Killer Exercises for Belly Fat (#4 Will Give You Amazing Abs) [Jan-2022]

Are you finding it difficult to get rid of your love handles or achieving that abs? You might be getting your exercise incorrectly.

Belly fat is one of the reasons why most people do not get enough sleep. Sounded weird but this is somewhat accurate because having flat stomach gives people the edge for a better figure.

There are ways of improving your exercise routine, particularly by carrying out the recommended exercises for belly fat.

To help you find out the exercises that will keep your belly fat away, you may consider the following as part of your daily activities (do not worry for these are easy):

1) Crunches: Nothing Beats the Original

You will find this exercise as one of the commonly performed routines to get rid of belly fat. There is one reason for this – it works.

It eliminates the unlikely deposits of fats on your stomach faster. Furthermore, it also helps in the development of your abs. It is pretty simple to carry out and consider safer for the back in comparison to sit-ups.

To begin the exercise, you simply have to start with a lying down on your back position. You need to put both of your feet on the ground with your bent knees.

On the other hand, you may also lift your legs from the floor following an angle of 90 degrees.

Next, you have to put your hands on the back of your head. Alternatively, you may place your hands while being crossed in your breast area.

Breathing makes a big difference when performing crunches to be more energized. You have to breathe in deeply as you bring up your upper body off from the floor.

Then, you have to breathe out. Next, you have to breathe in again as you bring back your body from the starting position. Lastly, you have to exhale as your come up.

You need to perform the exercise ten times when you’re a beginner and particularly have to repeat three sets at the maximum.

2) Alligator Drag: Uniquely Effective for Core and Stabilization

You can rely on this exercise if you want to get rid of extra calories from your body through additional movements of your routine.

According to Dr. Mercola’s excerpt, research shows that movement is crucial in losing calories.

Apart from aiming to get rid of your belly fat, the exercise also utilizes strength, cardio, and stability training. It does provide results fast.

You can perform it on a floor. Find a space where you can traverse up to 20 yards at the maximum.

It is also crucial that you can get any object that will slide over the ground with reduced friction. For instance, towels may be useful on tile flooring.

The exercise begins with the push-up position with your feet on the object that could glide over the floor.

Drag yourself forward with your hands placed at the runway’s end. It is best to begin aiming for ten years.

Afterward, you can rest for around one and a half minutes. Repeat the activity backward to complete the set and perform another.

3) Rolling Plank Exercise: Move More Than Your Core

It is indeed ideal to work your abs and get rid of belly fat while gaining other benefits. Under this exercise, you will be able to train the muscles found in your lower back and hips.

Performing the exercise is also easy to learn. You just have to position, to begin with, your elbows and knees on the floor.

Ensure that your spine and neck are aligned correctly. Look at your front. Next, you have to bring up your knees and let your toes support your legs.

While sustaining normal breathing, you have to contract your knees. The art of breathing while exercising may sound simple, but more complicated so you have to learn it properly.

You now achieved the plank pose. Maintaining this position for half a minute is ideal. The next half-minute, you have to move from one direction to another to perform the plank exercise.

First, you have to lie down on the ground in an oblique direction. Your right leg and elbow will support your body.

On the other hand, your shoulder will be perpendicular to your elbow. Your legs will be kept together where the left is on the right.

You need to sustain the vertical positioning of your knees without your hips even touching the floor.

Maintain this position for half a minute. Once you felt the comfort level, you may continue this for another minute or two.

This will be repeated on the other side. Getting more comfortable allows you to exercise more, increasing your results.

4) Bridge Opposite Arm-Leg Reach:  Not so Complicated Fat Eliminator

This is an exercise that is suggested by Jessica Smith, a fitness teacher and professional. It targets your waistline and gets rid of the flab as soon as possible.

This is a considerable exercise if you want to avoid the dangers of keeping love handles present for a long time.

Performing the exercise begins with lying on your back while your left knee is angled. The sole of your left foot must be on the ground.

Alternatively, you must extend your right leg upwards. While using your left arm, you must reach upwards while you are maintaining your right arm on your side. You need to open your left arm to the left with your right foot upward and vice versa.

You must perform these without your shoulders or hips moving. Now that you will focus on your core, you need to bring back your left arm and right left to the center.

You must perform ten repetitions before switching sides. Repeat the routine. Repetitions are necessary to perk up your cardiovascular health.

5) The Stomach Vacuum: A Focus on Breathing for the Core

Even low impact exercises are efficient to target your core or abdomen. The stomach vacuum is an excellent example of this. If other exercises focus on your cardiovascular health, this will target your breathing.

You will find this exercise almost similar to the cat stretch pose. You need to be on the ground on your hands and knees touching the surface.

