5 Best Wearable Sleep Tracker Consumer Reports

Sleep is highly crucial in keeping your health monitored. Getting insufficient rest at night will make you vulnerable to various problems, such as fatigue, obesity and lack of productivity. This is the major reason why you have to look for the best sleep tracker.

People tend to only concentrate on what they eat, drink, or carry out as exercises. Little do they know that no matter how healthy your food choices are, lack of sleep may still nullify your fitness efforts.

The selection of the best wearable sleep tracker also requires smart evaluation. With the advancement of technology, there is no reason for you to settle for less when choosing a gadget.

Best Wearable Sleep Tracker Reviews

1. Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker

This is a top quality sleep tracker from Fitbit, which will monitor not only your sleep but also the stairs climbed, the number of steps, calories burned and distance among others.

As for sleep monitoring, it has the capability to check the quality and longevity of your rest. It has an alarm that will wake you up to meet your sleep cycle goal. The notification is silent, ensuring that your partner will not be disturbed.

You can also use the device if you want to evaluate your sleep data via tablets, smartphones or computer through Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity.

You can also use Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep tracker to set goals, get rewards, and assess your progress. It is a trustworthy device if you want to track your daily activity.

The display of the gadget provides your daily stats and time. You can rely on the sleep tracker to last up to two weeks. Even if you wear it all day, your skin will not be irritated.

There is no latex used to manufacture Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker. Even if you have allergies, you will not have to worry about bacteria accumulation. The clasp is even made from stainless steel. This component has nickel traces, which may cause a reaction to highly susceptible patients. Nonetheless, for general use, there should be no worries about skin problems.


  • Detailed sleep data
  • Very easy to use
  • Syncs with tablets, smartphones, and PC
  • Applicable for all day use
  • Ideal for other health measurements


  • Reports of poor customer service

2. Hello Sense With Voice Sleep System

The main purpose of this product is to enhance your sleep and provide you insights on how to do so. You can be sure this gadget will keep you motivated in sustaining a healthy sleeping cycle. It will also keep you slumbering throughout the night. Waking up will also not be a problem since it is powered by the Smart Alarm.

Hello Sense With Voice Sleep System tracks the quality of your sleep, play sleep sounds, and even allow you to set notifications.

The sleep data generated by the Hello Sense With Voice Sleep System is detailed enough not only to give you basic statistics. You will also be informed if certain environmental influences affect your rest at night.

The product is also designed to reveal your sleep quality trends. This will give you smarter ideas on how to improve your resting cycle. Other than providing you data via the Voice technology, you may also speak commands instead of typing or clicking.

For instance, you may ask Sense how well you sleep, when it will wake you up, and what device it should connect to. Unlike other smart devices, it is the only sleep system that will mask noise around you by generating relaxing sounds. It will help you drift off more easily with its array of song selection, such as Fireside and White Noise.

The pill that comes with it will monitor your sleep by tracking your movement, which also gets rid of gadgets to wear all day.


  • Provides detailed sleep data
  • Features Smart Alarm
  • Plays sleep sounds
  • Syncs with smart devices
  • Does not require being worn


  • Reports of monitoring failure

3. E Tronic Edge Smart Band

This fitness band is meant to measure not only your sleep period, but also your heart rate, steps, and exercises. It is a wireless and sweat-proof pedometer, which you can use all day.

The E Tronic Edge Smart Band is also constructed to sync with all smartphones powered by the Android operating system. Not only does it track your fitness activities, it can also generate notifications through texts or call.

The product is even equipped with an anti-loss feature that will inform you in case your handphone gets distant from the band.

With the E Tronic Edge Smart Band, you can improve your sleep cycles. You can check how well and how long you sleep in a day. It also includes a silent alarm that will not disturb your partner.

It is easy to wear given its comfortable and compact design. As attested, it will feel very light on the wrist. Your statistics may also be shared to your other devices, giving you better means of evaluating your records.

The reminders of the smart device will include reminding you if you have become immobile for long periods. This advanced sleep monitor can also serve as a remote for shooting images using your smartphone.

