Canola Oil Substitute For Butter [Jan-2022]

Are you wishing to switch on a substitute for Canola oil, but confused by myths and wrong information? Here I’m providing you the exact information and every detail about Canola oil and its substitute. It is easy to find a canola oil substitute if you know the properties of the oil.

So let’s have a look.

Origin Of Canola Oil

At first, Canada develops the canola oil, so it goes like- Canadian oil, low acid.

In nature, there is no such thing as a “Canola plant” that produces “Canola oil.” Canola oil is simply a trading name for low-erucic acid rapeseed oil.

Properties and facts of canola oil:

Canola oil comes from the plant family Brassicaceae. Industrially, many types of oil are produced from this family.

A variety of rapeseed, which is very low in erucic acid, is used to get canola oil. Canola oil is imminent for its elements of vegetable with a sulfur atom in some fatty acid structures that are responsible for the sulfur flavor in the oil.

For more details on canola oil, have a look in this table-

ComponentsPresence rate in percentage
Oleic acid61%
Linolenic acid21%
Alpha-linolenic or Omega 39%-11%
Saturated fatty acid7% or lower
Palmitic acid4%
Stearic acid2%
Trans fat0.4%
Erucic acid0.01%-0.1%

Is there any other name for canola?

You can use canola oil in cooking because of its neutral flavor.

Canola oil substitutes and their properties

Olive oil

An oil rich in Omega 3, Omega 6 and saturated fat, which you can get from the olives.

This is rich in monounsaturated fat and this quality helps you to have sound health and skin! If you are suffering from inflammation, or heart disease, surely olive oil is an excellent option.

Safflower oil

It is obtained from a safflower plant seed. The best thing about safflower oil is – it contains a handsome amount of fatty acid, omega 3 and vitamin A, D, E and K. Surely it can be a good friend to your heart. Besides, its unsaturated fat properties can fight against diabetes, high blood pressure.

Coconut oil

It comes from coconut kernels, one of the sweetest tropical fruits. If you are wishing to use it for cooking or baking, then it’s a complicated task.

It contains lots of saturated fat, which surely makes your hair and skin just wow! However, it is not so good for your heart and blood pressure.

Sunflower oil

It is a great combo of unsaturated fats, Vitamin E and K. This oil comes from sunflower seeds.

Not only for good skin and hair, but also this goes for your fantastic digestion, better immunity, and fabulous energy level! It helps greatly if you are having constipation and heart disease.

Almond oil

For women this is a great beauty product. All thanks to the nutty almonds for producing such a good product.

It contains omega 3, fatty acid, and lots of vitamins A, E, and zinc. As a skin expert, this works great as a smoother, makeup remover, cleanser, and moisturizer! Not only this, the most magical thing about this oil is- it helps you to have a sharper brain and strong memory!

Cottonseed oil

Reaped from whole cottonseed

Refined cottonseed oil is a great source for polyunsaturated fat. It can help to have glowing skin, crispy crackers, or baked stuff.

However, if it’s unrefined, the yellowish toxin of cottonseed can react badly. Sometimes this unrefined oil is used as a pesticide.

Corn oil

A refined vegetable oil, high in calories, vitamin E and omega 6. It’s great for frying and baking.

However, it has some industrial usage to make liquid soap, cleanser, make-up and so on. It can bring you good heart health and skin. Be careful because its high amount of calories is often linked to obesity.

Soybean oil

Extracted from soybeans. It has a great antioxidant property with lots of Vitamin E, fatty acid and lecithin.

It helps to earn good heart health, strong bones. But its high boiling point makes it dangerous for people who are suffering from blood pressure.

Avocado oil

You can gain it from the pulp of the avocado. It has a great amount of oleic acid and monounsaturated fat, lutein.

Therefore, it helps to reduce heart risk, cholesterol and provides antioxidants. It also helps to earn great eye-sight and glowing skin.

