21 Popular Easy-to-Digest Foods for Healthy Gut (#11 Is Tasty!) [Jan-2022]

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Digestive stress is one of the common health issues encountered today. Apparently, with the upsurge of processed foods, people tend to become more vulnerable to poor meal plan.

Apart from choosing the right staples to consume, you should also select foods that will not harm your digestive system.

Easy to digest foods are the best options since these are easily broken down minus the overstimulation and stomach lining irritation.

If you still find it difficult to select easy-to-convert foods, you should consider the following as options:

21 Popular Easy-to-Digest Foods for Healthy Gut

#1 Rice: the Well-Loved Staple of Asian People (There’s no Denying it)

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Although the concentration of Asian diet is to promote wellbeing, you will notice that rice is always a supplement to meals.

The amazing thing is most Asians remain slim despite consuming a lot of the carbohydrates in every meal.

According to Asian Paradox, rice has many purposes for meals. It is served as a main course or side dish.

If you will select between white and brown rice, it is ideal to stick with the former given that it is composed of the simplest carbohydrates. This implies that it will be gentle on your gut.

Do you want to learn more about rice? Check out its many varieties.

#2 Bananas Will Always Be a Recommended Food (Regardless of the Purpose)

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By just consuming the food, you will realize that it is incredibly easy to digest. What could you expect if it will go through your digestive system? The fruit has tons of benefits that begin with its high fiber content and potassium.

Take note that bananas also deliver 17 percent of your everyday vitamin C requirement. Eating it as early as now can already augment your digestion.

#3 Gelatins for Gentle Digestion (No Wonder it Is Doctor-Recommended)

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You will observe that doctors will often suggest you eat gelatin when you are sick. This is because it is gentle for digestion.

Take note that it also has a variety of health benefits to offer when consumed regularly. This food is free of oils, fats, and carbohydrates. It will just fill in your stomach and avoid irritation of its lining.

#4 Salmon for Omega-3’s (Bake it for Better Consumption)


There is no doubt that salmon is one of the best staples you should add to your diet considering its full benefits for the health.

It contains fewer amounts of cholesterol and fat. Besides omega-3 fatty acids, it is also rich in protein.

One ideal salmon type you should consider is Wild Alaskan. This variety is not only beneficial for the digestion but also for fighting inflammation. It is more considerable than farm-raised options.

To prepare delectable salmon meals, try out these recipes.

#5 Buttered Toasts for Breakfast (It Can Never Go Wrong)

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You have probably started countless mornings with a buttered toast and bowl of fruits. It is true that buttered toasts are a good option for a sensitive digestive system.

With butter on the bread, the food will be easier to digest. Furthermore, toast is similar to rice that contains simple carbohydrates. If you want to support your stomach health even more, always consider low-fat butter.

Are you looking into changing your morning meal? Learn more buttered toast ideas.

#7 Zucchini for Healthy Digestion and Detoxification (Small but Terrible Veggie)

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If you are looking for a vegetable that will keep your digestion working smoothly, zucchini is an ideal choice. It does not only avoid satiety but encourages hydration as well.

The detoxification effect of this vegetable is due to its high fiber content, enabling it to cleanse your gut. Additionally, it also serves as a laxative, avoiding the settlement of carcinogens in your colon.

It is best to eat raw zucchini. However, you may also try these recipes.

#8 Chicken Breast for Lean Beef Alternative (Better Than Lean Turkey, too)

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This food will provide you an easy-to-digest food plus the benefits of high protein levels. If you prepare meals out of it, you should not fry it.

Otherwise, there will be stress on your digestion due to the oil of the meat. Instead, you should settle with grilling, baking, and boiling. If you are also trying to lose weight, this is a fat-burning powerhouse that could help.

Never underestimate its nutritional value for it is abundant in vitamin B12, riboflavin, vitamin B6, pantothenic acid, thiamine, and niacin.

#9 Eggs Daily Do More Than Better Digestion (Always a Basic Protein Source)

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Many thought that consuming eggs every day is dangerous. However, further studies found out that the food is indeed beneficial for daily consumption. Its soft texture and simple preparation make it more dependable for an on-the-rush diet.

If you prepare the food for digestion, you should hard boil or scramble it. Frying with oil is also not recommended in this case.

There should be no worries in making the food more enjoyable.

#10 Yogurts as Your Forever Gut-Friendly Food (Good Bacteria Always Wins)

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Yogurt is an excellent choice for any purpose there is. If you want to lose weight, this is a good option especially that it is a healthy diet support.

Sustaining a healthy digestive system is also manageable with yogurt for it has acidophilus – a good bacteria that eliminate stomach and other problems.

Similar to other easy-to-digest staples, this can be prepared in many ways without cooking.

Are you planning to be fit? Check out these smart yogurt recipes.

#11 Peanut Butter for Sensitive Gut (Everyone Loves it)

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Who would not want to consider this as an easy-to-digest food now that everyone incredibly loves it? Apart from its taste, you will not be able to deny its abundance in sports nutrients. Adding it to a slice of toasted bread can already complete your day.

