29 Awesome Indoor Garden Ideas for Your Home (#5 Is Voted by Many!)

Imitating an outdoor garden for your interior can be complicated than it seems. If you are considering creating a greener home, you should consider professional tips in doing so.

Indoor garden ideas are not only limited to arranging branches, flowers, or twigs into a vase. Handling a larger space is different. To make your garden setup more successful, you should consider a variety of methods in making your output more creative.

You should go beyond the potted plants around, especially now that you have tons of alternatives. For instance, you can consider using wooden spools and glass jars for a more attractive result.

To begin your activity, here are the following indoor garden ideas that gardeners everywhere love:

#1 Create Rolling Cart Planter (No More Worries on Placement)

image18 3

If your house has limited space, this is a great option. Alternatively, if you have a not-so-used bar cart, then you should take advantage of it for repurposing. You simply have to fill in the spaces with soil before arranging the plants and flowers.

The best finishing for this rolling cart is moss. Do not limit yourself and choose your most favorite flowers for the wagon.

Do you want any suggestions for flower arrangements? Try these ideas.

#2 Hanging Indoor Garden (Space-Saver Indeed)

image1 8

Limited space is not an issue if you want to set up an indoor garden at home. Apart from the rolling cart option, you should consider building a vertical garden. It is very easy to do so, especially now that it can fit in even the tiniest area of your abode. You are not also limited to choosing succulents or flowers for it. You can even settle with potted plants instead.

Are you considering this idea? Start building it now!

#3 Glass Jars Will Never Go Wrong (It Always Looks Nice!)

image9 3

The conventional layout of succulents and flowers is no longer the trend. Most gardeners today try out new ways to make their arrangements more creative. One good example is the use of glass jars.

You could either put them on a wall or place them in compartments. To make your indoor garden more attractive, name each of your succulents or flowers. There are plenty of glass jars around, which you can choose from depending on your preference.

Are you looking into trying this indoor garden idea?

#4 Duplicate a Forest Floor (Easiest and Most Practical Solution)

image11 3

If you have sufficient place to set up your indoor garden, you can create a miniature forest floor instead. You do not have to be concerned about the plants since these have been used to thriving with direct sunlight exposure. Some species can survive even under indirect or artificial light. The best spot where you could set up your forest floor is facing your large window. Still, it is ideal to add a curtain for shade.

Do you find it hard to select floor plants? Consider these choices.

#5 Make Your Bathroom Greener (and More Relaxing!)

image6 2

You do not have to concentrate on the major areas of your house when you can set up an indoor garden in your bathroom. Apparently, the comfort room is one of the places where you could relax. Due to this fact, you should take advantage of such attributes to make it more tranquil. Adding indoor plants that love moisture will be a great option for this case.

Are you looking for more that thrive in bathrooms? Check out these succulents.

#6 Box it Out (for the Sake of Creativity!)

image2 6

You can be creative even in the most obvious ways, such as boxing out plants. This will provide you the chance not only to create a new trend among your friends but make it easier to manage your succulents. You can simply use an antique glass container with a wooden frame for this idea. Otherwise, you can do it yourself.

Do you need a list of plants that can be boxed? Check out a few.

#7 Steel Mesh Garden for a Basic Touch (and a bit of Convenience)

image13 3

This can be considered almost similar to the hanging garden but with a different aesthetic. The vertical garden is made out of steel mesh where you could clip on small succulents and flowers. It can be placed anywhere you want to create a focal point. You do not have to fill up the mesh with plants since you can just choose those that attract you the most.

Are you considering this idea? Do it yourself today!

#8 Do Not Underestimate an Unused Ladder (it Can Be a Lovely Garden)

image3 7

Are you finding ways to convert a ladder in your home to an attractive accent? You can then transform it into an indoor garden. You do not necessarily have to fill up all the spaces with plants. Hanging a few is effective. Afterward, you can simply concentrate on adding plants to the floor to provide more appeal.

This requires less effort because the staircases could serve as a support for the succulents. If you prefer, you can even add up candles alongside the plants.

Do you want to try this out? Here are the guidelines.

#9 Skinny Will Always Be a Thing (Even for Gardening)

image5 5

Instead of focusing on the bar carts that take much space in your home, you should try skinny planters. These stands will still provide you the opportunity to arrange small succulents with a small space.

It somehow supports a minimalist interior, which most homeowners love. You can just put it in an empty area to create an appeal even for a blank wall.

Are you interested in this indoor garden idea? Here are the steps.

