How to Clean Outside of Gutters: The Foolproof Method [Jan-2022]

Sure, your house is squeaky clean. But can you say the same about your gutters? No, you can’t. Gutters are the least of our worries.

But when you leave your gutters dirty for too long, you won’t even realize when it has damaged all the paint. 

So, here I am to walk you through the process of how to clean outside of gutters. With a simple cleaning solution made out of bleach and dishwashing soap, I’ll show you how easy this process is. 

That being said, let’s jump in without taking it any further- 

6 Steps of How to Clean Outside of Gutters

Some people think they don’t have what it takes to clean gutters. So, they leave it to the professionals. But in reality, cleaning gutters couldn’t get any easier with the method I’ll be showing you. 

Put your money back into your wallet and follow this trouble-free method- 

Step 0: Collect These Items First 

Before you start, you’ve to gather up a few items. Now don’t get worried; the method is still trouble-free. Chances are high you’ll find these items right in your garage- 

  • A standard garden hose attachment 
  • A garden hose 
  • A spray bottle 
  • Bleach 
  • Dishwashing liquid 
  • Scrub brush with pole attachment 
  • Ladder for Cleaning Gutters 

Step 1: Rinse the Surrounding Area 

Now that you’ve got everything stocked up, start rinsing the surrounding area with regular freshwater. 

If you’ve furniture near the gutter, I’d advise you to cover those up. It’s not necessary to cover yourself but do wear gloves if your skin is sensitive. 

But the freshwater is really for the plants and lawn. Bleach isn’t the best thing to put on your plants so this rinsing will help them to rinse off the bleach. 

Step 2: Prepare the Mixture 

This part’s easy. Take your spray bottle and fill one half of it with bleach and another half with water.

You could go for warm water too if you want. Now, put a few drops of dishwashing liquid into the bottle and give it a good shake. 

Step 3: Adjust the Spray Nozzle 

Give the sprayer a few test runs to see how far it reaches. If it’s not enough, loosening it up will do the trick. If that’s also not working, get rid of the red nozzle together, and you’ll have a steady stream.

Step 4: Start Spraying 

With everything ready to go, it’s time to start spraying the gutters. Point the sprayer at the gutter and start spraying. 

Try to focus more on the areas where it has more streaks. But don’t leave any spot empty. If you run out of the solution, there’s always the option of making it again.   

However, be careful when you’re spraying. If some of it gets in your eyes, it’s not going to be a pleasant experience. After all, it’s bleach and soap. If you want to be extra careful, you could opt for a pair of safety goggles. 

After the gutters are dripping with the solution, you know you’ve sprayed enough. Give it 2-3 minutes to do its job, and then you can move on to the next step. We also have an article on homemade gutter cleaning solutions click here to learn more.

Step 5: Begin the Scrubbing 

Well, you’ve waited long enough. Now, it’s time to start the scrubbing process. Although it’s not entirely necessary if the gutters were cleaned recently. But if it still has a lot of dirt and debris, then don’t skip this part. 

Take out your scrub brush with a pole attachment and do what you have to do. Instead of increasing the length of the pole, try getting near it.

This will give you better maneuvering. After you give all parts of the gutter a good scrubbing, you can move on to rinsing. But make sure you scrub well. Because if you don’t, you might have to redo the entire process again. 

Step 6: Rinse the Gutters 

Now that dirt and debris are loosened up; you can start rinsing the gutters. This is where you bring out your garden hose again.

Make sure to rinse all the junk with water. Some people prefer using high-pressure water to do the rinsing. In fact, there are people who don’t even use any of the cleaning agents. 

While this might work in some cases, there are hidden risks when you do it. The most concerning one is having water under the roof shingles.

And you already know what trapped moisture can bring in; it’s what all hope not to get, mold. So, don’t go for high-pressure water. Your regular garden hose should be more than enough to do it. 

One final thing I’d like to point out is when you’re rinsing, use as much water as you need. Because if you leave the cleaning solution, that will show up as horrible flimsy marks when dried. 

Pro-tips for Cleaning Outside of Gutters

The process itself couldn’t get any easier. But there’s always room for improvement. So, here are some pro-tips for you-

  • Before you start the whole process, you could rinse the gutters to break down the dirt and debris. You could use a duster to remove the dirt beforehand. 
  • When you’re rinsing the gutters, you could use warm water. It’s mandatory but as you know heat always breaks down these things. 
  • Don’t wait for too long after you’ve sprayed the cleaning solution. If they dry off at the same time, that might make cleaning the gutters even harder. 
  • Figure out how bad the situation is. Because you can’t clean super bad gutters with only bleach and detergent. That’s when you need to bring out the big guns like TSP-PF(trisodium phosphate). 

Closing Thoughts 

It’s time we say our goodbyes.

Goodbye to that filthy dirt sitting on your gutters. You know how to clean outside of gutters. You also know how to make the process even better. 

But before I go away, I have one final tip for you. Instead of regularly cleaning your gutters, you should put your money in a top-notch gutter protection system.

With the help of one of those, you won’t have to worry about gutters getting dirty now and then.