21 Fun things to Do at Home with Kids during the Summer Break

Are you always searching for fun things to do at home with your kids? Having the kids at home the entire day during the summer break can be fun because you get to enjoy being with them. However, it can be nerve-wracking when they are bored and keep on pestering you on what they can do.

There are really times when families get to spend the entire summer mostly at home. This gives moms (and dads, too, sometimes) the task of planning fun-filled days. Here are 21 fun things to do at home with kids during the summer break. I did with my kids to make it a summer to remember for them.

21 Fun things to Do at Home with Kids during the Summer Break

1. Create a Home Puppet Show

Do at Home with Kids during the Summer Break

Puppet shows will always have a vital part in a child’s imaginative play. You can help your child use her creativity and widen her skills by creating her own puppet show.

Materials needed may be found in your child’s cabinet or perhaps in your basement ready to be given away. Start off by asking your child what story she wants to tell and pick it up from there.

Watching a video tutorial can also give you more ideas.

2.Make Your Own Ice Cream Cones

making ice-cream at home

Summer means lots of ice cream in the freezer. What better way to enjoy all those ice cream than to let your kids make their own ice cream cones.

Your kids will need your help as the oven needs to be used. This is one of the fun things to do at home that will allow you to have extra bonding time with your kids. You can either look at step-by-step recipes, or you can also watch a video tutorial to help you.

3. Make Cute and Colorful Rainbow Loom Bracelets

fun things to do in the summer at home

There are tons of designs your little girl can create with her Rainbow Loom Bracelet Kit. It will keep her busy for days. You might be addicted to the craze yourself, too.

Little girls always enjoy making their own bracelets. With this bracelet kit, making one is a lot easier and more fun. Join your little girl as she makes bracelets for the entire family.

4. Amazing Glow in the Dark Bubbles

outdoor summer activities for kids

A lot of kids and admittedly even adults are amazed at objects that glow in the dark. Well, you and your kids can make your own glow-in-the-dark bubbles.

Let your kids get mesmerized with what they are able to create with bubbles. Creating glow-in-the-dark bubbles is one of the fun things to do at home that will be memorable for your kids.

5. Experiment on Some Science Projects

kids summer activities at home

Kids will always be curious. That is one of the reasons they are extremely fascinated with science projects. There are a lot of fun science experiments that use materials you readily have at home.

The nice thing about fun science projects is your kids are learning while playing. Check some of these fun things to do at home science projects and start gathering the materials.

6. Play Speed Stacking Cups

summer activities for kids

Speed stacking cups is a game that enhances eye and hand coordination in kids. It also helps develop their self-esteem and concentration. Above all these, it is fun to play with family and friends. Kids can use their creativity and stack up the cups in any way they want, too.

Have your kid invite some of his friends over and have a speed stacking cups game. They will all surely have a very good time and will definitely consider this as one of the funs things to do at home this summer.

7.Let Them Try Their Hand in Oragami

summer activities for families

Origami is a Japanese art form that involves folding paper to make animals, plants, or any figure for that matter. It is one of the fun things to do at home that will enhance your kid’s creativity and patience.

It will also develop their problem-solving and concentration skills as they try to figure out how to fold the paper correctly to achieve their desired shape.

You don’t need to buy a lot of paper. Old newspapers and magazines are perfect for this activity. Watch a tutorial here on how to do origami.

8.Browse the Idea of Re-arranging Her Room ( I am sure she would be thrilled)

summer activities for 12 year old's

The summer is the best way to re-arrange or re-decorate your child’s room. Allow your child to use her creativity in designing her own room. As she gets older, she will want to do that anyway.

The nice thing about doing this project with your child is you, too, get to bring out the child in you once again. This is one of the fun things to do at home during the summer that your child will be super thrilled to do.

9. Make Them Help with the Dishes

dish washing

Kids can definitely play while washing the dishes. Get some colorful sponges and a cute apron to set the right mood. You get to train them to help around the house and they are enjoying the chore at the same time.

You do not have to let them wash your breakables. Start them off with utensils and plastic containers. Isn’t this really one of the fun things to do at home this summer?

10.Let Them Try Cleaning Windows

how to clean window

Having your child try cleaning windows is one of the fun things to do at home during the summer. It will teach him to be more responsible and he will be having lots of fun, too. Yes, as a matter of fact, a lot kids have fun cleaning windows.

Just like starting them off with washing the dishes, get him some colorful sponges, wash cloths, and an easy-to-handle sprayer. With that, your young man is ready for some action!

11. Let Them Kelp in Bathing Your Pets

summer activities for 8 year old's

Having the kids bathe the pet dog is a good plan to keep the kids from getting bored. This activity should always make it to every mom’s list of fun things to do at home during summer.