#10 Stacking Has Never Been This Stylish (Adding Decoration Is a Plus!)

image12 3

You should not solely concentrate on cabinets and equally proportioned compartments when creating an indoor garden. You can also stack up boxes and transform them into shelves. From this point on, you can put a variety of plants in every space. Furthermore, consider it as an area for other decorations as well. If you prefer, you can also consider it as a mini-library.

Do you think it is a great idea? Try it today!

#11 Pipes Can Change the Standard (it Looks Better Than Expected)

image7 5

Gardening at home does not have to be very basic. You should also go beyond what is expected. If you have leftover pipes around, use them to set up a mini forest at your place. This can be very cheap as well. Furthermore, pipes have long been known to serve different purposes aside from sewerage. The arrangement does not have to be overly done since you simply will convert it as a pot.

Do you like this idea? Try recreating it today!

#12 Aquariums Have Always Been a Good Option (Not Only for Fish)

image4 6

Are you considering the disposal of your underwater miniature? In such a case, you should leave the glass container behind. With a spherical aquarium, you can create a very attractive indoor garden that you can put almost anywhere. Besides, you can only use small indoor plants in this case. Others even settle with fake plants for the sake of eliminating maintenance requirements.

#13 Garment Rack Can Be More Useful (and More Stylish)

image15 3

You do not need to set aside or store your clothing rack if it can serve as your indoor garden. It is one of the easiest ideas to adapt. You simply have to hang plants.

For your utmost convenience, find low-maintenance plants, which do not require frequent watering or care. Apparently, in this case, you still have to use pots for the plants before hanging them.

Are you finding this idea considerable? Try recreating it now!

#14 Plastic Bottles Will Always Be DIY-Friendly (Not to Mention, Cheap!)

image19 2

You could save a lot of money if you use plastic bottles as your indoor garden pots. These objects have been used to create decorations at home. Though it is expensive, it never fails to make a charming interior accent.

Instead of buying new pots, you can use the bottles to arrange small plants. Besides, it can be hung if you have limited space at home. You can even have plenty of succulents if you have various plastic bottles.

Do you want to try recreating one? Simply follow these steps.

#15 Tea Cups Can Also Leave the Kitchen (Basil Looks Best in it!)

image8 3

There are teacups found in your cupboard that have surely been unused for a long time. Instead of storing it until it degrades in quality, use it for your indoor garden. You do not have restrictions on the types of teacups to use. What you have at home can be useful for this idea. One of the best plants you can put in it is basil.

Nonetheless, you are still free to arrange other succulents and flowers. Only consider the color of the teacup and how it will complement your plants.

Are you looking forward to a teacup garden party? Do it yourself today!

#16 Drawers Can Be Plant Compartments (Another Believe It or Not)

image20 3

It is unique to fill in a few compartments with plants and let these open. By doing so, you will not only create a one-of-a-kind indoor garden but also provide more space for other tools. You do not necessarily have to look for flowering plants. For this idea, it is ideal to stick with the greens.

This indoor garden looks ideal for your room. Try it now!

#17 Tin Cans for Another Vertical Garden (This Time, by the Window)

image10 3

Apart from plastic bottles, tin cans are also among the popular do-it-yourself materials. Various decorations can be made out of it. Moreover, it can also assist you in arranging a vertical garden.

Before planting succulents or flowers into the cans, it is ideal to put designs onto the tin cans through painting. The best spot for these hanging containers is by the window.

Are you planning to decorate your room? Create this indoor garden idea!

#18 Vertical Indoor Garden for Partitioning (Dual Purpose Furnishings Never Fail)

image14 3

You can create dual-purpose furnishing at home by developing a vertical garden that can serve as a partition. In this case, you should expect that you need more plants and space. It is also best to find plants that do not require frequent watering. This is because these succulents will be placed vertically. It will be difficult to hydrate them when necessary.

Do you need assistance in creating the same indoor garden? Here are steps that help.

#19 Bulbs Do Not Have to Light Up (At Least in Indoor Gardens)

image17 3

Creating crafts with available materials is one of the most significant ideas when setting up an indoor garden. Not all people may know about it, but bulbs can also serve as mini pots for succulents and flowers. Apart from this, there are also other crafts you can create from scrap.

Apparently, you will not leave these plants freestanding but mounted on your wall. Playing with a variety of bulb sizes will also create a better arrangement.

Do you like this unique idea? Try recreating it for your home!

#20 Wood Planks for a Modern Touch (Tin Cans Are Best Used for This)

image24 2

Adding life to a blank wall or area in your home does not have to be expensive. By considering this idea, you simply need tin cans and wood planks. From there on, you can already set up your mini indoor garden. There should be no fuss with the selection of plants as well. You can settle with succulents that can grow even in dim light.