Peanut oil

It is mostly rich in fatty acid and vitamin A. However, it contains saturated fat. That’s why it’s good for skin, baby care products, and makeup. However, it’s not that good for regular cooking or baking.

Applesauce/banana mash

Not oil at all. It’s a kind of puree. But as everyone knows, bananas contain lots of potassium and calcium.

Apple contains antioxidant properties with vitamin K and omega 3. So, if you are suffering from cystic fibroids or muscle pain, it’s a great choice for you. 

Flaxseed oil

It is obtained from flax seeds. This is mostly known as herbal oil. Because it’s high omega 3 and unsaturated fats can cure almost every kind of skin problem, breathing problem.

Vitamin A, E, and K from this oil can make your skin and hair baby soft and keeps protected all day long. As for cooking oil, it is very costly.

Walnut oil

Walnut oil is collected from the nuts since man has discovered civilization, one of the ancient and powerful gifts of nature.

Its high amount of fatty acid and omega 3 helps to have great skin and hair. Besides vitamin, A and keratin from this oil helps to reduce wrinkles and prevents hair damage. However, it’s not so good for cooking. 

Hemp Seed Oil

It’s known as hemp oil. You can obtain it from cold pressing hemp seeds. Like walnut oil, it also contains anti-aging properties like keratin, omega 3 and 6, vitamin A, D, E and K.

However, as it has a high boiling point, it’s a difficult work to use it as a regular cooking oil. Health risk can be reduced a lot by the regular usage of this oil as a salad dressing.

Among so many replacements, which one should go?

Now, after seeing so many names, you might get confused about the usage. Here is some more information on the substitutes.

The best substitute for canola oil:

According to researchers and origin properties, sunflower oil is likely to be the best given its likeness to canola oil in color, flavor and smoking point.

Properties to Canola oils replacement: The characteristics of sunflower oil also mean this substitute is suitable for a variety of cooking techniques including baking, browning, and pan-frying.

Here this is the information chart-

Palmitic acid5%
Stearic acid6%
Oleic acid30%
Linolenic acid59%

Can you use Canola oil for baking?

Absolutely yes! Having a high smoke point, light flavor, and smooth texture, canola oil is one of the most versatile cooking oils.

You can use it in several dishes and cooking methods, like: Cooking oil for sautéing, stir-frying, grilling, and baking. You can use this oil in salad dressings, sauces, and marinades.

Can I use canola oil instead of vegetable oil?

Canola oil is such a vegetable oil produced from a variety of the rapeseed plant. You can use canola oil instead of vegetable oil in brownies and other recipes.

It may enable you to make your final product have a slightly different taste or texture, but the recipe will generally come out just fine.

Can you use sunflower oil just like canola oil?

Obviously! As the properties are quite the same, you can use sunflower oil in just the way you are using canola oil. Refined sunflower oil provides low-to-extremely-high-temperature cooking.

As for frying oil, it behaves as a typical vegetable triglyceride. Unpolished sunflower oil is a customary salad dressing in Eastern European cuisines. Sunflower oil is also a common component in sunflower butter.

Instructions for cooking snack foods, such as French fries or potato chips, may use sunflower oil.

Some more benefits of canola oil:

Including cooking, you can use canola oil externally. Just add canola oil with a few drops of your regular essential oil and apply it as a body oil.

This will help moisturize and nourish your skin because of its rich amount of omega 3 and fatty acid.

Substitute for canola oil as your beauty care:

These can be a good replacement with canola oil for your skincare:

* Olive oil

* Safflower oil

* Coconut oil

* Sunflower oil

* Almond oil

Sunflower oil can act well with your skin: Sunflower seed oil is widely available, high in vitamin E, and absorbs easily into the skin, making it an excellent choice as a natural moisturizer. It suits all skin types.

Bottom line

Here I tried to provide you the valuable information and detail to go with the correct replacement. I hope you will have better health, better tasting food, and better days!

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