You can even select from its preparations, which can be smooth, creamy, or chunky. Choose one, and your digestion is good to function again.

Peanut butter is not only a filling, but it could also work in many ways.

#12 Saltine Crackers Without the Salt (Makes No Sense but Very Gut-Friendly)

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You will love these saltine crackers given that these are not filled with salt as its name suggests. If you want to fill up your stomach for the day quickly, this is a good food choice.

It is good for your health. Among its notable contents is potassium. Since it has essential carbohydrates, you do not have to worry about its digestive system effects.

If you do not want to stick with the regular crackers, create a more satisfying dish.

#13 Apple Made Easy-to-Digest Food (Apple Sauce in Short)

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Apple is one of the fibrous fruits you could find. It is also among the staples that will not be under the easy-to-digest category. Nonetheless, when converted to a sauce, it will be gentle to your stomach.

There are also significant health perks when the sauce is consumed. Specifically, its digestion benefits include healthier bowel movements, intestinal transmission, and constipation treatment.

Do you want to try this sauce today? Consider these preparation ideas.

#14 Sauerkraut: Another Good Bacteria Source (Start Loving Fermented Foods now)

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Digestive problems can be addressed naturally with good bacteria, such as the ones found in sauerkraut. The fermented cabbage is one of the easy-to-digest staples.

Although there are people who do not prefer choosing this food first for digestion, research shows that it is worth the attention.

You will find that the bacteria found in sauerkraut can settle in your intestinal walls longer than usual. Though others may leave your gut, these surely promote anti-inflammation effects.

You can make your sauerkraut consumption less bland.

#15 Oatmeal for a Quick Breakfast (Never Got Out of the List)

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Oatmeal will always be considered a part of a healthy breakfast due to its fibrous content. Many weight loss watchers would consume this meal for it keeps you feel satisfied for a long time. There will be no issues with your digestion as well.

To make it more filling, you may try adding fruits to it for extra flavor. You do not have to worry about nutrients for it is rich in folate, manganese, vitamin B1, phosphorus, pantothenic acid, and copper.

Do you want to change the standard? Make oatmeal snacks instead.

#16 Turkey as Chicken Breast Alternative (Similarly Easy to Digest)

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Turkey is known as one of the healthiest meat options on the market. Similar to chicken breast, it is easy to consume.

You will also love this food if you are following a low-fat diet. Simply imagine having a gram of fat for every ounce of it. Besides better digestion, you will also benefit from stronger immunity and lower cholesterol levels.

The nutrient-rich meat can be prepared in many ways.

#17 Kimchi: Try the Korean’s Best Fermented Meal (It Is Not Just Popular)

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When you hear the word kimchi, you will instantly think of Korean food. There is no doubt about this since it is somehow served as the national fermented staple in the country. This can be considered similar to the sauerkraut in a way. I

t will not just enhance your digestion but also cleanse your palate. Far from expectation, it has different, surprising advantages, such as being a powerhouse of nutrients.

#18 Crab Meat: Prized Meal for Softness (Do Not Forget its Delicate Taste)

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This meat has been part of a variety of recipes all over the world. It became known not only due to its digestive system-friendly texture but also for its unique taste.

If you could cook recently captured crabs, you should do so for freshness factor. Apart from preparing live crab by boiling, there are also other suggestions to enjoy a fresh-cooked crab’s meal.

#19 Oysters Will Always Be a Protein Source (and an Ally of Digestive System)

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You may not be a fan of oysters, but it is one of the best sources of easy-to-digest protein. Take note that it is not suggested for consumption of hypertensive patients.

The food is rich in sodium. Nonetheless, it is good for the stomach since it could avoid gastric ulcer, which is a common phenomenon resulting from poor digestion.

#20 Soya Bean for Added Fitness Support (Vegetarians Love it)

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Soya bean is one of the nutritious foods that will not only prevent indigestion but also keep your metabolism going.

Apart from consuming it in solid form, it is also obtainable in drink alternatives. Believe it or not, it is also a provider of dietary fiber at highest amount. This versatile food is also rich in surprising history, making it more attractive.

If you want to have it as a homemade beverage, consider these tips.

#21 Ghee for Your Butter Alternative (It Never Turns Rancid)

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You can consider this as a more basic butter form. Ghee is a result of removing lactose, sugar, and milk fats from butter.

Even if you store it at room temperature, it will not turn stale. The flavor and freshness of the food can be preserved for up to 12 months. Ghee encourages the release of stomach acids to digest food.

Are you interested in adding it to your meal? Find out some ideas here.

Choose According to Your Preference

With a lot of options above to enhance your digestion, you will no longer worry about stomach discomfort.

Besides, you will find out that the foods above are considerable for they are proven rich in nutrients. You will not only experience proper digestion or metabolism but also benefit for your overall wellbeing. Simply practice moderation to sustain a healthy diet.