Do you want to create this walled garden? Consider choosing the best hanging plants.

#21 Herb Wreath for a More Originative Garden (This Can Be Hung or Freestanding)

image25 1

You will consider this do-it-yourself idea if you want both freestanding and hanging indoor garden. It does not have to be colossal. You can consider putting mini plants and flowers instead.

If you prefer to, you can also use potted ones and simply tie them onto the wreath. This craft does not cause you a headache on complementing your furnishings at home.

This is easier than it looks. Find out how it is created.

#22 Moss Wall for a Full Green Touch (Sometimes It Has to be Straightforward)

image16 3

If you are among the gardeners that do not find it feasible to spare time in arranging succulents and flowers, this is a superb idea. A moss wall is just one of the many amazing outputs when playing with the arrangement of plants.

It may be dull or full green. It complements any part of your home. Furthermore, it can also serve as a partition when arranged on a larger scale.

Are you considering this idea? Here is a guideline for growing moss.

#23 Vertical Pot Stack for a Tight Budget (Counterpart of a Large Planter)


You would agree that vertical planters designed in gardens are impressive, but there is no denying these could be very costly. Instead of suffering from too many expenses, try a cheaper alternative.

You will stack pots and create a vertical garden. Under this indoor garden idea, you have plenty of herbal options on hand. It is your strategy how to find materials that will work for your existing fund.

To start rearranging your home decorations, here are steps in creating this indoor garden.

#24 Indoor Garden on Shelves (Conventional But Simply Attractive)

image27 1

You can also categorize this among the easiest indoor gardens you could create in your house. You simply need shelves where you would put pots of succulents and flowers. If you prefer, you could build your shelves for the indoor garden.

Alternatively, some sets can be assembled easily but require extra costs. Apart from walls, you can also put this indoor garden by the window for sufficient sunlight.

Do you want more ideas for matching succulents and flowers? Follow these simple tips.

#25 Summer-Ready Indoor Garden (Touch on Pots Does It)

image21 2

Matching the summer vibe is best done by setting up an indoor garden with terra cotta pots. Instead of using the standard color of plant containers, exert a little effort to paint on them. Choose playful hues to complement the season.

It is also better to use a variety of pot sizes when arranging the indoor garden. As for the selection of succulents or flowers, you do not have any limitations.

This is worth the try for the hot season. Also, start learning simple summer plant care.

#27 Slate Garden, an Edgy Choice (Perfect for Modern Interiors)

image22 2

Instead of sticking with the expected containers for indoor plants, such as bottles, pots, and jars, you can consider slate as a base for your garden. You may have only found slate in your outdoor garden, but a miniature of it can also be brought indoors.

What is more admirable about this option is that you do not need to water your plants frequently. Furthermore, you do not even have to use soil for this indoor garden.

Do you want a show-stopper at home? Try creating this indoor garden.

#28 Topless Tables for Instant Garden (Best for Busy-Headed Homeowners)


Not all people have the time to set up a mini garden, especially when the new idea is to be considered. If you are one of those, you should consider topless tables as your base for an indoor garden.

Similar to tending succulents in a pot, you just have to put soil and the plant in it. As advised, you should place this mini garden near the window.

Do you find this interesting? Follow the simple steps in creating it.

#29 Fill Your Home With Citrus Trees (Do Not Fret, These Are Dwarves)

image26 2

If you think you can only put citrus trees outdoors, then you are limiting your gardening possibilities. You can also put the plant in medium-sized pots. This is a splendid idea if you want to create a tropical aura in your home. There are several benefits of growing dwarf citrus trees, starting with easy growing and maintenance. By keeping it in a pot, its size will remain to a minimum.

You do not have to worry about the fruits it will bear for it can provide many lemons despite its smaller stature. The fruits are also developed at a height for easy and comfortable picking.

Are you one of those interested? If so, check out tips in putting up citrus trees indoors.

Exploring Your Options

There are more fantastic ideas you should consider if you are planning to create an indoor garden. For a person who loves succulents and flowers, the possibilities are endless. If it is your first time setting up an indoor garden, do not limit yourself. There are tons of plants to select from. Besides, you have no restrictions with objects to utilize for the placement of the succulents.

If you prefer, you can create a different indoor garden set up every time the season changes. Apparently, it is cheaper to make a garden indoors. There will also be less maintenance. If you select succulents that can survive under the harshest conditions, you no longer have to worry about watering them frequently.

Additionally, do not stick with a single room when finding a location for your indoor garden since every corner of your house deserves a fresh look.

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