41 Most Loved and Easy to Grow House Plants (#25 Will Interest You!)[Jan-2022]

House plants are apparently one of the most accessible means of enhancing the aesthetics of your home.

Adding flowers or foliage to your home will not only make it look pleasing but environmentally friendly as well.

You do not have to worry about the maintenance of these plants for these are naturally durable.

Nonetheless, you must make a careful selection before purchasing one or two. There are also cases that you may need to match the house plants on your modern interior and exterior setup.

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To provide you some helpful options, here are the following recommended Grow House Plants:

Norfolk Island Pine: Provide Your Room a Cozy Feel

Grow House Plants

This houseplant requires sufficient moisture level and lighting. Typically, when the air is too dry, the spider mites target this home plant.

Alternatively, falling off or browning of lower branches take place under low light. According to Pennington, the plant can sustain its beauty for 12 months straight.

Aloe Vera Plant: All-Around House Plant

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This is among the house plants that are very easy to take care and grow. Normally, Aloe Vera has to be provided with ample sunlight.

You only need to water every seven days. Aloe is among the houseplants that cleanse indoor air. It is a smart choice if you want to put a life to your kitchen usually touched by sunlight.

Are you interested in having this house plant? Learn the steps on how to take care of Aloe Vera now.

Peperomia: Small but Popular House Plant


You will find this house plant in almost every abode you will visit. It is known for its varieties, such as silver leaf, watermelon, ripper, and baby rubber peperomia among others. Costa Farms reveal that it is one of the easiest plants to grow at home.

Do you want to put it in your living room? Get the basics of planting the Peperomia.

Asparagus Fern: Eclectic Trend for Your Patio

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This is a fascinating plant that requires indirect light but plenty of water. You simply have to remember not to over saturate its soil. Displaying it is best when hung. Nonetheless, there are more ideas of putting it at home.

You can begin setting up the Asparagus Fern by learning how to grow it first.

English Ivy: Air Filtering Made Easy

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You do not need to purchase an air filtering machine when your home plant can do the task. English Ivy is an excellent example of this.

It can collect formaldehyde, which is a compound that has a possible connection with cancer. Furthermore, exposure to it may cause nausea, burning eye sensation, and skin irritation among others.

Start growing English Ivy the easy way today!

Geranium: A Great Scent Never Fails


Many homeowners prefer plants that smell nice to make their houses more pleasing for guests. Geranium is one of the ideal houseplant options that can do the job.

It can be placed on the windowsill or counter. There are even geraniums with a rose-like fragrance.

Growing scented geraniums at home are easy. Learn the steps now!

Air Plant: Distinctively Interesting Choice to Grow


This plant is known for its unique requirement of care. Nonetheless, once you have learned on how to tend to it, you will realize that it is among the most flexible home plants you can find. There are more interesting facts about this species apart from its dependence to air.

Snake Plant: Empty Spots No More

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You can fill in an empty spot in a hallway or room with this plant. This does not require much care, especially now that it can live with indirect light. You also have to water it lightly. This is also a recommended plant to sustain good air quality.

Begin improving your interior by growing your snake plant.

Fiddle Leaf Fig: Impressive Focal Point for Your Room


Simplicity is always the key to making your room lively yet not overly decorated. Fiddle leaf fig is an excellent choice of a home plant.

It only requires an indirect sunlight. You can make the plant healthy by avoiding making mistakes for its maintenance.

Growing the fiddle leaf fig is easy.

Dieffenbachia: Good Camper at the House


Plants also camp, which may sound unlikely, but they also need further protection from extreme sunlight. Dieffenbachia is a good example of it.

It requires filtered light, which may be achieved by putting it behind a thin curtain by the window.

If you want to try this beauty, try growing it today.

Staghorn Fern: Ideal Plant for Your Wall


It is not all about the wallpapers or frames that will provide accent to your wall. You can also rely on plants, such as the Staghorn Fern to improve the appearance of your home.

This plant also requires little maintenance. You simply have to expose Staghorn fern to a low to average level of lighting.

You can learn how to care for the Staghorn Fern by simply following simple steps.

Chinese Evergreen:  Brighten Your Home’s Low-Light Rooms


There are places at your house that would likely have lower lighting compared to other areas. This may be unattractive for guests, especially if you have designs to show in that particular space.

Costa Farms reveal that this plant is also among the easiest to grow given that it can tolerate any indoor condition.

Peace Lily: Ideal for a Millenial Planter


If you are more interested in plants that modern people today prefer, this is a species to consider. Similar to other plants above, it just requires medium to low level of lighting.

You also need to just water the top of its soil. The peace lily plant may flower or not, but can still be healthy.

You can start growing this at home.

Rubber Tree: Toxin Eliminator Can Be Everywhere


The rubber tree home plant is just one of the powerful toxin eliminators around. It is true that it can remove volatile organic compounds from your indoor air, causing colds, flu, and allergies.

