Best Progesterone Cream In The Market 2022

If you are here searching for the best progesterone cream, you must know what progesterone is! But still let us tell a few words about it, in case anyone is not clear about the concept.

Well, progesterone is a hormone that is found in both males and females but it is so important for the females since it is related to pregnancy and overall goodness of the health.

Women that are looking forward to getting pregnant, checking the progesterone hormone is extremely important. Because if that is low, that can lead to several major issues such as miscarriages, infertility, an increase in weight, uterine bleeding, etc.


Please, don’t be! We have a solution for that. Though the results of low progesterone levels are scary there is a way out. The progesterone cream! This can increase the progesterone level. And help you avoid those worst scenarios. But still, seeking doctors to help would be wise.

Below we have aligned 5 of the best progesterone creams of the market which are doing well for the users. I hope it would do the same with you as well.

5 Best Progesterone Cream Reviewed

There are different forms of Progesterone which we will discuss later the reviews. For now, have a look at the detailed reviews of progesterone creams.

We have reviewed each of them thoroughly so that nothing remains under the desk, from their advantages to disadvantages, you will get to know everything.

So let’s get started!

1. Progesterone (Bioidentical) 4oz Pump of 2000mg

Till now this very progesterone has served over 200000 women and so far everyone is pretty satisfied with this very Progesterone (Bioidentical) 4oz Pump of 2000mg USP Bio-Identical Cream.

With this model, you will get bioidentical and micronized USP progesterone and you get 500mg of that progesterone at every ounce.

Moreover, this cream is completely fragrance-free which makes it suitable for everyone. This progesterone cream is also paraben, propylene, soy, dairy, glycol, and gluten-free.

Any woman who is dealing with Vaginal dryness, insomnia, Acne, TTC, PCOS, Menopause, Energy, etc. this Progesterone cream has the ability to sort that out easily. Applying this cream is way too easy since it spread pretty nicely.

Overall, for the best result, this Progesterone (Bioidentical) 4oz Pump of 2000mg USP Bio-Identical Cream would be an excellent choice.

It has already helped many women with low progesterone levels. On top of everything, the manufacturer offers a 90-days warranty as well.


  • Increases progesterone levels.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Completely fragrance-free.
  • Dairy, gluten, soy-free.
  • 90-day warranty.


  • It has side-effects, consult a doctor before using it!

2. Emerita Pro-Gest Balancing Progesterone Cream

From more than 40 years, this very Emerita Pro-Gest Balancing Progesterone Cream has been serving the people pretty nicely and not only that, this one is one of the best-selling balancing creams of the market.

This cream is completely Paraben-free and has 450mg of USP progesterone in every ounce. Two clinical studies have been conducted on this very cream and it meets the US Pharmacopeia standard which is one purity and strength.

According to the users, this progesterone cream works very effectively in increasing the Progesterone hormone level.

It is completely fragrance-free which makes it suitable for everyone. This cream doesn’t contain any petroleum oil and nor any mineral oils.

Users use it twice in a day and following this routine, you will be able to use the entire tube for two months which should be enough. We must tell you, do not overuse and it is always wise to consult with a doctor first.


  • Works very effectively.
  • Easy to apply.
  • It doesn’t contain mineral or petroleum oil.
  • Meets US purity and strength standard.
  • Paraben-free cream.


  • It gives an odor.

3. Source Naturals Progesterone Cream

The story of this brand source naturally began in 1982. From then they were trying hard to do something that will cause people to know about this very brand.

And the Source Naturals Progesterone Cream has made that possible. Excellent progesterone cream for people who have a low progesterone level.

With this cream, you will be provided with increased quality of progesterone and purity as well. It is completely paraben-free but it contains soy. Actually, the progesterone USP found in this cream is derived from soy.

This cream offers semi-synthetic progesterone and at the beginning of the user of this cream, you might notice some changes.

You might notice temporary skin wrinkling, sleeplessness, mood swing, hot flashes, etc. In every ounce, you will get 500mg of progesterone.

Important notice: If you are about to get pregnant or are pregnant now, or if you are breastfeeding your child, then consult the doctor before using this cream.

And with the doctor’s suggestion if you use the cream and any kind of irritation causes, stop using the cream immediately.

Plus, this cream is only for external use so make sure you do not apply it somewhere through which it can get inside. And do not apply the cream near your eye, nose and most.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Works incredibly.
  • Paraben-free cream.
  • It contains 500mg progesterone in every ounce.


  • It comes with some side effects.

4. Life-Flo Progesta-Care with Natural Progesterone

This is another reliable progesterone cream for women. The manufacturer has formulated this cream in a way that it gives the user balanced support.

With every press, you will get 20mg of progesterone which is natural. According to the users, this cream is very smooth, it spreads nicely and doesn’t leave any residue.

It is completely parabens free and there is no color or fragrance as well. Completely phthalates free and sulfate-free. Unlike most creams, this doesn’t stick to your face and gets absorbed pretty fast.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Spreads easily.
  • Non-sticky cream.
  • Parabens free cream.
  • Works effectively.


  • Sometime comes with the defected pump.

5. Emerita Pro-Gest Balancing Cream Single-Use Packets.

And this is the last cream of the list, the Emerita Pro-Gest Balancing Cream. This is another top-notch progesterone cream of the market.

It completely paraben and fragrance-free. In every ounce, you get 450mg of natural USP progesterone.

And in every press, you get 20mg of cream. Two clinical studies have been conducted on this cream in order to judge the purity and strength.

And so far this cream seems to be worthy. It is highly effective and pure. Moreover, this cream doesn’t contain any petroleum or mineral oil, you should not worry about that.

This brand is being in the market since 1978 and improving the lives and health of women is their purpose.

Whatever they produce, they make sure that the product quality is up to the mark because they are very sensitive about their brand value, every manufacturer should think like them. However, overall this is another great cream for increasing the progesterone level.


  • Mineral and petroleum-free.
  • No fragrance and paraben.
  • Top-notch purity.
  • Highly effective cream.


  • It’s not GMO-free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best progesterone cream to use?

We have already mentioned 5 top-notch progesterone of the market and have reviewed them thoroughly as well. Take a look!

Is progesterone cream safe?

That depends on the user. Progesterone creams surely come with some side effects who could be damaging.

But before you start using progesterone cream it will be wise to visit a doctor and share your condition, don’t hold anything back. If the doctor suggests, then go on with no worry at all.

What does progesterone cream do for you?

They do only one thing which is increasing a particular hormone of the body. Both men and women have a hormone called Progesterone.

And a low progesterone level could be bad for women, especially pregnant women or who is about to get pregnant. Progesterone cream increases the progesterone hormone level.

Can I use progesterone cream every day?

Yes, you can! But not everyone can use them trouble-free. After using this cream some people get a headache, change in the skin, increased blood pressure, etc.

If you notice any change in your body after applying the cream, you should immediately stop using that. Visit a doctor, share the troubles you are getting after using the cream and then move according to the doctor’s guidance.

Does progesterone cream really work?

Yes, they do! Though applying on the skin doesn’t work faster since a very small amount of progesterone gets inside the body but that is absolutely fine. Didn’t you hear “slow and steady wins the race”?


Time to wrap this article up! I hope you get the best progesterone cream for yourself. But we would say again, go visit your doctor if you have a low progesterone hormone level and do what they say.

Do not do anything without the permission of the doctor. And after applying the cream if you feel bad, immediately atop allying the cream and visit a doctor. Side effects of progesterone cream could be dangerous!