Dyson 63458-01 Pedestal Fan Review

If you appreciate high-technology home appliances, then you must be a fan of Dyson especially of its Dyson AM08. Dyson has been one of the most popular when it comes to creating appliances through cutting-edge technologies. One of these is their modern pedestal fans that boast the undeniable contemporary style and thought-through engineering of Dyson.

The Dyson AM08 is not your typical fan. It is an improvement of Dyson’s existing air multiplier technology. It is designed with a ring-like opening that produces a strong and steady flow of air. This pedestal fan is bladeless which eliminates the noise from the blades and uses lesser electricity compared to those fans with big blades.

The Dyson AM08 is a very sharp-looking pedestal fan and is even 35 percent quieter than previous Dyson pedestal fan models.

Bladeless and Safe

Dyson Powerful Large Air Multiplier Pedestal Fan, AM08 Model, White/Silver Color, Adjustable Height of 3.6 Feet - 4.6 Feet, Remote Control

The unique no-blade design of the Dyson AM08 is a very interesting choice for all high-tech gadget lovers. Powerful and quiet don’t usually come hand-in-hand in most pedestal fans. If you want a powerful fan, you get a big electrical motor along with it and this, more often than not, can generate additional noise.

However, since Dyson AM08 is typically bladeless, is doesn’t take a big electrical motor to run it. With this Dyson model, the air is accelerated through a circular aperture to give a smooth, powerful, and high-velocity airflow. This way, you get no blades but a stronger airflow.

And since this fan has a bladeless design, it’s even safer compared to the traditional fans, especially for children.

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Traditional fans need blades to move and produce air; the bigger the blades, the stronger the air it produces. However, these big blades also cause more resistance, thus, they need even bigger electrical motors. Bigger motors, in turn, will require a substantial amount of electricity.

With the air multiplier of the Dyson AM08, it can produce a powerful flow of air with a 15 percent lesser amount of electricity than its earlier Dyson version. Therefore, there is no need for big blades or even big electrical motors. This means that you get to save more energy in running this type of pedestal fan compared to others.

Dyson 63458-01 Features and Specifications

  • 35 percent quieter – With its design for streamlined air channels, it reduces airflow turbulence that makes it about 35 percent quieter than the older AM03 Dyson model.
  • Sleep Timer – Dyson AM08 is designed where the fan can be programmed to turn off after 15 minutes to 9 hours preset intervals.
  • Remote Control – It can be controlled with 10 precise airflow settings. The remote control is also magnetized so it can be neatly stored on the machine.
  • Oscillation Control – It is designed with a one-touch oscillation control for a smoother oscillation.
  • Bladeless design – There are no fast-spinning blades and this makes it safer; without the blades and grilles, it is much easier to clean.
  • More Energy-Efficient – Because of its more powerful airflow, it consumes 15 percent less power than the earlier Dyson model.

Dyson 63458-01 Reviews

Customers rate the Dyson AM08 air multiplier 8 out of 10. The best thing found in this newest version of the Dyson pedestal fan aside from its very modern design is its quietness. It’s a lot quieter compared to the traditional stand fans and it makes sleeping time more peaceful and there is even no air chop.

People like that it comes with a remote control that makes it easier to operate the power, oscillating, and even the sleep timer. The magnetic feature of the remote is even an added bonus to make sure that you don’t put it somewhere you can’t find it again. You can just stick it to the fan itself.

Things to Improve

When you talk about the sleek overall design and advanced technology in pedestal fans, the Dyson AM08 is surely on top. It has everything you need to have a good night’s sleep without some bugging noise to wake you up in the middle of the night.

However, some customers find it somewhat on the expensive side compared to traditional fans. However, they do understand it’s worth it for its advanced technology and energy efficiency. So, this is not exactly a downside for the Dyson AM08 air multiplier.


If you are more tech-savvy, the Dyson AM08 is something you can add to your home. It can be an excellent additional house décor with its sophisticated white color while giving your home the coolness and comfort that you need. The technology that makes it quieter will make sure that you don’t get that unwanted buzzing sound.

It is even more energy-efficient than most stand fans in the market which makes it a great investment if you are doing some energy-saving techniques.

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