How to Properly Sanitize a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are the perfect source of relaxation, however, they do require some maintenance to keep your tub clean and working well. Due to the warm waters, bacteria, algae, and mold can grow in your tub. This can make your soak the exact opposite of enjoyable!

Keeping your hot tub clean should be a big priority when owning a hot tub. In the following article, we discuss how you can make sure your hot tub is always in sparkling condition.

Hot Tub Covers

Since your hot tub cover is frequently close to the warm waters for extended periods of time, they can easily experience mildew growth or develop a musty smell. Keep your cover in good condition by doing regular cleanings.

One way to clean your cover is by applying a bleach solution (1 part bleach, 10 parts water) to your cover every few months. A second cover option is to use a regular hard top cover, along with a floating cover. This combination will protect your hard top from chemicals, moisture, and keep heat in.

Filters And Skimmers

Hot tub filters should be cleaned every month and replaced every few years. Many hot tub owners even have two sets of filters, so there is a quick transition between filters. One can be cleaned, while the other can be inserted to never disrupt hot tub use.

Filters can be cleaned with a garden hose or be cleaned in a dishwasher, absent the soap and dry cycle. Your skimmer baskets should be cleaned every 1 – 2 weeks and be sure to turn off your hot tub before removing the skimmer.

One way to prolong the time between cleanings is by requesting bathers to wear hats, ball caps, or simply tying up their hair while using the hot tub.

Shock Treatments

If you do so happen to find floating particles, algae, or cloudy water in your hot tub, a shock treatment may be appropriate. During this process, you will not be able to use your hot tub, typically a day. While this may be hard, it can prevent skin problems from occurring.

A shocking treatment will use chlorine to remove bacteria build up and organic material. You could use non-chlorine shocks, but it will only oxidize, not disinfect. During this process you should make sure your pH levels are balanced, you have protective clothing on, and add the chemicals when the weather is calm.

Make sure the cover remains off and allow the chemicals to work out in the open. When your chlorine level has dropped below 5 ppm you can use your hot tub safely again.

Draining The Tub

Every three months you should drain your tub and clean the acrylic shell. This process can also be more economical if you have algae issues or cloudy water since you will not be using chemicals. When cleaning the acrylic avoid abrasive household cleaners which can scratch the tub.

It is also recommended you avoid liquid or soap detergent since this will create bubbles in your hot tub. Instead, seek out cleaning solutions that are specifically designed for hot tubs. If your hot tub is composed of tiles, use a toothbrush and baking soda paste to remove grout.

When refilling your tub be sure to set a timer, since it could take a while and you may forget! After you refill your tub, be sure to balance the pH levels and total alkalinity as suggested by your tub manufacturer as soon as possible, since it could take a few days to settle.

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