Best Medicine Ball Exercises Reviews 2020

Experts Recommendation Top 3 Best Medicine Ball for Exercises

Regardless of your training level, adding the best medicine balls for exercises to your workout is a wise choice.

There are various categories of fitness tools, which can match your requirements based on routines and the results being sought. For instance, there are heavier medicine balls that will best suit a professional athlete.

On the other hand, a lighter counterpart is advantageous if you have lived a sedentary lifestyle and are looking forward to a change. The selection of medicine balls must be taken seriously as well.

Take note that you should not compromise the results you can reap with the use of fitness tools simply because you want to save money. You should not be trapped into buying a low-cost medicine ball, which will not even last long.

Top 5 Best Medicine Ball for Exercises Reviews

1. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball Review

Amazon Basics Workout Fitness Exercise Weighted Medicine Ball - 12 Pounds, Orange/Black

From the name itself, it comes from the biggest e-commerce site – Amazon. AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is designed in three weight options, which are 4, 6 and 12 pounds. It is suitable for your classical workouts. You can utilize it if you are working out for coordination, balance, and strength of your core among others.

The medicine ball is made out of rubber for guaranteed sturdiness.

AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is made to bounce off even on hard walls or grounds. Extra grip is also granted by the fitness tool since it has a textured exterior. Apart from the training aspects specified above, it is also advantageous for upper and lower body training.

If you have a personal trainer or workout buddy, this would be a great tossing ball. Besides giving you extra power, it is also useful if you are seeking for gradual, yet effective rehabilitation.

Whether you are working out with a pair of gloves or bare hands, this medicine ball will stay in your hands. This means that you will have better control of it when working out. Regardless of your age, it will be safe for you.

It has also been tested as safe for people with physical conditions. It may not be as fancy as other medicine balls, but it is efficient for more strenuous activities. Clinics offering physical therapies have attested that it works for gentle treatment.


  • Effective for heavy workouts
  • Ideal for physical therapy
  • Works for all age groups
  • Provides extra grip
  • Cost-effective


  • Poor manufacturer’s quality control

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2. Valeo Medicine Ball Review

Valeo 10 lb Medicine Ball With Sturdy Rubber Construction And Textured Finish, Weight Ball Includes Exercise Wall Chart For Strength Training, Plyometric Training, Balance Training And Muscle Build

This is an alternative medicine ball if you are looking to improve your strength, endurance, and balance among others. You may also use it if you want to boost your coordination. The product ships with guidelines on exercises and warm-ups that you have to follow to enhance your stability and core.

Whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, it has everything you need to train with a medicine ball. Similar to the aforementioned product, Valeo Medicine Ball has a textured surface for extra grip.

The Valeo Medicine Ball is constructed out of rubber that is resistant to premature breakage. Since it is made out of the said material, you can expect it to bounce.

You may also choose from an array of weights; from 4 to 12 pounds. It works without specific requirements for an exercise space. This medicine ball is suitable for both men and women who need training manipulation.

The high quality of the medicine ball ensures that it would last years of utilization. Whether you bounce or toss this fitness tool, it would be a considerable choice if your workout requires momentum.

Compared to a soft gel medicine ball, the manufacturer claims that it gives better versatility. Athletes even use it for home workouts, Crossfit, and plyometric training.

You can also choose from a variety of colors based on weight. These include purple and black, blue and black, yellow and black, green and black; and red and black.


  • Very easy to handle
  • Extra grip
  • Mid-weight medicine ball
  • Simple yet flexible
  • Ideal for beginners and professionals


  • Reports of premature breakage

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3. Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball Review

Champion Sports Exercise Medicine Balls, 14-15 lbs, Leather with No-Slip Grip - Weighted Med Ball Set for Weight Training, Stability, Plyometrics, Cross Training, Core Strength - Heavy Workout Ball

This is introduced as a new medicine ball from the manufacturer. Champion Sports selected leather as its material to promote extra control and added grip. The exterior is thick enough to resist even the most strenuous activities.

With the use of Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball, you can upgrade your muscle training, strength improvement, flexibility, and cardio among others.

Moreover, it is useful for balance training. In most cases, if you want to improve your balance, you should try a different training tool. On the flip side, It has been clarified that Champion Sports Leather Medicine Ball cannot withstand bouncing off concrete walls repeatedly.