With the aid of a high quality screen, you can also read incoming SMS with it. This allows you to eliminate multi-tasking with the use of various gadgets.


  • Anti-lost feature
  • Syncs with all Android smartphones
  • Tracks other health data
  • Easy setup
  • Lightweight


  • Does not work on Windows or iOS phones

4. Jawbone Up Move Activity + Sleep Tracker

This sleep monitor is not designed with a display similar to those of two previously featured products. Nonetheless, it is still rich in features that keep tabs of your fitness activities. You can use it to track your sleep quality and reach your weight loss goals.

The measurements it covers include period of rest, sleep quality, calories burned, food, drink, steps, and exercises. You can even sync it with the UP application to check if you are following a healthy diet.

You can use it for both Android and Apple gadgets. Jawbone Up Move Activity + Sleep Tracker can also connect you with your family and friends.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will be more fun with partners. You could even create a leaderboard to enforce motivation among your peers. Instead of just a band, it also ships with clips. You can wear or put it on anywhere.

The Smart Coach app also connects with the Jawbone Up Move Activity + Sleep Tracker, giving you better means of attaining your objectives. However, unlike the two first products, it has no smart alarm or heart monitor. Even the sleep tracking is limited to duration and quality. Advanced information will no longer be included in its scope.

Despite its sleep data limitations, it will still provide you insights on what you can enhance and how you rest based on the basic details it collects. It can still support your fitness throughout the day.


  • Basic sleep tracker
  • Supports weight loss
  • Easy to use monitor
  • Dual wearing options
  • Compact in size


  • App has been reported for glitches

5. Towabo Fitness Tracker Wristband

This fitness wristband is designed to track your sleep, heart rate, steps, and activities throughout the day. This is also compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones.

Apart from monitoring your daily goals, it provides alerts and notifications depending on your preferences. It is also compatible with social media sites and messaging platforms. You can even view information on the sender of messages.

The Towabo Fitness Tracker Wristband is designed with touch screen technology, which will provide you time display and basic information. It can also light up easily or show the time when you rotate it over your hand.

The gadget also features offline Bluetooth monitoring. You simply have to install the HPlus Watch app to make use of this capability. In case you become motionless at a certain time of the day, it will remind you via call or message.

This fitness tracker is also very comfortable to use. The material used to manufacture the Towabo Fitness Tracker Wristband is light and will not cause irritation when used for the entire day. You can even adjust the size of the band according to your wrist.

Charging the device is also handy since it allows charging via USB ports. This will allow you to power up the gadget using your PC or car.

The crisp and high-resolution display is even paired with an easy switching of views. Furthermore, it updates time and date automatically.


  • Easy to use controls
  • Main display is readable
  • Charges via USB connection
  • Lightweight
  • Does not irritate the skin


  • Reports of inaccurate measurements

Best Wearable Sleep Tracker  Buying Guide

best wearable sleep tracker

Types of Sleep Monitor

Prior to selecting a gadget to keep track of your sleeping hours, you should know the different types of monitor. The categories of the gadget are dependent on the variety of sleep studies conducted by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM) and the Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Given below are the types of sleep monitors based on clinical guidelines:

  • Type I Sleep Monitor – This is based on sleep research that is carried out under the supervision of technologists. Devices under this type are inclusive of different channels, such as chin electromyography (EMG), limb EMG, electroencephalogram (EEG), electrooculography (EOG), heart rate, nasal cannula thermistor airflow, and pulse oximetry among others.
  • Type II Sleep Monitor – The gadget is developed based on a sleep test done at home without the attention of a sleep technologist. It has a minimum of seven channels measured, which include oxygen saturation, EEF, heart rate, airflow, EMG, EOG, and respiratory effect.
  • Type III Sleep Monitor – This is also a portable sleep monitor that is based on a sleep test done at home. Research related to this tracking technology is carried out without the supervision of a sleep technologist. Instead of seven, it has a minimum of four channels. These measurements include oxygen saturation, dual respiratory air flow or movement, and heart rate monitor.
  • Type IV Sleep Monitor – Unlike the first, this is a portable monitor. You do not need an expert to use this type of tracker as well. It has a minimum of three channels measured.

