How to Use Charcoal Nose Strips [Jan-2022]

You are new to using a charcoal nose strip? Are you getting confused about how to use a charcoal nose strip? Then this article is worth five minutes to get your attention.

Charcoal, a derivative carbon has lots of goodness inside for your skin and beauty care. These days men and women both are having hard-working days outside.

As a result, dead cells and tanning is a regular problem. Charcoal washes from deep inside the skin and helps to get even-toned skin.

What is a charcoal nose strip?

With all the goodness of charcoal, many beauty line companies are producing charcoal strips. A thin paper strip with a layer of charcoal, which helps to remove your clogged pores, black and white pores.

These days charcoal nose strip is getting popularity for its goodness. I’m describing here some answers to those questions which you can have if you are starting the strip for the very first time.

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Here are some questions whose answers are described below:

1)      How to use pore strips?

2)      How do nose strips work?

3)      Can you leave a nose strip overnight?

4)      What to do after using nose strips?

5)      How to make nose strips work better?

6)      Does charcoal nose strip work for dry or oily skin?

How to use pore strips?

how often to use pore strips

You can follow these few easy steps to use a nose strip properly:

  • Wash your nose

Never put your nose strip directly. First, clean your nose with your favorite cleanser and warm water. You can also use salt or sugar or other exfoliating elements. Remember, exfoliation removes the bulks of pores and blackheads.

  • Get your nose wet

Charcoal contains deep cleansing elements. So, it’s very important to wet your nose with spoonful water or a damp towel.

  • Get your strip ready

Remove your strip from the packaging then bend it back and forth using your fingers’ pressure. This helps the strip to get easily set with your nose shape. Now peel off the strip cover.

  • Set the strip

While putting the strip over your nose, set it up well by mashing with soft pressure. It helps the strip to stick easily.

  • Wait and patience

Don’t hurry! Take at least 15 minutes or until the strip gets hard. Before it’s getting harder, don’t peel it off. Let it work properly.

  • Be gentle

Now peeling time. Use your fingertips softly and hold the strip by one corner. Now peel it off gently.

  • Avoid hot water

After peeling off the strip just wash your face with normal water. Don’t use warm water. Cool water helps to prevent dead cells and tanning.

How do nose strips work?

Charcoal is a good source of activated carbon. This property helps to take out the dead cells out of your face, prevents tanning and feels the opened pores with new keratin cells.

That’s the way a charcoal nose strip helps you.

Can I use the strip overnight?

No! As you have just read before, carbon is a kind of deep cleanser and dead cell remover. So it can remove your soft capillary walls around the nose.

If you really wish to put on something on the nose overnight, you can use soothing lotion or coffee beans or honey. These are good cleansers with no side effects.

What to do after using nose strips?

There are two different answers to this question.

If you have oily skin, then after using the nose strip, wash your face with cool water.

Now use some Aloe Vera gel or honey-based lotion or dry cream.

If you have dry skin, after washing your face use some moisturizer, like – Aloe Vera gel, flaxseed cream or rose water or olive oil.

How to make nose strips work better?

You have already read some important tips for the best use of charcoal nose strips. Here are a few more tips-

  • Make sure you are not talking or sleeping over your nose while using the strip.
  • Don’t rub the strip too harshly.
  • Don’t use the strip mixing with some cream or lotion.
  • Use a cream or moisturizer after washing your face.
  • Don’t push the nose while setting the strip.

Does charcoal nose strip work for dry or oily skin?

Yeah! A strip is to clean the blackheads. It works for all skin types. But if you have allergenic problems please consult with a good skin specialist.

I hope now there is no confusion on how to use a charcoal nose strip.

Looking beautiful is not necessary but make sure to have clean and confident attire.

A charcoal nose strip is a better solution for today’s pollution loaded working days. Just make sure you are using it in the correct way.

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