Its benefits are best reaped when you are working out with a partner or trainer. You will notice that its core feels like sand, giving you options to either grip or drop it conveniently.

Given the construction of the medicine ball, you will not have to worry about jamming your fingers or irritating your skin. Even if you unexpectedly drop it on your feet, it would not cause extreme pain.

Champion Sports also guaranteed that it will not damage your furnishings like other products. You can select from its five colors, which vary depending on weight. For instance, if you select the lightest medicine ball, you would get it in red and white.

The color-coding of the product makes it easier for you to pick a ball, especially if you have bought the entire set.


  • Ideal for strength training
  • Provides extra grip
  • Softcore
  • Compact size
  • Lasts longer


  • Not too tough for concrete surfaces

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4. CAP Barbell Medicine Ball Review

CAP Barbell Rubber Medicine Ball, 6-Pound , Blue

The medicine ball is constructed to improve your coordination and strength. If you have to perform wall exercises or carry out tosses with a partner, this is also a great choice.

CAP Barbell Medicine Ball is not only designed to last, but also provides safe grip. You can gain better control of your workouts without worrying about premature breakage. You may also select from a variety of weights depending on your needs.

CAP Barbell Medicine Ball has a textured exterior so it will not slip from your hands. Specifically, it is constructed to assist your core training. If you prefer to work out at home, this ball will definitely support your training. Besides its added grip, it also bounces, and this allows you to perform more exercises.

Take note that despite bouncing, this medicine ball is not constructed for slamming. According to the manufacturer, it is one of the many products from the company that has been in the sports industry for over two decades.

This medicine ball went through strict manufacturing standards prior to being introduced to the market. With its rubber material, it will not simply split open when used repeatedly.

In case you buy the entire set of medicine balls, you will have to use a storage rack for them. This is ideal for organizing your home gym equipment. The two-tone hues of the medicine balls also add appeal to your training space.


  • Versatile workout ball
  • Holds up to repeated use
  • Added grip
  • Works with a partner
  • Stylish design


  • Reports about breakage after light use

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5. Danskin Weighted Toning Ball Review

Danskin Weighted Toning Ball for Women, Medicine Ball, Exercise Weight Ball, Strength Training Ball, 10lbs


This is a unique training ball that will provide you many health benefits. It comes with a variety of weight options as well – 6, 8, and 10 pounds. Instead of rubber, it is manufactured out of a soft vinyl shell. This will provide you a more comfortable grip when training. This is why it is also marketed as a replacement for the commonly used dumbbells.

Given the compact construction of Danskin Weighted Toning Ball, you will be able to concentrate more on your training. You may utilize this fitness tool for flexibility, core strength, muscle mass development, and mobility. Apart from throwing it, you may also swing and lift it to tighten and tone your muscles.

The medicine ball is also made for any training level or ability. Even if it is your first time handling an exercise ball, this would be a great option.

Besides developing your training skills, the Danskin Weighted Toning Ball will also be helpful as a gentle rehabilitation after an injury. It enhances your power movements and joint integrity at the same time.

You can use it if you are concentrating on training your back, arms, and shoulders. There is control when you utilize this medicine ball, which is why you do not have to be concerned about letting it go or dropping it.


  • Easy to hold
  • Added grip for better control
  • Ideal for simple workout
  • Works for gentle rehabilitation
  • Sufficient sand filling


  • Too small for certain exercises

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Best Medicine Balls Buying Guide

Types of Medicine Balls

As aforementioned, there are varieties of medicine balls to select from. With every kind of fitness tool, there is a corresponding set of functionalities, advantages, and disadvantages. You have to select carefully so you would know which one will fit your activities well.

Best Medicine Balls Buying Guide

To provide you more understanding regarding this matter, here are the types of medicine balls:

1) Air-Filled Medicine Ball

You could use this medicine ball if you want to catch up a longer distance. Normally, you can use this for resistance and plyometrics training. It is a great option if you need a medicine ball that will bounce and float.

