How to Drain A Pool With A Garden Hose [Jan-2022]

The swimming pool brings an aesthetic beauty to any backyard. Using a swimming pool regularly will lead you to a quality lifestyle.

It’s also a good source of entertainment too. You know the overnight pool parties, BBQ fists, and much more!

Sounds fun!

But when did you clean your pool last? I mean REAL cleaning!

And you must drain water to clean the pool. Today I’m here to assist you in the whole draining process.

Without more chitchat, let’s start our process.

How to Drain a Pool With a Garden Hose

how to drain a pool with a garden hose

Before starting this process, you need a long hose pipe and also a submersible pump. But, you can also do it without using the submersible pump. We will discuss both methods here.

Let’s go!

How to drain a pool with a pump

Step 1. First, turn off the auto water fill valve and filters. Then locate the cleanout port of your house. It can be found on the ground of your yard near Water Spigot.

Step 2. Open the cap of the cleanout port and install one end of the hose pipe.

Step 3. After that, take a submersible pump and attach it with the other end of the garden hose.

Leave it on your pool floor, and your pool will begin to drain.

Step 4. Now take a look at your pool and make sure that it’s draining properly.

Step 5. Finally, cover the pool or refill it again with fresh water. Covering will protect your pool from damage by sunlight.


After refill the pool with fresh water again, it takes approximately a week for the pool’s chemicals to reach the proper levels. So the water will not be safe for swimming. Be careful with it.

How to drain a pool without a pump

Now, this is getting interesting. Draining a pool without using any pump might be slower but comparatively more straightforward. All you need is a garden hose pipe and heavy-weights. Nothing else!

Keep scrolling to know the main process!

Step 1. Take a hosepipe and put one end of that pipe on the pool floor. After that, take weight like brick and put that brick on the hose.

Step 2. Then, take another end of the garden hose and attach it with the outdoor faucet.

Step 3. After that, turn the water on and check that if there’s any visible water bubble.

The bubble means the air inside of the garden hose pipe is getting out and water coming through the hose into the pipe.

Step 4. Get back to the outdoor faucet and turn off the water. Now put the other end of your pipe on the ground and wait for the magic!

Water will come out and start to drain water from the pool. However, it’s just a simple law of gravity.

Step 5. When water forcefully comes out from the outdoor faucet into the pool, then all air inside the hose pipe eject and fill the pipe with water.

And ones it starts flowing the water it won’t stop until the water inside the pool is drained and fill the hose pipe with air again.

Step 6. Now check whether there’s regular water flow or not. If the water flow seems normal, then you’re done here!

It will complete the rest of the task automatically!

Final Words

Though it’s a time-consuming process, it’s easier and obviously you can do it without emptying your pocket. And it’s definitely fun to do with your kids.

On the contrary, using the tools might be faster, but that will cost you more bucks.

The choice is yours!

Whatever you’re doing, just have fun with your pool!

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