Though highly potent, rubber tree is also easy to grow. It can survive even in cold climates and low lighting.

Try growing rubber tree at home and see the air difference.

 Bamboo Palm: Always Lovable Choice of House Plant


There is no denying that bamboo palm is one of the loveliest options for your home. Though typically simple, it is also an air-purifying plant. It can reduce the presence of trichloroethylene from your indoor air. You only need to supply it with indirect sunlight and ample water supply.

Do you like this plant? You can learn how to grow it today.

 African Violets: Never Fail in Beauty


Purple house plants are among the most appealing choices for your home. African violets are great if you want to put blossoms in your interior throughout the year.

It is available in varieties to choose from, which range from white-edged to ruffled ones.

Love at first sight? Grow African Violets at home now.

Philodendron: Heart-Shaped Plants Have Always Been Decorative


The Philodendron is a house plant that will never go wrong in adding beauty to your room. It is attractive, easy to grow, and effective in removing toxins from indoor air. Mainly, it targets xylene. When properly maintained, it can last for years.

Are you amused with this plant? Grow philodendron today.

 Spider Plant: Typical But Effective Pollutant Fighter


If you want to get rid of the pollutants at home, the spider plant is a home plant to go. It can eliminate xylene, benzene, carbon monoxide, and formaldehyde from indoor air. There is no wonder why it is part of the NASA list of the top air-purifying plants.

Begin improving your indoor air quality. Learn growing spider plants now!

Tropical Hibiscus: Providing Your Home Tropical Touch


Summer time has always been one of the most favorite seasons of the year. You do not have to wait for its period when you can put a touch of tropics with tropical hibiscus at home. This is an upright plant that is irresistible and striking due to its color-changing feature.

Do you want to try adding it to your place? Begin growing this plant today.

Calathea: Quite a Show Home Plant


You can put the calathea plant anywhere at home, and you will never fail to impress your guests.

It may appear typical, but its leaves in green, purple, red, and pink color say it all. There are various benefits of planting calathea at home, making it more attractive.

For an impressive display at home, try growing calathea today.

Pothos: Leafy and Groovy in One Plant


There is no denying that homeowners still consider green plants as great choices for their interior.

This may be due to the beautiful structure of the species that does not exaggerate the idea of adding plants at home. Apart from its easy care requirements, there are more reasons to love pothos.

Are you considering this house plant? Learn to grow it now.

Dracaena: Adorable Corn Stalk Wannabe


You will love this plant, especially due to its variegated leaves. It may look like a corn plant, but it is lovely in a way that the green and yellow striped leaves complement the appearance.  This is also among the houseplants that cleanse indoor air.

Want to grow the dracaena house plant? Start learning today.

 Bromeliad: House Plant for Life


You may want to try out this plant if you are looking into one that lasts for a long time. Similar to the pineapple, its side shoots or pups appear whenever its entirety has to be replaced. You may place it at a room temperature of approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Make this unique plant your own. Start growing it today!

 Flowering Maple: Crepe-Paper-Like Blossoms for a Corner


Creating a focal point is easy when you have attractive house plants to consider. Flowering maple is an excellent example.

It is known to be shrubby, but it has an intriguing dangle that may be in orange, red, yellow, or pink color. Similar to its tree counterpart, it grows fast. This is the reason why it is regularly in bloom.

Want a maple tree-like plant at home? Try growing it today.

A string of Pearls Plant: Hanging Display at Its Best


Hanging displays can never be boring with the right choice of a house plant. A string of pearls is a good example that only requires ample water supply and indirect lighting.

When hanging, it can interestingly cascade over the sides of your pot or bowl. Though considered hazardous due to its toxicity, hanging is the best way of keeping the plant from your loved ones and pets.

Interested in this pretty succulent? Grow it today!

Cast-Iron Plant: Sturdy yet a Stunner


You will find this plant to be very tough given that it could survive even on poor quality soil and a variety of temperatures. This is an excellent choice if you do not prefer a houseplant that requires tending often.

Like this healthy house plant? Study how it is grown today.

Chinese Money Plant: Lucky Will Always Be Impressive


This houseplant is known to bring luck when it comes to finances, according to belief. Even so, you may also consider this home plant if you want to create a dramatic impression at home. It is very simple, yet known to complement any room.

Are you interested in the power of the Chinese money plant? Learn its growing requirements.

Oxalis: A Great St. Patrick’s Day Gift Idea


You will find this to be another lovely purple home plant. Oxalis has clover-like and triangle-shaped leaves. These leaves are also touched by white or pink flowers.

You will love this plant due to its beauty and not-too-difficult planting requirements. It also has varieties to choose from.

Looking to have this plant at home? Here are ways of growing it.

Paddle Plant: Edgy Décor for a Minimalist House


Not all plants have to be boring, which is proven by the paddle plants. This is a variety that requires partial or full sunlight. The most striking feature of this plant is its unique shape.

