How to Get Rid of Water Weight

You have probably come across people asking how to get rid of water weight and got confused afterwards. Excess weight is either due to fats or water. You also have to remove the latter in order to achieve an effectively ripped physique.

More surprising changes are achievable by getting rid of water weigh. Have you encountered a time that you lost five pounds in just a few days? This may be due to your involuntary loss of excess fluid. Similar to losing fats, cutting off water weight requires effort and time.

You must do it safely. Once you have done it accordingly, a quick reward will be right at your door.

What You Will Need to Lose Water Weight?


You do not necessarily have to prepare materials in order to lose water weight. On the contrary, you need these intangible aspects to turn your purpose into a success:

  • Time. You should accept that although the loss of water weight may be quicker than fat reduction, it still requires time. Keeping it gradual yet steady will bring better results.
  • Effort. If you want to make it happen, you should be persistent. Follow instructions as indicated and be consistent. Skipping the steps will lead to nothing.
  • Optimism. Weight loss is one of the most difficult partakes a person may encounter. You have to be positive that you will reach your goal. Your attitude in making things happen goes a long way.

Professional-Suggested Steps on How to Get Rid of Water Weight

Success in water weight loss is achievable by following professional tips. Given below are the ones you should take note of:

1) Exercise Regularly

You should begin adapting to a regular fitness regime. It is one of the most effective ways of losing water weight. Obviously, you’re wasting fluid as you sweat. If you exercise in 60 minutes, you can expect water weight reduction of up to two liters.

Factors are influencing how much water weight you lose in a routine. These include apparel and environment’s temperature. Constant exercise will not only get rid of excess water but also avoid its retention.

Nonetheless, still drink plenty of water while training. You also need fluid in your body to avoid dehydration.

2) Drink More Water

Absurd it may seem, but it is one way of losing water weight. The purpose of drinking more fluid is to prevent retention of water. Besides, would you want to disregard the many benefits of having sufficient water in your body?

Water has been proven to flush out toxins from your digestive system and kidneys. It will also heighten your energy levels throughout the day, eliminating fatigue. Even your metabolism will normalize.

You can anticipate your appearance to enhance as well since harsh substances will be removed. While drinking more water, you should also have a sufficient dose of vitamins and minerals to avoid abnormal ions’ release.

3) Get More Sleep

You should get more sleep as much as you provide your body sufficient water. Taking rest is one way of recuperating and keeping the balance in your system. Sleep is linked to your kidneys’ sympathetic renal nerves.

Without proper sleep, water and sodium equilibrium will be affected. It was also found by experts that while you sleep, your nervous system’s toxins are flushed out from your body. Getting enough sleep is also helpful in keeping control of your water retention.

Long-term weight loss is among the permanent benefits of adequate sleep. As much as possible, you aim for seven to nine hours of sleep daily.

5) Reduce Your Sodium Consumption

Too much sodium, or salt, in your body results to bloating and water retention. Every day, you can only consume up to 2,500 milligrams of sodium to avoid water weight. There are several staples you should also avoid.

Primarily, check the food labels and do not consume those with salt as a preservative. Instead of deli meats, choose freshly slaughtered ones. It is also best to shun consuming processed sauces, frozen meals, soups, and salad dressings.

Unfortunately, you should eliminate too much cheese in your diet. It is high in sodium as well. When cooking, use spices sparingly.

6) Consume More Fiber

You should give way to more fiber in your diet. Do you know that almost all bodybuilders do not get sufficient amount of it? Fiber is helpful in getting rid of toxins found in your digestive system, kidneys, and urinary tract.

Fiber is also assistive in removing excess water in your body. To make your meals healthier and richer in fiber, try adding fresh vegetables.  If you can, you should eat them raw or steamed to preserve their vitamins and minerals.

Apart from vegetables, you should give way to eating strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries. These are not only rich in fiber, but also in antioxidants.

7) Avoid Getting Stressed

Stress is a major factor in health. There are medical conditions that result from it, indicating how detrimental its effect is. With stress lurking in your system in a long period, cortisol levels may increase.

High levels of cortisol may also result in increased retention of water.  Scientifically, cortisol is responsible for heightening the levels of the antidiuretic hormone in your body. This component is responsible for water balance management.

Antidiuretic hormones inform your kidneys the amount of water to bring back. Apart from water weight loss, getting less stressed will keep you from other disease risks.

8) Drink Diuretics

Apart from foods and water to consume, you should not disregard the benefits of other beverages. Cranberry juice, tea, and coffee are diuretics that will keep your body from excessive water retention. You can avoid health problems by balancing their consumption to water intake.

Every time you will have any of the drinks, you should balance it out by consuming glasses of water. This step will protect you from dehydration. Cranberry juice is not only known for eliminating water retention but also in flushing out toxins.

9) Eliminate too Much Carbohydrate

Dropping water weight quickly can also be done by cutting carbohydrates. These are usually found in liver and muscles in the form of glycogen. The problem is it is responsible for pumping back water into the body.

For every gram of glycogen, up to 0.14 ounce of water may be kept in your system. Have you noticed that people settle with a low-carb diet to get rid of water weight? The purpose of their program is to get rid of glycogen reserves.

Too much carbohydrates is also not helpful in insulin balance. It increases its level instead, resulting in kidneys’ water retention and sodium withholding.

10) Cut Back on Liquor

Dehydration is one cause of drinking alcohol. This will then force your body to accumulate more water to balance your system. Prior and after exercising, you should prevent drinking even a glass of wine.

If you think you can drink at night, then you are considering the step incorrectly. You should also avoid consuming alcohol at the given time to completely wash out excess water retention.

11) Change Your Sedentary Lifestyle

If you have been used to doing nothing all day, it is time for you to make a change. Sitting all day will only result in reduced blood circulation.

When this happens, you will not be able to sweat out excess fluids effectively. There are light exercises you can do even at work. If your job requires sitting in front of your computer for eight hours, do not forget to take a break and stretch.


Have your enjoyed the tutorial? Remember that maximum weight loss is achieved by getting rid of withheld water in your body. It is necessary to stick with expert tips to avoid mistakes. There are cases when people are too agitated to lose water weight, resulting in their dehydration.

Let us know what you think of the steps for effective and safe water weight reduction. Drop a comment or share this article with your peers.

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