How to Get Rid of Moles

Having trouble getting rid of moles in your garden? It is an annoying fact. Your garden is in big trouble once it is significantly invaded by moles.

Moles can be considered parasites because they usually feast on organic matter. Moles dug tunnels that cannot only blow up mounds of earth but can also harm plants by damaging their roots.

This rodent can be best identified as having hairless and pointed snout with no external ears.

So if you want to maintain or build the garden of your dream, check out these proven effective ways to get rid of moles.

What You Will Need for the Process

These are the basic materials that you will need to get rid of moles in your garden. You can choose any of this stuff depending on the method that you want to apply. For example, if you want a kill then go for the gum earthworm bait.  You can opt for castor oil with cayenne pepper if you just to repel.  It’s your choice so take your pick.

1) Repellents

If you want a simple approach, you can spray a mixture of natural castor oil, soap, and cayenne pepper to repel moles in your garden and other areas for planting.

This combination will cause irritation especially on moles’ skin, so it will shy away from getting into your garden.  This is also best applied from late fall to early spring.

2) Ultrasonic Devices

This so-called Sonic Mole Chaser can produce a frequency causing an underground sonic that drives rodents crazy. Thus irritating them and letting these pesticides move to quieter grounds.

The coverage of this device may vary by the size of your garden perimeter, but mostly it can cover up to 100 meters in radius. By the way, this device doesn’t play music but it is kind of like blasting a heavy metal song with your grandmother is around.

3) Baits and Poison

This method may apply to those who are trying to figure out how to kill moles.  This could be in the form of earthworms or peanuts that are attractive to moles.

You can leave these baits along the trails leading to the tunnels. But be careful when using this method as pets or kids might pick them up.

stop the mole

Methods You Can Follow to Get Rid of Moles

So if you want to maintain or build the garden of your dream, check out these proven effective ways to get rid of moles on YouTube:

You can also refer to the methods provided below:

1) Trapping

Early spring is the best time to place traps because your garden appears more bright and colorful during this period of the season. In this case, you can notice signs of tunnels, and you can start your strategic approach in setting up traps.

Now that you have seen the tunnels, you can figure out how to locate the active ones before placing a trap. Flattening and marking the runs are easy ways to establish existing tunnels.  Mole’s instinct for an obstructed tube is to clear it. That is why trapping is the best way to eliminate them as traps capitalize on that ability.

You can also consider placing an ear of corn dipped in a roofing tar in one of their tunnels.  Moles are irritated by the smell of tar, and they will avoid getting into their tunnel again once they feel like it.

Coffee grounds also feel harmful to moles. You can sprinkle an amount of it on the garden soil to keep moles from tunneling.

You can also try some poisoning which goes like this:

1. Mash up some worms and cut some chewing gum into long strips then mix them in a plastic bottle by shaking.

2. Expose the mole holes carefully by digging back the mole mound with the use of a trowel.

3. Hold the gum with latex gloves on to prevent you from leaving your human smell on it. It is much better to use the same gloves you used in mashing up the worms. Each hole excavated must have a strip of gum placed onto it.

4. Then use a flat stone to cover the holes and to block the light out. Eventually, the moles will eat their favorite gum and get poisoned.

2) Barriers

mole barrier

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You can also consider digging a trench that is two feet deep and 6 inches wide with rock filling and clay.

Wire screen mesh can also be effectively used to keep moles from crossing into your garden although it requires intensive labor, especially for spacious gardens.  But in contrast to catching moles or killing them, this method is proven to be efficient and more of a permanent solution when used right away.

3) Eliminate Grubs

Eliminate Grubs


Moles are known to feed heavily on insects like beetle grubs. You can remove these pests with the use of lawn aerator sandals or nematodes. These gadgets significantly decrease the feeding and tunneling activity of the moles.

Aside from these gadgets, it is advisable to use eco-friendly insecticides that are safe to expel grubs. It is worth noting that once you take away the food that the mole feasts on, they will try to move to other areas for food which may lead them to the baits. These safe alternatives should always be the first resort to toxic chemicals.

4) Critter Control

One method is to get help from professionals. These mole removal experts have knowledge of the effective ways of getting rid of moles.

Despite the tricky nature of determining the existing tunnels as moles rarely come out of the ground, these experts are trained to trace, trap, and expel these rodents with the use of proper equipment. Thus, it enables them to pinpoint the “routes” tunnels that could lead to the trapping of moles.

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Having a lovely and fertile garden is every housewife’s dream. However, these dreams are getting shattered by a small rodent who loves to dig a tunnel and destroys the lawns that maintain the beauty of the garden.

They will look for ways as useful as possible to eliminate these tunnel diggers. That is why these methods are developed so you can choose the best way to get rid of them.

I hope you enjoy learning the methods and feel free to send us your suggestions or feedback.  You may also share this tutorial if you like.

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