How to Mount Hose Reel on Brick Wall [Jan-2022]

If you are looking for a guide on mounting a hose reel on brick? Then you are in right place.

One essential tool when it comes to maintaining your lawn or garden is a quality garden hose because it produces the water for your garden or flowerbed.

However, garden hose reels come in many types and consist of different features which means you need to research your product before deciding to buy one.

Another difficulty comes to mounting your hose reel on brick on your home’s wall because you need to protect the hose from damage. This post looks at tips on how to mount your hose reel on brick.

How to Mount Hose Reel on Brick Wall

Mount Hose Reel On Brick Wall

Moving The Hose Between Two Or More Locations

Your hose reel, which is retractable, comes with a wall bracket. You may be planning to use it in two separate locations, in this case, on brick, which means that you need to buy an additional wall bracket and tap connector.

It allows you to disconnect it, carry the hose reel, and install it on another bracket. You should then connect it with a point and twist onto the second tap. Hose reels have two handles that are conveniently located to make them portable.

Mounting A  Hose Reel On Brick 2m From The Tap 

The 2m leader hose on a retractable hose reel enables you to supply water to the hose reel case from the tap.

If you want to install the wall bracket from your tap, for example, 2m away, you need to add a hose length, which has been fitted with hose connectors.

The advantage is that you have many options. For instance, you can use an existing length of hose that you may have, and buy a hose joiner set. You can also buy pre-cut and fitted extensions.

How To Protect The Case 

You need to ensure that you protect the hose reel case. Consider those that are UV stabilized or look for a covers that offers extra protection.

The cover is helpful if you position your hose reel under intense sunlight each day for long periods.

You may also experience insects such as wasps making the screw holes around the case their home. The result is a rusty brown color on your case.

The cover stops these wasps from nesting and ensures mounting a hose reel on brick results in a beautiful appearance.

How To Keep The Case Interior And Hose Clean 

Your garden hose may drag dirt inside its case when it’s retracting. Get rid of this dirt by cleaning the hose to ensure that it operates smoothly.

To do this cleaning, stand at your case and use a wet cloth as it retracts. You can also clean the entire hose length when it’s fully extended and retract it once it has dried.


Mounting a hose reel on brick makes it eye catching and appealing. However, it may result in risks to its safety depending on your neighborhood or location.

Ensure its safe is by using secure padlocks to keep it within the bracket. You can also disconnect the spray gun and safely store it away.

Another way to secure it is by removing the unit from the bracket and storing it in your shed or garage.

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How To Ensure The Hose Doesn’t Kink 

The best way is walking the hose as far as it may need, then make sure you lock it off. Don’t stand near the hose reel case when pulling the hose out, and then allow it to pool on the ground.

If you do this when walking off, a kink may form along its length. Consider either extending or retracting the hose as you move around your garden. That enables you to adjust your position from the case.

Benefits Of Mounting A Hose Reel On Brick 

  • It gives the best storage option for your hose.
  • It protects the hose from damage if you leave it lying in your garage or garden. Keep in mind that garden hoses lying around your lawn, garden or garage may result in accidents such as tripping
  • It avoids struggling with knots every time you want to use your garden hose
  • Another benefit of mounting them on brick is that you increase their lifespan, for example, by five times.
  • It also saves you money, as without tears, there will be no leaks

What To Look For When Buying A Garden Hose Reel 

  • Make sure you buy one that is made of durable material; you want to avoid garden hose reels that are easily dented or scratched. Their primary material should also be naturally resistant against corrosion or rust
  • If it lacks this feature, consider buying one that come with a coating that protects the body from corrosion and rusting
  • The best models should also handle any kinds of weather, which ensures that they aren’t damaged from harsh conditions when mounted on a brick outside your house
  • The outer body of the hose reel should seal properly to secure inner parts, which protects them from damage. They should also be made with a reeling mechanism that can be easily managed
  • Consider their portability because you may need to move it from place to place. When mounting the hose reel on brick, ensure that you construct it well to prevent sagging or looseness coming from the hose’s weight
  • The garden hose winding system should be easy to use and efficient. The crank system and handle should enable you to move it without force
  • Avoid purchasing hose reels with extra features that make it hard to either mount on walls or reduce its efficiency. The best models are easy to use


Mounting a hose reel on brick should be easy using the above information. Remember to read online garden hose reel reviews and articles about what to consider when buying them.

Depending on your budget, you should be able to pick the best model that suits your garden or lawn.