Best Cordless Pruning Shears

Gardening is a great task, especially if you have all the tools you need to reduce time and effort. One of the most important equipment you should have is the best cordless pruning shears. With a variety of styles and models under the product, it will definitely be difficult to select.

Basically, pruners are used to trim deadhead, branches, plants, and perennials among others.  Normally, it will not cut through any object that is more than 0.5 inch in diameter. The selection of the tool is not limited to the brand.

There are still details you have to take regard of so you will not end up with a choice that will not last. Aside from the comparison of top-rated pruners, you should also learn more about the product, its selection, and proper utilization.

Best Cordless Pruning Shears Review

1. Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears

This product is designed to help you eliminate the unwanted growth of light stems and branches. It is constructed with a steel blade that is ideal for precision and durability. Even after constant and heavy use, you can anticipate the pruners to stay sharp.

Aside from the robustness of the blades, the Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears is made with a coating to eliminate friction. This allows smoother and cleaner cuts. Blades will glide through branches and stems with ease and reduced effort from your arms.

Furthermore, the coating is meant to avoid debris and sap gumming. This will not only make your pruners cleaning easier but avoid rusting as well. You can rely on the pruners if you want to cut branches with a 5/8-inch diameter.

You will also notice that the Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears has a groove on its blade. This is intended to clean away bleeding. In terms of comfortable grip, the product is designed with handles preventing slippage.

The product also has an ambidextrous lock, giving you safety assurance whether the tool is used or not. Another reason why this product became a trustworthy choice for it comes from a dependable company – Fiskars.

The said global firm has long been manufacturing gardening tools for different countries of the world. There is no wonder why its pruning shears are undeniably high quality.


  • Stays sharp for a long time
  • Comfortable on the hands
  • Does not cause hand fatigue
  • Can cut up to 0.5-inch branches
  • Suitable for both big and small hands


  • Poor quality control

2. Gonicc GPPS-1002 Bypass Pruning Shears

This product is also a good choice if you are looking for a long-lasting pruning shears. It is designed with a pair of handles and body forged for drops. Additionally, its blade is out of high carbon steel, implying that it will never fall short of sharpness and cutting performance.

Take note that the blades of the Gonicc GPPS-1002 Bypass Pruning Shears are perfected with Ultra-Fine Polishing Technology. Paired with the blades are handles that prevent your hands from slipping. These are not only comfortable on the hands but lightweight as well.

Pruning shears will also prevent gumming up debris and sap from bleeding plants. The blades have a grooved design. By using this tool, you can get rid of up to 0.75-inch branches or stems. However, the manufacturer indicates that this may depend on the species of the tree.

For the safety of the user, the Gonicc GPPS-1002 Bypass Pruning Shears is designed with a switch lock. This is responsible for closing the pruners when not in use. When being utilized, it will not simply open, ensuring no accidental cut will take place.

The bypass construction of this product mimics the motion of scissors. According to its manufacturer, this is highly advantageous when working with green succulents. Bypass pruning shears work well when it deals with branches having an external wall that is firm yet spongy.


  • Provides correct leverage in every cut
  • Ideal for live green plants
  • Stay sharp for long
  • Can resist heavy use
  • Comfortable on the hands


  • Reports of quick breakage

3. Haus & Garten ClassicPRO Titanium Pruning Shears

This pruning shears are designed to serve your household for years. Its hardened stainless steel material ensures the durability of its blade. Take note that the construction of the Haus & Garten ClassicPRO Titanium Pruning Shears is Japanese-grade, ensuring its longevity.

The Haus & Garten also ensured that its blades are not only made of robust material but perfected with a coating as well. The coating is added to prevent corrosion, enforce easier cutting, and reduce friction. Paired with its high-quality blade are its handles with extra grip material.

The handles are cushioned to prevent slippage of the hands and promote easier maneuverability. These pruners even have pads that absorb shock. Relatively, you will be able to avoid hand fatigue even after a long day of cutting branches and stems.

The Haus & Garten ClassicPRO Titanium Pruning Shears is designed for medium to large hand sizes. If you are suffering from carpal tunnel or arthritis, this product will never fail to protect your weak hands. Additionally, you will save time while using the pruning shears.