2) Hard Shell Medicine Ball

This is a medicine ball that can bounce. As you get a lighter version of it, you can expect a higher bounce rate. If you are working on your core, this type of medicine ball is a great choice. Routines that involve throwing the ball and requiring it to come back will benefit mostly from this type. Normally, you will find hard shell medicine balls in a range of 2 to 30 pounds.

Balance and coordination workouts will work best with two-pound medicine balls. If you are an advanced athlete, there will be no issues with the use of a 30-pound medicine ball. Relatively, high schoolers will not be able to handle the heaviest version of it.

3) Leather Medicine Ball

You can consider this as the longest-existing type of medicine ball on the market. You will find various professionals using it for strength exercises. It can also come in an array of weights in pounds. Normally, trainers use it to work on their abdominal strength. A leather medicine ball is also helpful in catching for short distances.

4) Slam Medicine Ball

his is regarded as the no-bounce medicine ball. If you want to upgrade your training, this would be a great option. It will allow you to slam it as hard as you want to. This type of medicine ball would work well if you are concentrating on full-speed workouts. The heaviest version of the slam medicine ball is 50 pounds.

5) Grip Medicine Ball

There are also medicine balls you can purchase with grip, which is normally due to its solid polyurethane material. They can also float. Common uses of this product are for Water Polo and other aquatic exercises.

6) Medicine Ball With Handles

You may need this type of medicine ball if you are in for more dynamic training. It may be available with one or two handles. You can use this to increase your power and when you need to throw a weight more easily.

What to Look For When Buying

There are major considerations when selecting the right type of medicine ball for your training. The aspects you have to factor in are important so you will not end up selecting a ball that will not support your workout effectively. To help you have a smarter selection, here are things to take note of:

1) Level of Exercise

Prior to selecting a medicine ball, you should check your present level of fitness. As mentioned, you cannot easily choose a heavy medicine ball if you are not a professional athlete. You may not be able to even lift it.

man and woman lifting medicine balls

If it is your first time to commit to serious training, consult your physician first regarding your exercise program. Normally, if you are improving your speed, you need lighter medicine balls. If you have to strengthen your core and enhance your reflexes, you need the heavier counterpart.

2) Sport Compatibility

Training for your chosen sport requires searching for medicine balls designed for your field. By doing so, you will be able to complement your training more efficiently.

3) Material

The medicine ball should be durable enough to withstand repeated training. If your activity is strenuous, you need a tough ball that could hold up even the roughest ground when dropped.

4) Extra Grip

In case your training calls for holding the ball all throughout, you need a textured exterior. This will give you better control as the ball stays in your hand despite the sweat.

Safety Tips for Using Medicine Ball

You must also remember certain things when you are using any of the best medicine balls listed above. Regardless of your routine, there are factors that could maximize your potential when working out with your fitness tool. Here are guidelines that will help:

best medicine ball for exercises

  • Create an Impact – This does not mean you have to throw the medicine too hard to get amazing results instantly. It is more effective if you stick with average force and increase gradually as you aim to obtain extra power.
  • You should not max out – As advised, you should begin at 50 percent of your repetition load at the maximum. If you use a 25-pound barbell for one biceps curl, you should utilize around a 12-pound medicine ball as a replacement.
  • Keep Water Handy Always – There is a tendency for you to strain yourself when using a medicine ball. If you are increasing your training level, you should ensure your hydration is supported at all times. Drink water constantly to replenish your system as you sweat.
  • Find a Partner – It is more fun to work out with a medicine ball if you have someone to reap the training benefits with. For instance, you can try tossing a medicine ball. In a way, this will make even the roughest workouts easier.
  • Avoid Increasing Load – Even physicians recommend that you avoid increasing load or weight of the fitness tool. Basically, a man would only need up to an eight-pound medicine ball. Instead of increasing the weight, you should raise your intensity or velocity.


Convincingly, the AmazonBasics Medicine Ball is the ideal choice given the list above. It complies with the major standards you should meet when selecting a medicine ball. Take note that it is versatile, enabling it to complement any of your training needs. Whether you are working out alone or with a partner, this medicine ball will support your needs. Besides, it is also designed for rehabilitation, which not all medicine balls can offer.

Alternatively, you may look for another product that will meet or exceed your expectations. Simply remember not to compromise quality over price. A medicine ball also influences the results of your workouts.

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