Best Recessed Light Bulbs for Kitchen In The Market 2021

Are you looking for the best recessed light bulbs for the kitchen? to give your kitchen a smart recessed lighting look as well as an intelligent illumination view? Then you have come to the right place.

At present, all manufacturers use the tagline of best recessed LED light bulbs among their products. But in reality, the best bulbs are rarely found. Would you like to know which recessed bulbs would be best for your kitchen?

Well, you don’t have to go anywhere else. In this article, our experts have picked the best bulbs by doing online market research, as well as we have created the best recessed light bulbs for kitchen review with a complete guide, which will help you a lot in finding the best LED bulbs for your kitchen.

Our Top Picks: Top 3 Best Recessed Light Bulbs for Kitchen

Top 7 Best Recessed Light Bulbs For Kitchen

However, before reading the full review, please take a look at our comparison table. That will help you get a brief idea. It will also help you to know to differentiate between these bulbs to understand which model will suit you best.

NameNumber of LightsWattageElectricity SavingLifespanLumens and Color TemperaturesDimmableBeam AnglesBase Type
Great Eagle BR30 LED Bulb6 Lights11W88%10,000 Hours850 Lumen and 3000K ColorsYes120 DegreesE26
LE GU10 LED Bulb6 Lights3W94%15,000 Hours350 Lumen and 5000K ColorsNo120 DegreesGU10
Sunco Recessed BR30 LED Bulb6 Lights11W84%+25,000 Hours850 Lumen and 3000K ColorsYes110 DegreesE26
Philips Soft White Indoor Flood BR30 Light Bulbs4 Lights65W80%+2,000 Hours620 Lumen and 2700K ColorsYes110 DegreesE26
Luxrite BR30 Recessed LED Light4 Lights9W86%25,000 Hours650 Lumen and 6500K ColorsYes110 DegreesE26
Torchstar BR40 Recessed LED Bulb4 Lights17W83%25,000 Hours1400 Lumen and 5000K ColorsYes110 DegreesE26
Lohas BR30 Recessed LED Light Bulbs6 Lights10W85%30,000 Hours700 Lumen and 5000K ColorsNo180 DegreesE26

1. Great Eagle BR30 LED Bulb

Undoubtedly Great Eagle BR30 is the best LED recessed light bulb for the kitchen. It has many advantages to use in the kitchen. On the one hand, it provides a high level of illumination; on the other hand, it saves a massive amount of energy. There are also many other advantages which we have highlighted below step by step.


The Great Eagle BR30 LED recessed bulb provides high brightness of 850 lumens, which will illuminate your kitchen a lot, and with soft white 3000k color temperature gives super clear accurate lighting performance.


One of the best aspects of this recessed bulb is that it lasts longer than other regular lights. It lasts up to 10,000 hours. It also does not warm instantly like other regular recessed bulbs. It also has instant ON features. Besides, if you catch any technical issue, you will get support immediately from the manufacturers.

Overall Impression

In the Great Eagle BR30 pack, you get 6 LED bulbs, which are the right amount to set up in the kitchen. Overall its brightness performance is a lot, which gives a stylish look to the kitchen.

It is also highly energy-saving, which is one of the great features. You get a three year guaranteed warranty with it, which allows you to use it with a lot of confidence.

2. LE GU LED Recessed Light Bulbs

LE GU10 LED Light Bulbs, 50W Halogen Equivalent, Non Dimmable, 2700K Soft Warm White, LED Bulb Replacement for Recessed Track Lighting, 3W 350lm 120° Flood Beam Angle, Pack of 6


  • Clear glass cover for better illumination
  • No Fade in Brightness, and Reduce Eye Strain
  • Instant ON with full brightness
  • Longer Life Durability
  • Budgets Friendly
  • Save Electricity


  • Not dimmable

If you are looking for a bright look in your kitchen as well as high energy-saving led recessed bulbs, then I would highly recommend you to survive LE GU LED recessed light bulbs. On the one hand, it saves energy, and on the other hand, its long lifespan has attracted us a lot.


