Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Cables Review

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables come from professional series of heavy-duty jumper cables, which you could use to any type of vehicle. It is compatible for SUVs, trucks, and vans, among others. The cables are made for easy identification through its red and black color clamps, which are coated with PVC for further durability.

The cables are made to avoid tangles, giving it improved flexibility even at negative 40-degree Celsius condition. The aluminum-clad heavy-duty copper cable has a length of 16 feet ideal for all weather use.

Copper Clad Aluminum

The jumper battery cables from Energizer are among the reasons why the product is highly sought by consumers. Apparently, this type of wiring reduces the cost and weight of the item itself compared to pure copper wire, which has been customarily used.

Basically, a copper clad aluminum is made up of copper thin layer, which is placed over an aluminum core. To be specific, the copper material takes 10 percent of the cumulative volume of the wire. It is also usually utilized in high-quality coils where weight is crucial, similar in the case of mobile coils. Furthermore, this type of wire is also employed in overhead coaxial cable for high-frequency television signals. Relatively, copper clad aluminum substitutes as a structure grounding conductor.

There are various advantages associated with the use of the said type of cable apart from the decreased cost and weight. According to experts, the wire has higher tensile strength, conductivity, flexibility, and soldering feature compared with an aluminum wire. Despite its higher-performing features, it also grants resistance from corrosion and equal signal frequency.

Copper clad aluminum is best used for high-frequency applications though it is composed of 90 percent aluminum. It still equals a solid copper’s electrical properties.

PVC Coating

The PVC coating of insulated clamps attached to the cables also provides the product higher quality and better performance. Primarily, this does not conduct electricity, which is simply ideal for insulating cables and wires. It also enables the cables to work at a longer life span. Additionally, you do not have to worry about the safety of the product since it is totally safe. PVC has been consistently researched and studied, ensuring that it complies to safety and health requirements globally.

The material is free from toxic materials and has fewer to zero effects to the environment compared to its counterparts. Despite the fact that it will ignite due to fire exposure, it could take away the fire by itself. It will not continue burning for it generates small amount of heat and too robust to combust. Even if it is inflamed, it could significantly reduce the spread of fire.

In terms of price, it is also very low cost, making it a great deal for manufacturers. Furthermore, it is easily obtainable as a raw material for it has various sources. Even the maintenance of the material is very low since it does not have to be repaired or replaced repeatedly.

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables Features and Specifications

The jumper battery cables are made for vehicles for a good jumpstart. It is a 16-foot booster that has four gauges. You may utilize it for both side and top post batteries. It is also has 400 Amp heavy-duty injection clamps. The dimensions of the product are 10 inches by 3.2 inches by 9.8 inches. Its cumulative weight is 4.5 pounds.

Given are more of its top features:

  • Quick Startup – Upon hooking the cables onto your battery, you would be able to power up your vehicle immediately.
  • Sturdy Material – You could ensure that these cables would last longer since they are not similar to cheap plastic material.
  • Plenty of Distance – Establishing a great startup that is safe could be done with the cables since it could give you chance to position away from your engine during use given its 16-foot length.
  • Lots of Grip – The clamps of the cables have stronger grip, which ensure that it would not move regardless of the location you choose to attach it on.
  • Longer Life Span – The jumper cables could last longer, giving you a better investment choice.
  • Multiple Uses – The cables could be used for any job possible since it has sufficient length and robust qualities, releasing you from worries about intermittent use.

Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 7.4 out of 10.

The product received mostly positive feedbacks from its existing users and buyers. The reviews highlighted how fast the cables work in powering up their engines. In addition, it ensures high-quality connection without the sloppiness. Furthermore, the customers commended how well built the cables are.

Things to Improve

The displeased clients complained the poor quality of cable clamps since they encountered broken handles in just a single use. Nonetheless, the overall performance of the jumper cable should have been perfect.


Given most consumers have been satisfied with the product and it lives by its guarantees, Energizer 4-Gauge Jumper Battery Cables could be a must-buy and recommendable item.

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