How Important Are Hi-Vis Coveralls for Work & DIY? [Jan-2022]

I’ll get to the point right away, hi vis coveralls are very important when it comes to more dangerous work like DIY and construction.

But it’s not just people who work in those kinds of fields that will find hi-vis coveralls useful even more mundane jobs like cleaners will find hi-vis coveralls valuable.

Of course, this will all depend on location won’t it? If you need to clean busy roads or highways you’ll need to be visible.

So, just because hi-vis clothing is more traditionally assorted with builders and carpenters, don’t think other people won’t find them useful.

But today we’re taking a more in-depth look at the people who will be wearing hi-vis coveralls more frequently like people who do DIY work.

How Important Are Hi-Vis Coveralls for Work & DIY

If you’re a professional decorator, carpenter, builder or even a gardener you’ll find hi-vis coveralls very useful and not just because they will keep you visible!

That’s the main benefit of hi-vis coveralls but they offer much more than just that! Many of the other benefits are less talked about but they are still incredibly beneficial, so let’s take a look at the benefits of hi-vis coveralls in more detail below.

They’re Waterproof

Hi-vis coveralls will vary from supplier to supplier but they are normally waterproof! This is great news for people like plumbers, gardeners and even handymen who will usually be doing work outdoors or dealing with water in some capacity.

Remember, if you work in construction for a living you can’t stop if it starts to rain can you? So, you’ll need protection from the elements as well.

When it comes to construction and DIY, waterproof clothing is always going to be the better option and hi-vis coveralls certainly tick that box.

They’re Strong

Another great benefit of hi-vis coveralls is that they are usually very strong, again this will vary from supplier to supplier but even the more budget-friendly hi-vis coveralls available will usually be very thick and strong.

This will be useful for anyone doing DIY work because it means you’ll be much better protected a stray nail or screw can do a lot of damage to clothing and skin!

But with coveralls, you’ll be much better protected. So, if you do DIY for a living or even as just a hobby a pair of hi-vis coveralls will certainly come in handy.

They Keep Clothing Clean

Not many clothes can offer this benefit! A pair of hi-vis coveralls can usually be slipped on under your normal clothing without issue which means you don’t even have to get changed you can just put the coveralls on, do the job and then take them off.

And while you’re wearing them they’ll be less risk to your own clothes and they’ll stay nice and clean.

If you work in DIY this will be sure to come in handy but other similar professions like painters and decorators will be sure to find it useful as well.

They’re Simple

Simple isn’t often used in a complementary fashion, is it? But one of the best things about hi-vis coveralls is that they are just that! You can just unzip them, put them on and zip them up and you’re done.

There’s no unnecessary set-up work, it’s quick and easy and best of all simple! All those protective benefits in just a few seconds.

They’re Hi-Vis!

Well this is pretty well known, isn’t it? After all, it is in the name but it’s worth reiterating that one of the best benefits of hi-vis coveralls is that they give you that extra visibility that can be so very important.

This is particularly important for people who do DIY work professionally especially people who work at night or in more dangerous locations.

Coveralls or Overalls?

Let’s be clear coveralls and overalls are very different but also often confused in fact some countries use the term coveralls to actually refer to overalls and the reverse is also true!

Yes, this is quite the puzzle isn’t it? But let me explain it to you, coveralls in the most general sense will refer to a garment that covers your whole body, apart from your face.

Think of it like a more protective version of a onesie or a boiler suit, overalls are similar but will only cover your legs and chest.

They will be designed like trousers and will have a bib and brace attached to them that will usually have a number of pockets and pouches for extra storage.

They are useful and you can get hi-vis variants but they are certainly not the same as coveralls.

So, let’s get back to the question at hand, shall we? How important are hi-vis coveralls when it comes to DIY work? Well in my humble opinion they are very important and anyone who does DIY work whether professional or otherwise will certainly find them incredibly useful.

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