LE GU LED light bulbs to provide 350 lumens of natural color brightness in your kitchen. It also comes with 5000k daylight white lighting performance. It provides light over a 120-degree flood beam wide area, making this bulb suitable for use in the kitchen and different rooms; it also reduces eye strain.


In terms of durability, the LE GU recessed LED is much ahead of other LEDs. It can run smoothly for up to 15000 hours. If you compare it with halogen, it has 10 times longer lifespan than halogen. It also has a cool performance even after a long run. The great thing is that it can easily replace recessed light bulbs with LED.

Overall Impression

Natural color light is essential for the kitchen, which helps a lot in cooking. On the one hand, it gives cool brightness performance; on the other hand, it provides white color brightness.

Also, another great aspect of it is that it saves up to 94% of energy, as well a longer lifespan has attracted us a lot. It has 6 bulbs together, which can be fully installed in a medium-sized kitchen. I think it is the best led recessed lighting retrofit.

3. Sunco Recessed BR30 LED Bulb

Sunco Lighting 14 Pack BR30 LED Bulbs, Indoor Flood Lights 11W Equivalent 65W, 4000K Cool White, 850 LM, E26 Base, 25,000 Lifetime Hours, Interior Dimmable Recessed Can Light Bulbs - UL & Energy Star


  • It is built with the highest standards maintained.
  • Long-lasting performance.
  • This LED bulb is recyclable.
  • Not warm and so Bright.
  • 5 Year Long Warranty.


  • After being turned on every time, these bulbs are popping noise.

Many people are looking for recessed led bulbs in their budgets; the Sunco recessed led bulb is the best choice for them. It is an excellent choice for the kitchen as well as lamps, cabs, and other household fixtures. Also, its long-lasting performance and electricity-saving features will attract you a lot.


The Sunco Recessed Light is of E26 base; that’s why it is easy to install. If you don’t know how to replace a recessed light bulb, then click here. The Sunco light bulb provides 850 lumens brightness. It is built with smooth dimming capability. It also comes with a 3000k warm lighting performance. Its 110-degree beam angle view ultimately illuminates your kitchen.


The durability of Sunco recessed lights is far ahead of our previous picks. Its light gives maximum comfort to your eyes without any kind of damage. It easily fits 5 to 6 inches recessed cans with floor lights. Also, the advantages like instantly ON and 25000 hours long lifespan have made it much better.

Overall Impression

If you are looking for an all-in-one recessed lighting pack among budgets, then there is no alternative to Sunco. It has a five years long warranty with long-lasting brightness performance. I think it can’t disappoint you.

4. Philips Soft White Indoor Flood Light Bulbs

PHILIPS 408662 Soft White 65-watt Br30 Indoor Flood Light Bulb (Pack of 4)


  • Ideal for use indoor
  • Fully dimmable
  • Provides a soft, white light


  • Expensive Price
  • Not so durable

Philips is a very successful brand in the light industry. Their quality light on the one hand with such an outstanding performance, on the other hand, lasts for a long time.

Philips 408662 recessed light bulb is the best choice for the kitchen. It can also be easily used in the kitchen as well as living, dining, and bedrooms.


In this pack of Philips 408662, you get 4 bulbs at a time. There are many people who are looking for small quantities of light for their small kitchen, that’s why this pack is the best choice for them. It also provides a brightness of 620 lumens with soft white 2700K color temperatures, which is perfect for indoor lighting.


Honestly, the durability of the Philips 408662 lags far behind our other picks. This indoor light lasts up to 2000 hours. One of the best things about it is that it saves a lot of electricity.

Overall Impression

Another great aspect of the Philips 408662 is that it is fully dimmable, allowing you to change your mood instantly. Considering the overall element, Philips 408662 recessed light is the average selection for the kitchen.

5. Luxrite BR30 Recessed LED Light

4-Pack BR30 LED Bulb, Luxrite, 65W Equivalent, 4000K Cool White, Dimmable, 650 Lumens, LED Flood Light Bulbs, 9W, E26 Medium Base, Damp Rated, Indoor/Outdoor - Living Room, Kitchen, Recessed Lighting


  • Energy-saving LED flood light bulbs
  • It is Dimmable and Instantly ON and OFF
  • Very bright and white light
  • Easy to install
  • Great for both indoor and outdoor
  • 25,000 hours of a longer lifespan


  • Not so critical issue found.

