Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Review [Jan-2022]

The Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Vacuum is one vacuum to consider for its great power yet delicateness for hardwood floors.

You can thoroughly clean your hard floors and other surfaces without doing any damages. Another thing is the convenience because of its canister vacuum design, that is lighter and easier to move around as compared to its upright counterparts.

The Bissell 1161 features a variety of attachments so that you can clean surfaces above and below furniture.

Also, with the compact design of the unit, it will be easy to move from one room to another, especially when you need to bring it upstairs.

This characteristic also accounts for its easy storage. Thanks to the compactness of this unit, cleaning dust and debris around the house will not be as tedious as with bulkier and upright vacuum cleaners.

Bissell 1161 Hard Floor Expert Deluxe Canister Vacuum Review

Bissell Deluxe Canister Vacuum - 1161


Dedicated Hard Floor Cleaning Design

The Bissell 1161 is specially designed for picking up dust and debris on hard floors. Its suction power is great enough to suck a huge amount of debris but it also remains delicate so as not to damage the floors because of its soft bristles.

It can loosen tough dirt but without compromising the gentleness needed by your floors.

For more vacuuming delicate surfaces such as carpets and rugs, the digital fingertip controls that the unit comes into play.

You can turn down the suction power to prevent damaging these surfaces but without affecting its capacity to pick up dirt.

The unit also has non-marking wheels made of rubber and felt treads, which will not damage your floors even if you go back and forth as part of your in-depth surface cleaning.

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Easy-to-Empty Dirt Canister for Hassle-Free Cleaning

Instead of collecting dirt and dust in a bag, the Bissell 1161 collects it in a dirt tank that can be opened at the bottom.

This makes the disposal easy and so you prevent creating a mess and just re-distributing the dirt and dust you collected back into circulation.

Bissell 1161 Features and Specifications

  • Weight – 9.1 pounds, lightweight, for easy carrying, storage, and improved maneuverability
  • Dimensions – compact at 10.7 x 13.2 x 8.7 inches, for easy storage and maneuverability
  • Digital Fingertip Controls – easy to access suction control for high or low suctioning depending on the type of surface to be cleaned; allows for damage protection for upholstery, rugs, drapes, and others
  • Non-marking wheels made of rubber as well as felt treads – for gentleness on the floors and other surfaces; do not scratch or scuff floors
  • Telescopic Extension Wand – allows for easy reach       for surfaces at a height such as curtains and stairs
  • Easy Empty Dirt Canister – can be opened at the bottom; allows for no-mess dirt and dust disposal

Bissell 1161 Reviews and Ratings

The Bissell 1161 has received quite a number of feedback from its actual customers. With its 520+ reviews along with our own assessment of the vacuum, we give it a rating of 8.2/10 stars.

Relatively, the unit has gotten a huge percentage of positive feedback, which is a good indication of its quality.

One customer had observed numerous good points about this product such as its non-marking wheels that make the unit good for laminate flooring.

The customer also highlighted the suction capacity of the vacuum since it was able to pick up bigger debris as well as finer ones and even pet hair.

He also mentioned that the unit was suitable for different types of surfaces, not only for hardwood floors.

A lot more customers had good things to say about the Bissell 1161.

Things to Improve

While there are many good things that have been observed about the Bissell 1161, there are also shortcomings that have been noticed by its owners.

One customer has commented that it takes more effort to empty and clean the dirt tank because of the small size of the unit.

It fills up faster than bigger vacuum cleaners and thus requires frequent emptying, especially if you have a huge house to clean.

According to the same customer, the foam filter tends to clog up, which requires washing the filter with soap and water.

This is surely something to improve but since the vacuum is a compact unit, it is not intended for heavy use on bigger spaces.

However, cleaning the filter so that it does not clog up is fairly easy. Considering this minor flaw, the unit, in overall, is still a reliable vacuum.


The Bissell 1161 is a compact, power, yet delicate vacuum cleaner for hard floors, rugs, upholstery, and almost every surface you have to clean.

It features make it a good investment for easy cleaning of both huge and finer debris and dust.