How to Fix a Garden Hose Reel With Complate Guide [Jan-2022]

Sooner or later, gardeners face small issues connected with their hose reels: leaks, tears, ring replacements, connectors and other damages.

This happens no matter how expensive your system is and how much effort you put into finding and installing it.

Repairing small damage on your hose reel is not an impossible mission; you can handle it yourself without calling the service.

The more thoroughly you keep your garden hoses neat and clean, the less chance there is for them to break.

However, there still are inevitable small breaks in your garden equipment no matter how well you look after your water hoses.

Small DIY repairs will save you time and money; it is better to prevent a huge problem by dealing with a small problem early, right? Use your home toolkit and this manual to repair your garden water hoses quickly and at less expense. Before starting your first repair, check if you have all the necessary tools.

What often happens with hoses is that they start to leak. Small or bigger leaks should be identified and repaired as soon as possible, because there is no way that they will stop; with time, leaks only become bigger.

So, if your water hose leaks, you should first check the connectors of your hose and find out the source of leak.

Check the connections of your garden hose reel. There are a few different connectors depending on the manufacturer, so check them all; they are usually located at both ends of the hose.

At first, try to tighten all the connectors on the hose and turn the water on. If it still leaks, your garden hose requires minor repairs. Be careful to align the threads on the hose not to damage it.

If this doesn’t work, the case may be with the O-rings in the connector. Here are a few steps you can take to fix the leaking coupling.

How to Fix a Garden Hose Reel

How To Change The O-Rings

To replace the O-rings on your hose reel, you should first buy the items to be changed, in this case, the rubber O-rings for hose connectors.

They can often crack or become too dry and thus cause leaks. You can buy O-rings in any appropriate store and even purchase them online if you know the exact size; check out the manufacturer’s guide to find out.

Turn off the water source and untwist the hose from the reel with the help of a screwdriver; there are usually four screws on the siding. Remove the cover and expose the panel.

Take off the handle from the hose with a wrench and then remove the O-ring. You should gently remove the old O-ring; it is better to do it with a flat-head screwdriver or a small knife.

You can use petroleum jelly or silicon grease to lubricate the new O-ring and then place it in the connector.

Put the handle back and tighten it. This simple procedure usually helps to fix the main leaks of a hose reel connector.

How To Change The Leaky Connector

If you have replaced the O-ring in your garden hose reel connector, and the leaks don’t stop, it can be a sign of a damaged connector that cannot be repaired.

It is better to buy a water hose repair kit. They usually use special couplings to join the two pieces of the water hose after you cut it.

Before going to the hardware store for new connectors, cut the hose and take this small piece, together with the connector, so you don’t miss and get the wrong size of the hose and connector.

Fix A Garden Hose Reel

Buy a new connector for water hose: Remember that there are two types, female and male, so you should know which type you need.

Also make sure that the size of the connector and the diameter of water hose match too. Cut the water hose right under the connector and twist the new one according to the instructions of manufacturer.

In most cases you will need epoxy or technical glue to install the new connector. Avoid connectors that offer quick coupler connect and those that are attached by means of two screws; such connectors often leak a lot within a very short period of time.

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When The Hose Leaks

A hose can wear out because of the weather, exploitation, and improper storage. One way or another, water hoses do wear out and you face a situation when they start to leak in their body.

Sometimes minor leakages appear in the hose itself, but there is a way you can make minor repairs.

They will be temporary until you can replace the hose. With time, small punctures or cuts appear on the main hose and it starts to leak.

You can simply fix them with the help of tape. Just wrap it around the damage and overlap a few times. Use silicon tape; it is temperature proof and will serve you for some time.

Make sure the hose is dry when you do it. When you are wrapping the leak point with tape, extend the area 5” to each side to ensure effectiveness.

Electrical tape can be used too, but it is not watertight and is not a long-term solution. Remember that these are just temporary measures.

Another way to deal with the hose leakages is cutting. First you should find all the leaks in the body of your hose and mark them, then cut the length of the damaged piece.

You will need special equipment to make these repairs, so if you don’t have cutter or a sharp knife in your garage you can get one at the nearest hardware store.

If this area is in the middle, you will need a hose repair kit to join the two pieces of the water hose. It includes a coupling and seals of the necessary size.

Remember that proper storage and usage of a garden hose reel will postpone the time when you will have to follow these DIY water hose repair tips.