The grooves designed on the blades of the tool avoid the gumming or bleeding from plants. Each cut will be smoother and faster. If you want to achieve cleaner cuts, you can take advantage of its micrometric adjustable system. You can also play with the blade’s alignment when it’s needed.


  • Holds up very well
  • Comfortable handles
  • Does not rust easily
  • Applicable even for weak hands
  • Japanese grade materials


  • Reports of quick blade chipping

4. Gardenite Power Drive Ratchet Pruning Shears


You can also consider purchasing this pruning shears if you want to eliminate the need to exert much effort when cutting small branches or stems. The product is designed to provide ease when controlling the tool with the aid of its ratcheting mechanism.

According to Gardenite, the pruning shears is capable of increasing your cutting power by five times.  Compared to standard pruners you can find, it can cut through even the thick branches you could find. It does not even get dull easily given it functions similar to a ratchet.

The durability of the Gardenite Power Drive Ratchet Pruning Shears even makes it ideal for heavy-duty applications. Regardless of having small hands, these pruners will fit accordingly. Women users will also have no issues with this product.

Gardenite Power Drive Ratchet Pruning Shears is also constructed for weak hands. If you have either arthritis or carpal tunnel, the tool will still work for your needs. To assure you that it will not easily bend or break, it is made of carbon steel blades.

The material is hardened to have extra strength against abuse. You do not even have to sharpen it frequently. It stays powerful regardless of frequent use. Chances of nicking are also greatly reduced. To avoid sticky materials, it comes with Teflon coating.

Gardenite is confident that its product is reliable given its 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee.


  • Cuts even thicker branches
  • Comfortable grip
  • Increases hand power by five times
  • Very sharp
  • Easy to use


  • Poor quality locking mechanism

5. Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears

If you are searching for a tough tool to take care of hedges, shrubs, trees, and weeds, this is a product to consider. You can categorize the Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears as a heavy-duty choice. It comes with professional engineered components to assure longevity.

Furthermore, the pruning shears are made of blades out of high carbon SK5 steel, giving you no worries about nicks, dents, or quick breakage. It can cut even the stubborn rose bushes without bending. Even after constant use, the pruning shears will remain sharp.

Paired with its top-quality blades are handles that are ergonomically designed for comfortable grip. Vinyl coating is also added to its design so you will find it easier to control the tool. With or without gloves, a convenient grip will remain.

In terms of safety, you do not have to be concerned as well. The Zeemplify Premium Bypass Pruning Shears has a basic unlocking and locking system. When not in use, it will remain secure, guaranteeing the safety of the user even if you accidentally left it in an open space.

Aside from the handles, the blades also have a coating of titanium. The purpose of the addition is to enforce less friction when cutting. This makes your cuts smoother and cleaner. The titanium coating also retains the sharpness of the blades’ edges and protection from corrosion.


  • Creates precise cuts
  • Easy to actuate locking mechanism
  • Cuts through almost any branch
  • Prevents damaging the plants
  • Lightweight


  • Locking feature does not always work

Best Cordless Pruning Shears Buying Guide

Types of Pruning Shears

pruning shears

You will be able to identify the best hand pruners if you learn more about the tool. Aside from the fact it is suitable for small-scale cutting tasks in your garden, it also has a variety of construction. Regardless of the different pruner types around, each will still be ideal for keeping your yard maintained.

Normally, changes with your choice will be based on the location of the branch or stem you will cut. Moreover, it is crucial to check the size of the twigs you will take care of. To begin learning, given below are the different pruning shears available today.

1) Hand Pruning Shears – From the name itself, it is used with your hands. You can consider it the best pruners if you will take care of 0.75-inch branches or stems. You can find it in two types, which are bypass and anvil pruners.

Bypass pruners are also termed as scissor shears. It normally comes with a sharpened and curved set of blades. It works similar to the scissors. Many gardeners prefer this type of hand pruning shears for it generates a close and clean cut.

Alternatively, anvil pruners have a sharpened blade and flat plate. The purpose of the first component is to cut, whereas the latter is used for crushing the object. You will find it most useful when handling thick or dead stems.

