Blue Max Chainsaws

Consumers seeking a high-quality chainsaw at a reasonable price may discover that a Blue Max chainsaw is made for them. This brand offers 142 different models that fit a variety of projects ranging from simple to difficult. In addition, Blue Max chainsaws come with a tax-free guarantee. If you’re still not sold, be sure to check out our review of Jonsered chainsaws.

The following is a Blue Max Chainsaw review that lists a few of the models available along with their features and benefits.

Blue Max Gas Chainsaw 52cc, Blue, 20'

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Blue Max Chainsaw Comparison Chart

1. 14” x 18” 38cc Combination – This 2-in-1 model has great versatility by simply changing its blade between 12” and 14” measurements. Its engine offers a high-quality cylinder and runs at 2800 RPM for no-load. Should there be a kickback with the saw, the chain is quickly stopped using a rapid-reaction kick-back brake. This saw is currently priced at approximately $169.99.

2. 14” x 20” 45cc Combination Gas – This model offers two saws in one along with chains for both 14” and 20” bars. It has great versatility with just a simple change of the blade.

It is easy to start in both warm and cold temperatures, has a chain that runs smoothly thanks to its automatic oiler, only uses a mix of gas and oil (25:1), and comes with a 1-year workmanship and materials warranty. This saw may be sold tax-free and shipped for approximately $189.99.

3. 14” & 20” Combination Chainsaw with Protective Case – This model offers low vibration while using minimal power and fuel. It is powerful enough for those really, tough jobs using a 45cc 2-stroke engine that reaches 10,000 RPMs.

It is easy to use in both warm and cold temperatures, has a smooth-running chain that is oiled automatically, and is center balanced making it easier to cut wood while not tiring out the user. This saw is currently priced at approximately $199.99.

4. 16” 38cc Gas – This lightweight model is easy to use without the discomfort of heavy lifting. Its motor runs around 3500 RPMs at 8 Amps, and its chain reaches 19.7 feet per second. If mechanical issues arise, it only takes 0.1 seconds for the chain to stop.

Other features accompanying this model are its oil level window, lock-off button designed to keep users safe, and the 100ml of oil that is included with the saw upon purchase. This model may have been designed for a man, but it fits perfectly into a woman’s, smaller hand. Consumers requiring a saw that is not only smaller but fits into their budget can purchase this model for around $79.97.

5. 16” Electric Chainsaw – With its 16” bar, this electrical saw is perfect for those household projects. It comes with a blade cover for protection of it and its surroundings during storage, a 100ml of oil and oil level window for immediate oil lubrication, and an SDS chain drive system offering features for easy adjustment and safety.

This model comes available with a chain running at an amazing 37.7 feet each second, a 5500 RPM motor, and a power cord and plug that is compatible with any common household outlet while meeting all UL certifications. This saw is available for around $117.99.


There are many features and benefits that need to be taken into consideration when choosing the right gas powered chainsaw. Before purchasing a chainsaw, consumers need to research the different models available to ensure they meet both quality and safety expectations. Not all models have received a Blue Max Chainsaw review.

Still, it is never too late for consumers to go online and do their part by providing a Blue Max Chainsaw review.

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