15 Party-Ready Finger Food Ideas (#5 Keeps Guests Coming Back) [Jan-2022]

Are you looking forward to a different set of food for your upcoming celebration at home? Do you want to make the preparation yet party-ready? You would love to have finger food ideas rather than sticking with on-the-go food from fast food chains.

Instead of recipes that are too costly and time-consuming, try out bite-size sweets or snacks that will keep your guests munching in an afternoon gathering at your place.

You can be a host or hostess in your new neighborhood without emptying your pocket.

There are easy-to-prepare finger foods that are fancy enough to surprise and impress your invitees.

By laying out a table of one-bite food choices, mingling and interaction among guests will be further encouraged. In other words, your party may be declared the best in town.

Best Finger Food Ideas

To begin selecting finger food to prepare, read through the following list:

#1 Calling All Nut Lovers Out There

15 Party-Ready Finger Food Ideas

If you want to create a finger food option or an appetizer for your guest, gingered nuts is a good option. It is true that almost everyone loves nuts.

But why add ginger? Ginger has tons of benefits to offer apart from serving as the most delicious spice in the world.

Want to try it now? Get the recipe today.

#2 Wrap Those Potatoes Up


Food presentation goes a long way even for finger foods.  Bacon-wrapped potatoes are your best option if you are planning to serve cocktail drinks.

Alternatively, potatoes are good choices if you want your meal to last throughout the day (i.e. promotion of satiety) without the requirement to eat more.

The preparation of the food is easier than it looks. Need to serve it tomorrow? Learn how to prepare the finger food now.

#3 Salad Can Also Be Interesting


You can transform potatoes into salad bites. You simply have to create jacket potatoes and add relishes that make it healthier and more appetizing.

Adding capers into the recipe makes things totally different. If you are not aware of what capers are, these are ancient culinary members that add salty flavor to any dish. Apart from this finger food, you can also try it for other meals.

Interested in this fancy food? Learn its recipe now!

#4 Sandwiches Turned Finger Food


Apart from creating a fancier version of potato finger food, you can also create bite-sized sandwiches from French toast.

This food became highly interesting due to its layers of soft bread, making it easier to consume while mingling with your friends.

However, when preparing this food, always keep a set of napkins nearby for your guests since it could get a little sticky!

To try the finger food yourself, get the recipe here.

#5 Who Would Not Love Cheese?


Creating little truffles out of cheese is one of the best things you could do for your party. This is easy yet very appealing for the guests.

Every bite will be filled with amazing flavor, making cheese seem highly healthy given the chopped greens present in the roll.

If you want to create this no-cook finger food, get the recipe here.

#6 Muffins Will Always Be Fun!


Bread lovers should be provided the benefit of experiencing a different taste of their favorite muffin.

Adding meat loaf into the muffin ball is one way of satisfying your guests all day. If your guests are health conscious, remember that meatloaf does not have many calories as you expect.

Create a snack attack now by getting its recipe here.

#7 Nuts Plus Cheese (Who Would Not Love That?)


Finger food does not have to be totally snack-like to the point you will compromise your health. You can try fresh apricots and almonds with the creamy texture of the cheese.

Yes, cheese and nuts is a good match. This will definitely turn your dreams into a reality of whirlwind of flavors in one bite.

Start preparing the finger food for healthy eating by getting the recipe here.

#8 Spinach Into Bites? Yes, It Is Possible!


You can create pockets made of the healthy spinach as your gathering’s special snack or appetizer.

It may be too Greek or goodish for you, but it will never go wrong in completing your food table.

If health benefits of spinach will be discussed, it will definitely be a long discourse. Simply eat it and experience yourself.

Try the magic of spinach pie bites by checking out its recipe.

#9 Tomato Bites Will Always Be a Good Choice (and Bacon!)


Creating tomatoes as appetizers may seem off for some, but it totally works, especially if you add bacon to it.

It meets the requirement of not making your guests too full prior to the main course. When it comes to flavor, tomato can be a good starter as well.

If you want to put your guests into this bite craze, get the recipe here.

#10 Rich Savory Flavors in One Dish? Guests’ Frenzy It Is!


Chorizo sausage and sweet potato combination are one of the best things you can serve your guests. Why chorizo? It is packed with flavor that makes almost every dish delectable.

This could be a top pick if you want a new holiday appetizer for your invitees this weekend.

Make your appetizer amazing with many possibilities with these chorizo sausages and sweet potato bites. Get the recipe now!

#11 Upgrade Your Cheese and Meal Platter


There is a quick way to improve your common cheese and meal finger food ideas. This appetizer requires pickling Brussels sprouts.

It may sound tedious, but it is actually not. By pickling, you will allow the green to accumulate tangier and fresher flavors.

Apart from cheese and meal snacks, you may also add it to your main course.

Pickling the green requires four days, so you better start with the help of this recipe.

#12 Salty, Crunchy, Tasty!


Instead of preparing fries and wedges, create a salty crunch out of pickle chips. This finger food is best added with blue cheese dip. It will never be boring and definitely be an attention-getter in your party.

Moreover, fried pickle chips are one of the easiest recipes to prepare. Check the steps here.

#13 Rolls That Steal the Show?


Simplicity will always remain paramount whenever presenting new recipes for your guests. Yeast rolls are among the best choices if you are serious about impressing your guests.

Without the need for too many ingredients, you can actually be part of the food industry trend minus the hassle.

Be one of the families that never let their tables be without bread. Try out this recipe today!

#14 Go Beyond the Norm


You can make things more unique by creating bite-sized food out of chicken and waffles in one dish. If you are used to the staples being consumed separately, then this is a change of course.

Preparing the food is not complex, as proven by its recipe. Try it now!

#15 Curing Does Magic


Salmon may be the last staple you will consider for finger food but is one of the best for either brunch or breakfast.

Preparing cured salmon on top of a toasted bread is one of the simplest ways in making your guests wow. It does not require cooking and never fails in giving off fresh flavors.

The finger food is very easy to prepare. Check out its no-cook recipe now!

15 Finger food ideas


Have you enjoyed the list? You will experience more fun when you try out the recipes. There is no need for you to suffer from headaches whenever preparing for a gathering or party.

Things can be a breeze by considering the finger foods above. All it takes is a little bit creativity and inspiration.

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