2) Hedge Pruning Shears – This type of pruning shears is made for hedges with thin stems. It also sustains the formal shape of the plant part. Normally, you will encounter hedge pruning shears with short handles. Nonetheless, its blades remain long and flat.

You can use this type of pruning shears to get rid of a number of branches in just one cut. Many gardeners also consider using it since it provides a clean output.

3) Pole Pruning Shears – Instead of just blades and handles, this variety has hooks. These components are also attached to long poles. Moreover, it has spring-loaded cord configurations for the blade. You can use this to get rid of branches that tower as much as 12 feet or higher.

4) Lopping Pruning Shears – This pruning shears can be considered similar to the first type of the product. However, it has handles that can extend up to 36 inches in length. Aside from leverage, you will find it more manageable to reach places conveniently.

You may find lopping pruning shears with gears or joints. These parts generate extra power to slice through branches or stems without causing fatigue.

What to Look for When Buying The Best Cordless Pruning Shears

pruning fruit trees by pruning shears

If you are searching for best garden pruners, you should avoid selecting from a pool of options. Shopping at your nearby hardware store or checking out online stores will only overwhelm you. Aside from choosing a product based on pruner type, you should also consider specifications carefully.

The overall functionality of the equipment can be determined if each of its features is satisfactory. To provide you guidelines in evaluating a product, here are the following pointers you need to take note of.

1) Size – This actually refers to the diameter your best bypass pruner can cut through. Choose a pair that can slice up to 5/8-inch stem or branch. Creating a big cut with a small tool will only cause strain to your hands and arms. Furthermore, you may reduce the tool’s lifespan.

2) Weight – It is more comfortable to use a pruner that will not put too much stress on your hands after a short-term use. You can determine if a certain product is heavy or not. Under this specification, you should also check if the equipment is too small or large for your hands.

3) Blade – The material making up the blade must be at least steel that can either be carbon or hardened by construction. This will provide you no issues with avoiding nicks. Additionally, you can anticipate it to last for a longer period.

Also, if there are two blades, check if these are positioned close to one another. There are also models that have coating for the blades, which promote easier and more seamless cut.

4) Safety Feature – Having accidents is associated with the use of pruners. However, due to advancements in product developments, there are pruners now available with locking mechanism. This is responsible for protecting you from hazards.

The locking mechanism works by staying open when using the tool. Alternatively, when closing it, the blades remain secure.

Using/ Safety Tips

Leather safety gloves with pruning shears

Once you have found the best ratchet pruner, you should not forget taking note of the correct using and safety tips of the equipment. The proper utilization of a tool affects its longevity, otherwise, your tool may break easily.

Moreover, the using tips will prevent you from creating ragged cuts. There is also a chance for you to reduce the fatigue when you use the tool appropriately. Furthermore, you can even find means of trimming your garden for a longer time.

1) Use Pruner for Branches with the Right Size – As mentioned earlier, pruning shears are meant for smaller stems and branches. To provide you ease in estimating, you should only work on objects that are not larger than the diameter of your small finger.

You may also check out the manufacturer’s recommendation on the size of branches to cut through.

2) Make Sure the Blades are Sharp – Regardless of the type of pruning shears you will use, ensure that these are sharp enough prior to the task.

3) Cut Only Branches That Are Meant to Be Removed – Do not simply cut stems or branches simply because they somehow appear longer than the others. If you are confused, you should begin with diseased, dead, crossed or dying branches.


Power matters a lot when selecting pruning shears. If you are concentrating on this factor, there is no doubt that the Fiskars Traditional Bypass Pruning Shears is the best choice you. It can cut light stems and branches effortlessly.

Its durable steel blades remain sharp for long. It also has necessary coatings for its blades to keep sap from sticking onto the tool. Corrosion or rust will definitely be prevented.

Overall, there is no issue with this product since it satisfied every factor to consider when selecting top quality pruning shears. Compared to other options available, purchasing it will be worth every penny. It is not too expensive and even comes from a reliable manufacturer.

Nonetheless, you are free to check out other products given you consider the guidelines in selecting the best pruning shears. The buying tips will save you from wasting your money.

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