These areas will support your whole body. Next, you have to breathe in deeply. Then, you have to loosen your stomach. Contractions are means of improving your muscle tone.

As you breathe out, you need to contract your core. You have to maintain this for up to half a minute at the maximum. You have to repeat the process after completing the steps.

In case you are looking for an alternative, you may try out the elevator abs. This is an option that requires the use of a chair.

As the name suggests, you have to imagine that your stomach is the elevator that traverses upwards.

First, you have to breathe in deeply through your nose and think as if you’re on the first floor. Next, you have to exhale via mouth while pushing your gut to your spine.

This will act as if your elevator is going to the fifth floor. Every time you exhale, you have to contract your stomach muscles.

You will do this while breathing out five more times quickly. You have to perform the activity in five more repetitions.

6) Low-Belly Leg Reach: Toning Your Abs Without Crunches

You can rely on this exercise if you want to improve your stomach muscles without performing crunches.

It concentrates on your six-pack and corset. The latter refers to the muscles that surround the abdominal structure. This can be found from the rib cage to the pelvis. You can try doing the corset exercise.

Performing this exercise begins with you lying on the floor while facing up. You have to bend your knees at 90 degrees. Put your hands on the back of your head. It is also necessary to contract yours.

You also have to maintain the stacking of your knees on your hips. Simultaneously, you have to crunch up while lifting your shoulders.

You must breathe in and keep this position for up to five seconds at the maximum. Afterward, you have to extend your legs at 45 degrees while breathing out.

While condensing your gut, you have to keep the position for up to five seconds at the maximum.

You need to perform 10 to 15 repetitions of it in every set of two. This may be your choice of routine given that even celebrities have reaped benefits from it. It includes Kelly Rowland, who has been known for her killer abs.

7) Teaser: Advanced That Deserves a Try

This is considered part of the Pilates program and requires advanced steps when being carried out. You must perform this exercise if you want to develop a set of abs while also gaining coordination, balance, and strength at the same time. Trainers consider this a hardcore routine.

For a brief review, Pilates is known as one of the most trusted exercise programs available today. Usually, the routines included in its program must be performed in sequence.

The stances may appear simple at first, but you have to practice both control and accuracy when performing them. As defined by WebMD, Pilates is a non-aerobic exercise that helps you gain more toned muscles.

You need to start with your knees angled at 90 degrees. It is also necessary to also keep both of your feet raised.

As you breathe in, you need to contract your abs. At the same time, you have to raise both your arms and place it behind your head. Next, you have to breathe out and move your arms forward.

To create a V-shaped form, you need to extend your legs while performing the previous steps. If you require support, you may position your hands on the ground.

You need to roll down gradually. This will be carried out while you put your arms above your head while bending your knees. Perform this routine for 15 repetitions.

Once you have mastered the Pilates exercise, you will not just exercise your abdomen but strengthen your entire body.

8) Captain’s Chair: Keeping Ab Workout Simpler Than Ever

You will find this exercise considerable since it is among the many that require just the use of a chair or bench.

This provides extra support while performing the routine. According to the American Council on Exercise, the standard Captain’s Chair is among the most practical exercises for the abs.

To carry out the exercise, you need to sit on your chair while sustaining the relaxation of your shoulders and straightened position of your spine.

Your hands must be placed beside you with your palms found at your hips. These must be facing downwards.

Next, you have to breathe in deeply. Afterward, you need to raise your legs, making your knees at proximity to your chest as you breathe out.

While performing the steps, you must prevent arching your back and bending forward. Then, you have to put your legs downwards gradually before repeating the steps.

There are also variations for this exercise, such as the lying leg raise. This is mainly a lower ab workout the experts approve. If you want to get your hip flexor and lower abs worked out, this is the best option to do the task.

Instead of hanging, you can carry out the routine on the floor or while using a bench. When done properly, you will be able to reap the hanging leg raise’s benefits without the utilization of a bar.

If you want to increase your range of motion, you must allow your legs to hang off the bench’s edge.

While your palms are facing down, you need to put your hands below your glutes. For added resistance, you may use a dumbbell to be positioned between your feet.

When performing this exercise, there are also precautions, such as preventing it when you have back or neck problems.

9) The Side Crunch: Teasing Your Oblique Muscles and Balance

This is an exercise that you should consider if you want to create a variation for the popular crunches.

It is deemed to be a difficult move but known to work your oblique muscles efficiently. You can also rely on it if you want to test your balance. Furthermore, it was reported to be effective in toning your hip muscles as well.

To perform the exercise, you primarily have to kneel on the ground. You must position yourself leaning on the right.

While doing so, you need to put your palm on the surface. As you balance your weight, you must straighten your left leg. Simultaneously, you must point your toes.

