Top 17 Best Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers (#9 Is Bizarre!) [Jan-2022]

It has always been imperative to get rid of the weeds from your garden. Although these are similar to other plants in your field, there are cases when it grows in the wrong spot.

One of the top reasons why you should consider looking for earth friendly and natural weed killers is because these species compete with the major plants in your garden.

Weeds normally have a robust root system that outperforms others. They accumulate the water and nutrients that are supposed to be for your cultivated plants.

To eradicate these unwanted plants, you should try using any of these best natural weed killers

17 Best Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

#1 Old-Fashioned Way Always Works (Trust the Experts)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

Weeds are not too difficult to remove. You can begin with the natural killer, which is your pair of hands. According to Teryl Designs’ Teryl Ciarlo, you can simply pull the weeds yourself.

You simply have to carry out the task from under the soil. It is also advised that you wait for the garden bed to soften, most likely after rain.

Do you want to begin the strategy? Prepare the tools you need first.

#2 Boiling Water (Unbelievably Easy and Budget-Friendly)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

If you want to make things much easier without pulling the weeds with your hands, you may consider pouring hot water.

The natural weed killer may be very easy, but it is also efficient. The procedure simply involves boiling up water, which will be poured onto the weeds of your garden.

You may need to repeat the process for a certain period, mainly to target the stubborn weeds. This is most useful if you want to concentrate on weeds that are found in the paths and pavement.

As the water runs off, it will also cool down. This will eliminate your worry if you are preserving the life of your cultivated plants.

Are you interested in trying this solution? Learn more about boiling water first!

#3 Mulching Controls Weed Growth (More Than You Can Imagine)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

This natural weed killer is a method that has been tried and tested. By covering the soil with an organic matter layer, you will not only remove weeds but avoid new ones from growing.

If you prefer to create a useful mulch, you can simply combine straw, wood chips, grass clippings, and compost.

However, you should avoid using hay for this may be composed of seeds that could lead to more weeds. Other sources of mulch components can prevent stubborn weeds from growing in the pathways and pavements.

Do you want to try this technique? Consider learning more tips in mulching.

#4 Newspaper Is More Than a Source of Information (Weed Control as Well)

newspaper for weed control

Instead of disposing of newspapers, you should use them to inhibit the growth of weeds on your lawn. You can utilize this to exterminate the source of sunlight for the weeds.

This is most useful for low-growing weeds, such as crabgrass and clover. While you let the newspaper decompose in the soil, you will also allow it to augment.

You can try this today. If you do not have a newspaper, try an alternative.

#5 Apple Cider Vinegar Goes a Long Way (It Always Does)

apple cider vinegar weed control

Apple cider vinegar has always been trusted to address a lot of health problems. Who would have thought that it would also work as a weed removal? The high level of acidity found in the solution can destroy weeds quickly. You can either utilize a concentrated or diluted form of apple cider vinegar.

In case you select the latter, you simply have to mix one part of water and one part of vinegar. You may need to spray vinegar repeatedly if the weed is more stubborn than expected. Others even recommend the utilization of Castile soap.

You will not find it wastage to use apple cider vinegar. Discover more of its garden uses.

#6 Table Salt Does it Hassle-Free (History Tested This)

best organic weed killer

Table salt for weeds can also be termed sodium chloride. This is an efficient solution if you want to avoid the growth of plants, particularly weeds, on your lawn.

History can prove that soils are often treated with table salt to prevent the growth of plants due to its disruptive effect.

If you use it for weeds, you must ensure that you utilize it directly on the stubborn plants only. To create a mixture out of it, you simply have to mix eight parts of hot water and one part of table salt.

In case you want to make it stronger, you should lessen the amount of water to three parts plus a part of table salt. Do not soak the soil when pouring the solution.

Don’t you know where to douse the table salt? Learn how to find weeds.

#7 Edging for Long-Term Weed Control (Worry No More)

best organic weed killer

Instead of applying natural weed killers every time you find unwanted plants in your garden, try making your solution permanently.

Putting up retaining walls or edgings on your lawns can go a long way. You do not necessarily have to create edges for your garden using cement. If you do not have a budget, try out cardboards and just create a series of them to surround your plants.

Are you looking for alternatives to decking boards? Try out these options.

#8 Baking Soda for an All-Around Solution (Perfect for Budget-Constrained Moms)

environmentally friendly weed killer for lawns

As mentioned earlier, you do not have to spend a lot of money simply to get rid of the stubborn weeds in your garden. One good example is the use of baking soda.

A sufficient amount of it on top of the uncultivated plants can already do the work. In case it does not work once, you may reapply it a few more times. The best periods when you should apply the solution are during either fall or spring.

It is also possible to use it during summer, but the results may likely be slow. Baking soda is one of your best choices since it can be used even in your kitchen.

Are you still doubtful of using baking soda? Find out more about its garden benefits.

