How to Boost Cell Phone Signal Strength for Free

Almost all people of different age groups own a cell phone. With this kind of lifestyle, we tend to demand more accessories for our mobile phones. Of course, a cellular phone should have appreciable service.

I bet that many of you have experienced dropped calls and disconnections. The worst part is having a slow internet connection that fluctuates occasionally; just some things that you experience when you have no service.

Without LTE, 3G, and 4G, your mobile phones are just as good as cameras and calculators. So, for your convenience, here are some tips on how to boost mobile signal strength for free.

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1. Clear Out All the Possible Obstructions

There are factors in your home that act as cell phone signal obstructions without you knowing. They contribute to the poor signal, making it hard for you to communicate using your phone. Can you remember the last time you raise your phones or moved to a door or window?

You are trying to lessen the interference between your cell phone and a cell tower. The distance of the cell tower is likely a reason as well. Speaking of obstructions, it can be the tall trees around your place or the skyscrapers near your area.

Do you know that thick walls in your home are also considered as signal obstructions? This factor is the reason why you cannot receive much signal strength when you close the door of your room.

The best thing that you can do in this situation is to move near a window or reduce the clutter in your home, especially if the clutter consists of metal objects. If possible, get higher to a place with a better signal.

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2. Know Where the Location of the Cell Tower

You can use your smartphone in finding signal strength. You need to know that cell phone signal is measured in decibels. Mobile devices operate using -50 – -120 decibels signal level.

If your cell phone signal is at its full strength, it means that it is in -50 decibels. If it’s strength poor, then probably it only has -120 decibels. Because of this indication, it is troublesome to rely on the bars that you see on your phones to know the actual signal strength.

Another factor that you need to consider is your carrier. The signal depends on your local carrier. They are subjective. What you need to do is to find the decibel reading on your phone. Then, walk around your house and choose the spot closest to -50 decibels.

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3. Battery Full Charged

A modern mobile phone is capable of multitasking as well, which actually drains battery. You should know that by just connecting to a cell tower, your phone is using much power. If your battery is low, it won’t have enough power to find a good signal.

This pointer is why manufacturers created the battery-saving mode. It aims to lessen the power usage of your phone by hibernating other applications that are not active.

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If you are not using the Bluetooth, always keep it off because it can drain your battery. Aside from this, keep your screen brightness on low setting. Not only does it drain your battery, but a bright screen can harm your eyes as well.

There are push notifications on your phone. If you want to save your battery, you must turn the push notifications off. Another great tip is to update to the latest firmware. Additionally, Do not let your phone go below 5% of battery because it can shorten your battery life.

4. You’re Blocking the Antenna!

You should know by now that smartphones have an external antenna. Chances are, you are blocking it unconsciously. It’s tucked inside your phone, so you could barely notice that you are blocking it.

Do you know that by holding your phone in a landscape position you’re blocking the antenna? Yes? Well, it is more advisable for you to hold the phone in an upright position to make sure that your phone won’t have a signal obstruction.

5. It’s time to Change Your Carrier

If you already have tried everything and still fail, it’s probably time to change your cell phone service carrier. It is time to find a carrier that will provide you with better service and signal.

Most carriers are keeping a close eye on customers who are planning to switch, which is why they always come up with great offer and promos to attract more customers. You might even get a new smartphone for free upon availing it.

The best thing you can do is to keep an eye on promos and discounts offered by other carriers. There’s actually a lot of options to consider out there.


So that’s a wrap. Here are the notable tips and guidelines on how to boost cell phone signal strength for free. I hope that this guide helps you in finding a cost-free solution to your phone’s sluggish signal. These steps are free and pretty convenient, so why not give it a try?

Enjoy using your phone without getting frustrated or bothered about the poor signal by applying these easy steps. It’s time that you start to use a quick-fix and favorable solution for unexpected dropped calls and sudden disconnections. Please share it with your friends if you find it useful.

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