upgraded gears. Furthermore, it has a card system that levels up the power of the loppers as you reach the middle of the wood.

The capability allows you to manage even the thickest part of a branch. The maximum cutting capacity of the lopper is up to two inches in diameter. If you are looking for a grip feature, then you would have the Softgrip technology, which is also present in the previous product.

The ergonomically designed handles of the lopper make it easier to control and manage. Apart from the durable steel blade of the loppers, there is also a coating added to its construction. This particular feature makes gliding easier and rust resistance is also enforced effectively.


  • Cuts thicker branches
  • Applicable even for frequent use
  • Multiplies reducing power
  • Features SoftGrip
  • Suitable for tall people


  • Anvil surface has too much curve


Best Loppers Buying Guide


Types of Loppers

Before selecting the best loppers based on their brand, you should also know more about the product. It’s hard to differentiate an item unless you know its categories by purpose or features.

To provide you means of narrowing down your options of the equipment, you should learn about its types. Here is the break down.

1) Pole Loppers – From the name itself, you can already imagine that this tool is attached to a pole. Indeed, the standard pair of handles for this equipment is changed to a single handle similar to a pole under this type.

It is also designed with a top area with jaws fixation. This component is responsible for the pulley system incorporation. The pulley is utilized to either open or close the jaws. Normally, there is a cord in the system that allows its operation.

Alternatively, closing the jaws is done with a lever. There is a mechanical advantage with the use of the pulley system and a lever. Whenever a user applies force by pulling the cord, the pressure is increased, providing a stronger cut.

This is the reason why you will find pole loppers being used to get rid of tall shrubs and tree tops. This is the best alternative if your two-handle loppers still cannot reach a particular area, particularly high places.

2) Bypass Loppers – The function of this equipment is similar to the scissors. Its difference is that there is only a single moving blade. You will notice that there is a fixed blade that remains unsharpened. Alternatively, the mobile blade has an edge that is suitable for cutting, which is sharpened.

If you observe its operation, you will see that the sharp blade will push the twigs or branches onto the other blade. As a result, resistance is formed, which makes slicing the fibers of the branch or twig much easier.

To get rid of slippage, you will notice that there are either curved or hooked bypass loppers’ blades. During use, you will not have issues with gripping the material you want to cut.

3) Anvil Loppers – This is quite similar to pole loppers regarding eliminating the use of two blades. Its parts include a surface akin to an anvil and a sharp blade found at the upper area. You may find it constructed out of softer metal.

If you carry out lopping tasks, you will also find the anvil-like material giving way for the blade to press down. Resistance is also formed in this instance. Wood fibers will also be cut more conveniently.

What to Look For When Buying

cutting branches using a lopper

Purchasing the most useful loppers can be tricky. To remain vigilant when selecting equipment, follow these guidelines:

1) Know Your Purpose – If you are about to buy loppers, you should check the branches or twigs you need to take care of. This is essential if you want to make clean cuts. For instance, if you will work on large or high trees, it is crucial to select one that can extend longer.

Alternatively, if you are working on dead branches that threaten the sharpness of your blades, then you may consider anvil lopper. It eliminates the risks of jams. Lastly, you may settle with the standard loppers if you will only utilize it for twigs or branches.

2) Check the Handles – You need handles that are strong enough to prevent bending and breaking. As much as possible, look for those that are made out of aluminum, steel, or titanium.

Aside from the material making up the handles, you also need an extra grip for it made of either rubber or foam material.

3) Never Forget the Blades – Blades are considered to be the core of loppers. This is why you need to find ones that can cut through without the hassle. You should find blades made of reinforced steel. There must be a feature of staying sharp as well.

There are also loppers available today that are constructed with the coating that prevents blades from rusting prematurely. This attribute also makes gliding much easier.

4) Ask About the Spring Back – The spring back is the feature that describes how loppers bounce back and open without issues after you have used it to cut through branches. You must find tools that are designed with a good spring back. Avoid those that do not even feature it.

5) Look for Lightweight Loppers – No one wants equipment that comes too thick. It is best to find loppers that are light enough, preventing the sacrifice of too much force from your arms.

Note: this does not mean you have to consider hollow aluminum-made loppers, which are light but cheap.

6) Verify the Cutting Capacity – It is imperative to look for loppers that can cut at least an inch in diameter of a branch. It is senseless if you purchase loppers that can only cut through twigs that under an inch thick.

Using/ Safety Tips

woman cuts bush using loppers

You also have to be reminded of the right using tips concerning loppers. You cannot only use it similar to scissors for there are still techniques available to keep its utilization more efficient. To give you a heads up, here are some tips.

  • Position Yourself Correctly – Find a stance that will make your comfortable all over. You should not work directly on the branches. Once you cut any of it, the portion you have removed may fall on you. Do not forget to wear gloves to eliminate the risks of being hurt from thorns and blisters.
  • Do Not Extend Your Arms Always – You only need to extend your arms when you have to. If you do so even while working on a simple pruning tasks, you will strain your arms quickly and your cuts may be weak as well.
  • Maintain a Good Grip – While using loppers, you should retain a firm grip. It is best not to let it rotate as well as this will result in a nasty cut.
  • Carry It Correctly – Do not let it fall open accidentally. Instead, you should carry it near you while your hands are holding onto the bottom handle.
  • Keep It Sharp – You should sharpen the lopper before working with the help of file. It is best to use a vise to hold it steadily. Afterward, get rid of the blades burrs.


Out of all the loppers provided above, it is evident that Fiskars 28-Inch Bypass Lopper is the winner of the round-up. It is not too long or short and it’s also not too heavy nor too light. Additionally, you will not be able to deny that every feature of it is balanced correctly.

From its blade to its handles, you’ve got nothing to mull over. All in all, these bypass loppers are constructed for long-term use without issues about corrosion or early breakage. It will not even cause your arms to feel fatigue right away.

Take note that it is even supported by a lifetime warranty. Simply follow the guidelines in using loppers correctly, and your gardening task will be hassle-free and safe.

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