Luxrite BR30 recessed light is another excellent pick with long-lasting performance. One of the best advantages of this is that it allows you to fully control the setting as you want. This addition provides excellent brightness, it also saves up to 86% electricity.


Luxrite BR30 provides a 110-degree beam angle so that the whole aspect of the kitchen brightness looks effortlessly covered. It also offers 650 lumens as well as 6500K daylight white light. Which perfectly illuminates the whole kitchen.

Also, for its extraordinary brightness result, it is the perfect choice for indoor as well as outdoor use.


The great thing about the Luxrite BR30 is its long-lasting durability. It has 4 recessed led lights that can run smoothly for 25000 hours and more. And within these 25000 hours, no replacement will be required.

Overall Impression

You get a three years warranty with it to ensure its durability. Also, since it has different sizes, you can easily find the perfect size just like you. Also, its installation process is much easier, as well as you can dim down and do as you like.

6. Torchstar BR40 Recessed LED Bulb

TORCHSTAR Dimmable LED BR40 Flood Light Bulb, 17W (100W Eqv.), 1400lm, E26 Base, UL & Energy Star Listed,4000K Cool White, for 6 Inch Can Light Trim, Recessed Kit


  • Waterproof Damp location
  • A great choice for household lighting
  • Bright and stable illumination
  • Save Electricity


  • Some consumers complain about its brightness issue.

Introducing the Torchstar BR40, which is an extremely popular and premium quality pick. It has high-quality LED chips that provide safety and extraordinary brightness performance, which has made it very popular. There are also many more features and advantages which we have highlighted below.


The Torchstar BR40 provides 1400 lumens as well as 5000K brightness, which is the best choice for the kitchen as well as bedroom and living room. It also provides 5000K daylight color temperatures. Its 110-degree beam angle illuminates the whole place without any shadow.


One of the unique advantages of the Torchstar BR40 Recessed LED Bulb is that it is waterproof, which sets it apart from other lights. It also lasts for more than 25000 hours and comes with a 3 year guaranteed warranty to ensure its durability.

Overall Impression

The Torchstar BR40 led has dimming features, which you can do as you like. It also has the advantage of energy savings of up to 83%. As it is an E26 base, it can be easily installed in any recessed lighting fixtures.

Overall, its excellent brightness performance and longer lifespan are excellent choices for a perfect kitchen. And I’m pretty sure it won’t disappoint you.

7. Lohas BR30 Recessed LED Light Bulbs

LOHAS BR30 LED Bulb, 65W Equivalent Flood Light, 10W Daylight 5000K E26 Medium Base for 5/6 Inch Recessed Can Use, UL Listed, 700LM Not-Dimmable, Perfect for Indoor Home Hallway Office Lighting, 6Pack


  • 30,000 hours long-lasting lifespan.
  • 180-degree beam angle.
  • 85% Electricity Saving
  • Great for everywhere use
  • Very bright
  • Easy to install


  • Not-Dimmable

Another highly rated recessed LED light bulb is Lohas BR30. It is built with the highest standard and quality materials, which is why it is far ahead of other regular recessed led bulbs in terms of quality and performance.


The Lohas BR30 6 pack LED bulbs to provide 700 lumens of light with 5000K daylight color temperature, which on the one hand offers extreme light; on the other hand, gives powerful protection to your eyes. It also provides light across a 180-degree beam angle wide range, which is much higher than our other picks.


Lohas BR30 LED recessed light bulbs are far ahead of other best recessed lights in terms of durability. One of the best advantages of this is its long-lasting lifespan which lasts for more than 30000 hours.

Also, due to its super brightness and long-lasting, durable performance, it is perfect for use in any indoor or outdoor field, including kitchen as well as bathroom, yards, patios, living room.