Then, while directing your elbow upwards, you need to put your left hand on the back of your head. Next, raise your leg at the level of your hips slowly as you raise your arms over your leg.

These must also be done with your face-up palm. Also, you have to bring your rib cage’s left area to your hips while looking out over your hand. Return to your beginning position before repeating the steps from six to eight times.

You have to switch sides after performing six to eight repetitions each set of two. You may not be aware but exercising each side of your body at a time has a variety of benefits. First, you will be able to eliminate muscle imbalances.

Take note that every set of muscles on each portion of your body has to accommodate load separately. Joe Hashey, CSCS, Endwell, New York trainer, stated that the body has to maintain your balance when exercising.

When you successfully control your proprioception and balance, your system will function more cleverly. It will also achieve improved mobility.

10) Donkey Kickbacks: Torching Calories More Quickly

If you are aiming to get rid of more fats on your abdominal area, donkey kickback is an excellent choice. As you work out your core, it will eliminate calories that tend to convert as fat cells when you remain stagnant throughout the day.

The fundamental principle of calories becoming fats is the result of subtracting the amount you burn from the ones that enter your system. In other words, fats are formed to develop when you have excess calories in your body.

There are means of preventing calories from becoming fat, such as by exercising before eating.

Pre-workout training is helpful in developing space to handle calories you will take in. Calories become excess where there is no room for sugar storage in your cells.

Also, you must practice portioning, particularly by eating small meals instead of fewer ones in large amounts.

To perform the exercise, you need to put both your hands and knees on the ground. It is necessary tuck in your toes under while sustaining the neutral position of your back.

You have to contract your abdominal muscles towards your spine. You must also raise your knees a couple of inches from the floor.

Next, you have to position your right knee towards your nose as you keep your gut compressed.

Then, you need to extend your right leg while constricting your behind. As you maintain the constriction of your lower abs, you also need to keep your hips facing to the floor to keep your back from strain. Repetitions should reach up to eight times before switching sides.

In case you experience a backache after the routine, it is best to stop and rest for a while. Peter F. Ullrich, Jr., MD, stated that exercises involving the back help provide nutrients to your soft tissues and disc space when done correctly.

11) Dumbbell Pushup Row: Working Out for a Proper Form

This is an exercise that will help you achieve proper form through targeting three main areas of your body.

These parts are the core, upper back, and chest. It requires dumbbells as the name suggests.

American Council on Exercise supports the use of dumbbells for exercises due to the equipment’s many benefits. It includes intramuscular coordination and muscle growth.

You can perform it by beginning with the push-up position. Take note that the stance must be done with your hex dumbbells held on each of your hands. The distance between your hands must be at least equal to your shoulder width.

Keep your palms facing in a while your feet distant from each other following the hip width. Next, you have to put your body down until your body almost touches the floor.

It is necessary to keep your body in a straight form from heels to your head. Then, you have to bring yourself up.

Next, bring one of the dumbbells near your rib cage. Afterward, put it back on the ground. You have to switch to your other arm afterwards. In every repetition, you must work on your arms alternately.

This exercise was even featured by STACK given it is being done by NFL Running Back Reggie Bush and NBA Forward Kevin Durant.

12) Cable Rotation: Exhaust Your Abs to Get Rid of Fats

This is an exercise that can be done easily given that you have a cable to hold onto. Cable machines have tons of benefits when incorporated in activities. These include strength gains, faster mass development, and reduced exercise duration.

To perform the exercise, you have to be in a standing position while holding the cable with your hands. Place the cable in front of you at the level of your shoulders.

While sustaining the constriction of your abs and the upright position of your arms, you need to move your upper body towards the left.

Then, you have to put it back to the center. Lastly, you have to place it to the right and back to the middle again.

You should perform it up to 10 repetitions in one set. The exercise has a variety of benefits as stated on STACK. You can achieve increased core rotational strength and improved force transfer between your lower and upper body.

13) Swiss-Ball Rollout: Safer Alternative for the Back

From the name itself, it requires the use of Swiss stability ball. As featured by Fit Day, using an exercise ball is one way of improving the balance and tone of your muscles.

To perform this, you must kneel on an exercise mat. You must put your hands on the exercise ball.

While sustaining the constriction of your abs, you must maintain a straight back. Roll the exercise ball as distance as you can, and return to your first position. You must target at least ten rollouts in every set of two.

You can make it hard by rolling the ball until you can extend your shoulders entirely. Furthermore, you may also consider using a smaller stability ball.

Perform any of the exercises above, and you will tone your abs in no time. The steps may be complicated at first.

Nonetheless, practicing or carrying out the routine more frequently will increase your comfort level.

Target regular execution of the exercises to simply increase gradual repetitions and aim for progress. Pair your ab exercise with the correct choices of food, and you will maintain your physique more quickly.

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