You can add it almost anywhere and anticipate an exclusive touch. Interestingly, this house plant also blooms.

You can grow the paddle plant today. Follow the instructions here.

Jade Plant: Easygoing South African Variety


You will find this plant very easy to maintain. With the help of its green leaves, it is capable of sustaining water.

When not getting enough water, you will notice that it does not grow. Moreover, when growing this lovely plant, always monitor the vulnerable and shallow roots.

Do you want this succulent? Grow one today!

Jasmine: Add a Touch of Fragrance in Your Room


Lovely scents from house plants are great solutions if you want to enhance your indoor air quality, especially when guests are coming.

Jasmine is a considerable option given that it is not only fragrant but also easy to grow. You will also find a lot of its varieties. It only necessitates bright to vivid lighting.

Are you interested in these blooms? Learn growing jasmine today.

Zeezee Plant: Another Long-Living Plant


The ZZ plant is another choice if you are looking for a house plant that can exist for a long time. It can resist poor maintenance and low lighting.

The leafstalks of the zee zee plant are tough that you might think that it is artificial. These may be the reasons why it is part of the hard-to-kill plants. For some weeks, its stems can still look healthy regardless of insufficient water.

Looking to have one at home? Get facts on growing zee zee plant first.

 Kalanchoe: Bell-Shape Flowers for Dry Weather


It is necessary to find a plant that will suit your weather. Fortunately, even if your place is known for a dry climate, kalanchoe can serve the part of a house plant.

This is succulent with bell-shaped blossoms and interesting characteristics. It can work regardless of changes in temperature. Furthermore, it also lives in winter even at 45 degrees Fahrenheit.

Are you considering this plant for your home? Try growing it today!

Ponytail Palm: Another Water-Retaining Plant Survivor


This is also termed as Beaucarnea recurvata. The plant may extend long, but it is a slowly growing species. It is necessary not to water it too much for it can sustain the resource for long.

Though one of the best houseplants, it is a considerably cheap variety. Compared to other plants, it is native to desert regions.

Were you stunned by the plant’s simplicity? Learn how to grow ponytail palm!

Cactus: Cuties Are Always No Fuss


This plant is probably one of the best options you got that require little to no maintenance at all. There are cases that watering may be done less frequently if you are busier than ever.

It just requires a place where there is no direct lighting. From old style to contemporary houses, it will blend in with a range of furnishings.

Are you considering this plant for your library? Learn how it is grown!

Arrowhead Vine: Common but Top Pick for Decoration


You will find this plant to be standard by appearance, but it is a very likely choice. Its leaves are not entirely green, but also touched by pink hues.

You may also find white markings in other areas. It can survive even in the low level of lighting. Choose from its variety to put life in any area of your home.

Do you want to add this in your home? Get the growing steps here.

Weeping Fig: Low Maintenance Vignette of Joy


This plant is part of the family of fig trees. In contrary to its name, this plant can add life and happiness to your home.

You only need a small space for it, and your place will have the spirit it deserves. It only requires indirect natural light and watering at long intervals.

What is unique about this plant is that you have to turn it often to prevent the leaves from growing too much at a particular angle.

Are you interested in having this plant? Learn how to grow it indoors.

Lucky Bamboo: Greener Home for Low-Light Areas


Low-light places in your apartment can be lively by adding plants, such as the lucky bamboo. This uniquely structured species is ideal for adding a green touch to darker rooms.

It can survive in dim conditions. If you are also interested in feng shui plants, this is certainly a choice.

This is among the plants that grow in water, and you simply have to change its resource every 14 to 28 days.

Do you want to get lucky? Improve your apartment’s harmony by adding this plant to your home.

Phalaenopsis Orchid: Beauty From Tropical Asia


This amazing plant can survive even in low-light conditions. Although it is usually found in tropical areas, it also has higher chances of surviving in humid places.

It is a common choice for many compared to other hard-to-kill home plants for it produces very attractive blossoms.

Are you looking forward to growing this plant? Learn how today.

Begonia: Too Lovely for a Showy Plant


If you are a fan of plants that produce big chunks of flowers, begonia is a good choice. It does not even require too much water, even when the cold weather starts.

Many garden owners prefer this house plant for it also comes in a wide array of varieties.

You can also grow it as early as today. Simply follow the steps here.

Crown of Thorns: Not Your Average Water Hater


It is a house plant that does not require ample amounts of water. Moreover, it is not a picky plant at all even if it is known to have pretty red flowers for 12 years straight. Nonetheless, be careful because its sap and thorns are poisonous.

Are you considering having this plant for your patio? Learn how to grow crown of thorns today.

Considering Your Personal Preference

With the list of the recommended house plants, there is no denying that you can easily improve the interior design of your house.

You do not have to spend a lot just to add furnishings and carry out renovations. It is sufficient to add touches of plants, which can even provide the perks of having better air quality.

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