Devices based on this sleep study must permit the unmediated calculation of Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) or Apnoea-Hypopnoea Index (AHI). This is due to the outcome of tracking thoracoabdominal course or air flow. Gadgets that aim to measure RDI or AHI must undergo approval by Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

What to Look For When Buying

There is a variety of sleep monitoring devices, which is why you should choose carefully. You should not concentrate on price but on quality. Major considerations must be done to ensure you will only get accurate data to evaluate your sleep quality.

Here are the following features you should at least find in a sleep tracking gadget:

1) Design – It is the most ideal to find the best sleep tracker band from which you will attain convenience when measuring your rest rate. You should look for gadgets that are comfortable to wear even for long periods. In most cases, the choice will be based on personal preferences.

Apart from the fit of the sleep monitor, you should search for a sleep monitor made from comfortable material and will not cause irritation.

2) Advanced Tracking – You should take advantage of the advancements in sleep tracking. This means if you could find a cost-effective sleep monitor with advanced capabilities, you should do so.

There are even sleep monitors that will keep tabs on your snoring instances. This will provide you an opportunity to verify if environmental influences also affect your sleep.

3) Internet of Things Compatibility – Internet of things (IoT) will allow you to sync your sleep monitor to various devices. For instance, you will be able to upload your sleep data to the web for analysis. Connectivity and integration will help you store your sleep tracking history as a basis in the future.

Many manufacturers have built apps for their sleep monitors to keep your rest, health, and fitness data in one space, such as cloud storage.

Take note that the quality of an app must also be assessed. Without a seamless application to work with your gadget, customization of the device’s settings may become more complex.

4) Battery Life – It is always better to invest in a product whose battery will last more than two days, especially if you are forgetful in charging gadgets.

Using/ Safety Tips

best wearable sleep tracker

In case you have found the best heart rate monitor watch for heart patients, you should also learn how to use the gadget smartly. Before anything else, you should remember that sleep monitors are not meant to check if you have fallen asleep. The reliability of monitors also depends on your configuration of its capabilities.

To get the most out of the gadget, here are tips to consider:

  • Place It in the Right Place – Bands are obviously meant to be worn by the hands. However, you should select the non-dominant one to secure the collection of accurate motion ranges. Take note that sleep monitors placed on the torso may not be as effective since that body part does not move that much.
  • Create a Sleep Goal – As mentioned, your tracker is not meant to monitor if you have slept. To attain a healthy and consistent sleep cycle, you should set a goal. In such case, you will be more motivated to keep a regular number of sleeping hours. Saving goals is very easy using advanced sleep tracking gadgets.
  • Know the Difference Between Sleep Settings – There are two major sleep settings you will encounter -sensitive and normal. The former generates detailed data about your sleep patterns, while the latter only cover the basic statistics. Sensitive sleep setting also implies that every single change will be recorded. If you have a sleeping disorder, you may consider switching to this mode.
  • Consider Your Good Night’s Sleep – Every person has a variety of good night’s sleep pattern. There are others who are meant to attain at least seven hours a day, whereas others feel more active with less rest. It is a matter of evaluating yourself as to how much sleep you typically need.
  • Sync With Apps – You should use the sleep monitoring band with apps. These apps offer more means of evaluating data effectively. You may view your sleep data on a tablet, smartphone, or PC.


Overall, the Fitbit One Wireless Activity Plus Sleep Tracker is the obvious winner of the round-up. There is no doubt that Fitbit does not fall short in providing an all-around health tracker. Apart from sleep, it also covers other aspects that are crucial for your overall well-being assessment.

The manufacturer has also ensured that it is very comfortable to use and made of a material that has low chances of causing irritation. If you are looking for an advanced smart watch that will still compete well with new models of trackers, this is the product to use.

Simply follow the guidelines above on how to utilize the gadget more effectively to get the most out of it.

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