How to Use Morphe Palette

All women are beautiful. You are never ugly. Just keep nourishing yourself! Morphe provides you a mega-collection to make your eyes more mesmerizing.

Are you using Morphe for the first time? Then this article is just the right option for you. Don’t skip any step or you will miss the important one that you never knew.

Morphe palette

Morphe palette is a revolutionary product in the makeup world. This palette contains a huge number of shades to make your eyes beautiful and attractive. This palette comes in two types. One is matt texture and another one is glowing or natural shades.

Do you know Morphe?

In 2008, Los Angeles, Morphe started their journey with affordable makeup brushes. Later on, they started with eye shadow, lipstick, lip balm and lots of beauty lines.

How to use morphe palette

This palette is mainly for people who love bronze or rustic colors. This palette won’t let you go with the wrong eye look because every shade here is amazing and realistic.

Now follow the instructions carefully to get the right look:


Wash your face and eyes with your favorite cleanser and cool water. Now remove extra water from your face.


You can use the regular concealer you use for working or outing. Without concealer, the eyeshadow will go wrong in the sun or heavy rain.

Transition shades

Blend shades as you like to put on with perfect brushes. A normal dense blending brush will do the best.

Color it up

Take the shadow you like and now select the eyelid area as you want.

Darken the out corner

Add an out corner outside the color as a lining or area.


Now if you wish to make it more, you can use more color or other blushers to intense the shadow.

Morphe 350 palette tutorial for beginners

o   Never forget to start with a primer.

o   Start with the basic color or shades like bronze or normal skin color.

o   Use the perfect and essential brushes. Use foam if you want.

o   Always start from the outer side and blend it to the inner corner of your eyelids.

o   If you have dry skins then dip your brush tip in baby oil or water. This will reduce pigmentation and itchiness.

o   Now you are done. You can use eyebrows or extra glowing makeup if you want.

How can you get a rustic look?

  • Add some concealer to the balls of your eyelids.
  • Now blend it towards the corner.
  • Get a rustic color over your eyes.
  • Now use your finger to press and shade softly. It gives a better finish than a brush.
  • Now if you wish, then put some powder or concealer to have long-lasting rustic eyes.
  • That was the easy step to get rustic eyes!

Some of the popular and best Morphe palettes you can get

Types of Morphe palettes

350 Nature glow Eye shadow palette
Morphe 35pPlum Pleasures Eyeshadow palette
Morphe The Jaclyn Hill Eyeshadow Palette
Morphe 35k Good karma Eyeshadow palette
Morphe 35F Fall into Frost Eyeshadow palette
Morphe 25B Bronzed Mocha Eyeshadow Palette
Morphe 35Om Nature Glow Matte Eyeshadow Palette

Can you use Morphe eyeshadows wet?

Yeah! But remember you should wet your brush, not the palette color.

Morphe 350 nature glow palette tutorial

  • A simple tutorial in 6 easy steps. Follow the instructions:
  • After washing your face properly, put on some concealer.
  • Now get the color you want to apply. You can use a normal dense brush to blend. I prefer bright colors to use. It goes awesome with a glowing look.
  • Now make a border with another darker color.
  • Now put some concealer again.
  • Take your glowing shadow palette and use foam or fingertips to press it softly to blend with the color.

Are the shades in Morphe chalky or smooth?

Most of the shimmers are smooth. The darker shades can be a little bit chalky.

How to handle chalky shadows?

This is not a problem at all! Just put some concealer or powder after blending the color.

Can you use Morphe palette as a regular makeup?

Yes of course! This palette provides you lots of shades. So you can use normal shades on regular working days.

Women are often confused about whether to use mascara with Morphe shadows or not? There is no problem using other necessary makeup kits with Morphe package.

You deserve your best and favorite look. So just go on.

Final Words

However, Morphe blends with every type of products and kits.

Remember, if you are allergic to make up, please talk to your skin specialist to have the best result. If you have no skin problems then this how to use morphe palette is the perfect tutorial for you.

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