Wish-washing a dog is just like playing. Make sure though they don’t bathe the dog too long.

12.The Little Lady Will Love to do Nail Art with Mom

nail painting

A mom and daughter bonding time! Your little lady will love to be doing some lady stuff with you. Get some washable nail polish for kids and spend an afternoon of fun with nails.

Your little girl will truly appreciate this activity because it is always every little girl’s wish to be doing what mom does. Give her the pleasure of having a nail art session and make her tremendously thrilled.

13.Make the Backyard a Good Campsite

campaign training

Backyard camping is probably the cheapest vacation you can ever have with the kids. It is also one of the best fun things to do at home this summer. Summer is always synonymous with camping as far as the kids are concerned.

Although camping can be a lot of fun, it can be a challenge to go to a real campsite with kids. To lessen the stress but have the same fun and thrills try backyard camping.

It will be perfect for your kids no matter how old they are. Watch a tutorial here on how to start the preparations.

14.Family Bonding Time

summer activities for families

Having a family picnic even just in your backyard allows all of you to have a relaxing and enjoyable meal with a change of scenery and pace. The entire week dad has been busy with work and mom with the household chores. It is summer and the kids have a lot of spare time.

A simple meal, eaten in the backyard in picnic style can seem like a great adventure for the kids. It is a lot easier and will allow more time for family bonding. Show the kids there are a lot of fun things to do at home. Here is a tutorial you can watch.

15. Have a Barbecue Party for the Kids

how to create a baroque party

As far as the kids are concerned, summer is always too short. When Labor Day comes, school opening will closely follow.

This is the best time to have a farewell to summer barbecue party for the kids and their friends. This is one of the activities that should not be left out when you draw your list of fun things to do at home for the summer.

Prepare a kid-friendly menu. Involve your kids in the preparations like the set-up, party favors, and games. It is their party after all and they would like it to be a big hit!

16. Bring Out the Pool!

Above ground pool

It’s summer and the pool definitely has to be out! Swimming is one of the activities kids get excited about for summer. If it were up to them, they could be in the pool the whole day.

Above ground, pools can be left covered in the backyard for the entire summer ready for the kids. They can take a splash anytime they want. This activity is at the top of every kid’s list of fun things to do at home for summer.

17.Water Balloon Baseball Looks Cool

summer activities for kids

Water balloon baseball is just like a classic baseball game with a pitcher, catcher, and outfielders. The batter gets to go to first base when he hits the balloon and it bursts. If the catcher catches the balloon with his helmet and the balloon does not burst, the batter is out.

Older children will surely enjoy the thrill of playing this game. Include this in your list of fun things to do at home and you will forever remember the shouts and laughter of the kids as they play. Perfect game for summer fun at home!

18. Bouncy Bounce with the Trampoline

fun things to do in the summer at home

The kids will go crazy jumping up and down in the trampoline you set up in your backyard. Jumping on the trampoline is one activity that is sure to wear them down. It’s a good form of exercise, too.

While trampolines are fun, adult supervision is always necessary. The trampoline too needs to have safety measures for the kids’ protection. Here is a tutorial.

19. Car-Wash is Fun

how to wash car at home

Car washing is as enjoyable to kids as playing with the hose and wetting each other. At least, this time, they are not putting water to waste. They can still spray water on one another and play with the soap but at least they are getting dad’s car clean.

Letting the kids do the car wash is teaching them about responsibility at an early age. Of course, the kind of car cleaning chores depends on the age of the child but nevertheless, it is one of the fun things to do at home.

20. Messy Twister with Paint Anyone?

kids playing with painting

It’s a messy twister so the kids have the license to get messy all over! It is a thrilling game that will have the kids stretching their arms and legs and of course, getting messy.

Although this is a messy twister, this is not a messy game because washable paint it used. So even if the paint goes to the kids’ clothes or the floor, it can easily be washed out.

21. Do Some Gardening

gardening tips for kids

Gardening is not just fun; it is also a healthy activity for children. With gardening, children will be able to learn more about nature and how to grow food crops. Such activities as watering the plants, weeding, and even planting new seeds are perfect for children.

When making your kids do some gardening, make sure your garden is child-friendly. Make sure to let them use the right tools and equipment. The kids will be so thrilled to see what they planted grow making this one of the fun things to do at home this summer.

Fun things to do at home with kids


My kids have done all these fun things to do at home during summer. They never had a boring summer day for the last couple of years with all the things they could choose to do.

It was a challenge at first to find these activities and gathering all the needed stuff. Once I got started, though, the kid in me came back and there was no turning back.

Which of the activities I shared have your kids done? What fun home activities do your kids do during summer? Share with us your thoughts on the comments section and together let us make sure our kids always have fun things to do at home during summer.

kids summer activities at home

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