Overall Impression

Another great advantage of Lohas BR30 Recessed LED is that it saves up to 86% electricity bills. It is also easy to install as it is an E26 screw base, especially perfect for 5/6 inches cans. But one thing to keep in mind, it does not have dimmable features. And considering all the other features, Lohas BR30 Recessed LED light bulbs are a perfect choice in all aspects.

Things To Consider Before Buying Best Recessed Light Bulbs For Kitchen

Best Recessed Light Bulbs for Kitchen

Buying recessed light bulbs for your kitchen is not difficult, but you must consider a few more things before purchasing the fittest bulbs.

Below we have shared some essential things that you must consider before buying; of course, you can easily find the best lights if you view these things.

  • Number of Lights

The first thing to consider is the number of lights in your kitchen. You can see a different quantity of recessed lights in different packs in the market, which you can use in your kitchen in a beautifully arranged field.

In most of the cases, you can see packs from 12 lights to 4 lights. From here you can choose the pack according to your kitchen needs.

  • Brightness

The most important thing in any light choosing field is the brightness of the light. Therefore, the exact brightness is also important in the field of recessed light choice. In this case, the brightness ratings are usually calculated through lumens; higher lumens means higher brightness performance.

Usually, the lumens of recessed light are 650 to 1400+. So we will suggest getting better brightness performance in your kitchen; you must see the higher lumens to pick light.

  • Color Temperature

Best Recessed Light Bulbs for Kitchen
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Color temperature is a part of the brightness output of LED Recessed light; it is also an important part which you must check when buying kitchen led.

Usually, the cool temperature light is a little blue or white color; on the other hand, the warm light is a little orange or yellow color. In this case, to understand the color temperature, you can see the rating with light 3000K, or 5000K.

If you see the lower numbers, it means that the light is of warm temperature; on the other hand, the higher number means that the light is of cooler temperature.

  • Light Size

Another essential aspect when choosing recessed light bulbs is to look at its diameter or size. Because it is very important to fit the purchased bulb with the recessed area. In most cases, LED recessed lights are 6 inches in size. Other cases are 4 and 8 inches light. So we will suggest you to buy according to size.

  • Warranty

In most cases, the recessed light lasts a long time. But even after that, many led recessed light bulb manufacturers give 3, 5, or 7 years warranty with their led for their customer satisfaction. So you try to be sure to buy a recessed bulb by looking at the warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Recessed Light Bulbs For Kitchen

Q: What type of recessed lighting is best for the kitchen?

Ans: General lighting purpose 6-inch fixtures is a very common choice. However, 4 and 5 inch fixtures provide overhead countertop lighting, which is why that is an excellent recessed lighting choice for the kitchen.

Q: Can I use a regular bulb in recessed lighting?

Ans: If the regular bulb matches the fixture, it is possible to use it, but it is not possible in most cases. For this, you must look at the manufactured book of the fixture.

Q: Can you have too many recessed lights?

Ans: Generally, extra recessed lighting should be avoided in the kitchen because extra recessed lighting in the kitchen confuses a lot of attraction. So to avoid making your kitchen ceiling look like an airport runway, use a recessed light in every 4 to 6 square feet of ceiling space.

Q: How many can light for 12×12 rooms?

Ans: In 12×12 rooms, you will need two rows of can lights. So by measuring the space in two rows correctly, you will need 4 and 4 total 8 lights in 2 rows.

Q: Does recessed lighting increase home value?

Ans: The short answer is “Yes.” Recessed lighting will illuminate every room of your house as well as make it very attractive. It will make your home more engaging to any buyer than other regular houses, as well as increase home value.


We have selected each of the lights in different ways, considering the different price points, durability, and performance, so that you can find the best lights between your budgets and choices.

Hopefully, our best recessed light bulbs for kitchen review and guide have helped you a lot in finding your favorite lights. If you ask us which recessed led bulb is all in one great choice for the kitchen, then we will suggest you buy Torchstar BR40 Recessed LED Bulb, or if you are finding the budgets friendly best-recessed bulbs, then we will recommend you to buy Sunco Recessed BR30 LED Bulb.

At last, Whatever you buy from these bulbs selection, we can confidently say you will not be disappointed.

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