#9 Plastic Is Not Always Harmful (Solarizing Weeds Proves it)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

Unexpected as it may seem, but plastic sheets can inhibit the growth of weeds in your garden. The procedure is called solarizing, which involves the use of cumbersome and transparent plastic sheets. 

The black material is less useful than clear plastic in this solution. It must also be noted that the process, as the name suggests, works well with the high sun and hot weather. After covering your weedy garden, you should let the sheet work its magic for up to four to six weeks.

If you want to make this more effective, bring out the seeds of the stubborn plants onto the ground. Before solarizing, you should let it sprout.

Do you want to learn more about solarizing? Check out these tips.

#10 Rubbing Alcohol for Weed Disinfection (Yes, There Is Such Thing)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

If you think rubbing alcohol is only effective in disinfecting your skin, then you are limiting your awareness of the solution’s effectiveness. In actuality, weeds can also be removed by spraying rubbing alcohol onto its leaves.

The purpose of the solution is to accumulate leaves’ moisture, resulting in its disruption. To create an efficient mixture, just combine several tablespoons of the remedy and water.

Do you know that rubbing alcohol has more benefits? Learn more of its surprising applications.

#11 Seasoning Does Not Only Happen in the Kitchen (There Is a Garden Counterpart!)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

There is a mixture of natural weed killers that could serve as seasonings for your weeds. After the application, you can ensure their removal.

The right combination of the solution is a cup of rock or table salt with a gallon of vinegar. The mixture can be sprayed onto your targeted stubborn weeds. Others even suggest the addition of liquid soap for more efficiency.

If you prefer a stronger solution, consider adding citrus-based weed killers.

Are you quite surprised with the use of liquid soap for weeding? Understand more about its effectiveness.

#12 Corn Gluten Meal to Minimize Weed Growth (Before Things Can Become Worse)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

This solution is made by Dr. Nick Christians, Iowa State University horticulturist and agronomist. According to the expert, this is a lawn herbicide that is meant to avoid the enlargement or further growth of the weeds. It promotes the lack of hydration, resulting in the death of the weeds.

Research shows that a great outcome is achieved with the use of corn gluten meal. It is recommended that you use a minimum of 20 pounds for every 1,000 square feet of your garden. It is also clarified that you should utilize this solution during spring before the germination of seeds.

If you want to learn more about the use of corn gluten meal, check out these gardening tips.

#13 Mixing Two Most Trusted Weed Killers (Yes, Lemon Juice and Vinegar)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

You can mix weed killers, instead, to obtain more efficient results. As featured above, both lemon juice and vinegar are adequate remedies to keep weeds away.

To create an effective combination, you simply have to combine a gallon of vinegar and a tablespoon of lemon juice.

By adding the latter, the acidity level of the remedy will increase. Take note that this is core to inhibit the growth of these stubborn plants.

Do you need alternatives for lemon juice? Try out these options.

#14 Dishwashing Soap Deserves Attention as Well (Brand Does Not Matter)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

This is an excellent addition to your weed-killing solution. It contains compounds that could support white vinegar when sprayed onto the leaves of the weeds.

Mainly, it disrupts the white vinegar’s surface tension to let it keep its place in the weeds. As a result, absorption will be more efficient.

It is relatively easy to create a homemade weed killer. You simply need to combine two cups of Epsom salt, one gallon of vinegar, and a quarter cup of dishwashing soap.

Epsom salt may be another surprising addition to the weed killer family, but it works. Learn more about its effects here.

#15 Putting it on Fire Sometimes Is an Option (Things Can Be Easier)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

Some gardeners prefer to make the process easier. You can use a propane torch for this option. As a valuable suggestion, you should at least let the weeds be wet or soggy first.

Before putting the stubborn plants on fire, you should also have a water hose nearby. If you only have a small area to tend, you can settle with torch-ending cans.

Alternatively, if you need alternatives to propane tanks, you may use barbecue tanks. You do not need to put a plant into the fire too long. A brief swiping would do.

Are you interested in using this solution? Learn more tips on its execution.

#16 Steam for Larger Areas (and Those Who Hate Flames)

Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

This is an alternative if you do not find it feasible to use flames for weeds. There are cheap machines for sale or rent that can control weed growth. This method is ideal to use in driveways, yards, and extensive gardens.

Many have tested it even for woody weeds. If you want to protect other plants, cover it with bottles or cans while using the steam.

Are you planning to try out this solution? Take note of these general safety tips first.

#17 Cheap Oils for Weed Suffocation (Unpleasantly Stern but Effective)


Earth Friendly and Natural Weed Killers

You can also use oils to dehydrate weeds. Herbicides contain compounds that remove the moisture out of the leaves’ surface.

However, you should not use oils, such as diesel or gasoline, for these contain toxic materials. Instead, settle with vegetable oils that are capable of decomposing.

Are you considering this solution? Learn more tips on using oils for gardening.