INNOVA 3340 Digital Multimeter Review [Jan-2022]

If you are looking for a multimeter for beginners, then the Innova 3340 is the right choice for you.

It is a digital multimeter that can offer you the benefit of owning one of the most important devices in the automobile industry.

When it comes to diagnosing problems, the Innova 3340 will surely never fail you and it comes with many benefits.

In terms of the diagnosis of the common problems with your automobile, this multimeter can help you determine the status of the problem and identify what needs to be done to prevent it from getting worse.

This device is surely a great help in ensuring that your automobile is in a good state.

Applicable to a Wide Range of Operations

Innova 3340 Professional Automotive Digital Multimeter


This multimeter allows you to utilize it for a wide array of applications. You can check the voltage of your battery with this device. You can even check the alternator output and see if it is properly working or not.

Aside from this, the voltage of the light sockets can also be subjected to checking. There are certainly more applications that you can check with the use of this multimeter.

The Innova 3340 is considered as a professional multimeter that greatly helps in identifying engine-related troubles.

The auto shut-off mode will automatically activate after it senses inactivity for a certain period of time. This is for the purpose of conserving the battery. Aside from this, there is a probe holder attached to the body for storage.

Temperature Probe Feature

This feature allows the user to check the temperature as accurately as possible. In maintaining cars, it is always important to be able to check the temperature to ensure its proper running condition.

To make it really convenient for you, you can measure the temperature both in Celsius and Fahrenheit, making it easier for you to convert temperatures back and forth.

The diodes can also be tested if they are working properly or not. There are test lead holders for protection.

For added value, the multimeter also features an auto-ranging feature and protection from overload.

It can also be used for reverse polarity protection which is detrimental to the health status of cars.

These benefits prove that the Innova 3340 is indeed an indispensable tool in electronics and in the automobile world.

If you want to utilize all of these features and functionalities, then it is time to have this multimeter.

Its ability to check the temperature level is very important to prevent serious problems in your system.

Innova 3340 Features and Specifications

  • Super easy to use – It is perfect for beginners because it is very simple and easy to use.
  • Large LCD display – You won’t have a hard time in reading the updates because it has a large display. The information will also be displayed with accuracy and precision.
  • Durable Test Leads – These test leads are made to be durable and resilient enough for a variety of applications.
  • Professional design – It is designed in a way that makes it fit for diagnosing problems with automobiles.
  • Alternator diodes – Even the alternator diodes are tested in order to ensure that they are working properly.
  • RPM clamp
  • Automatic Shut Off – This feature ensures that the multimeter will automatically turn off during inactivity.

Innova 3340 Reviews

There are quite a number of buyers of Innova 3340 so we will give it a rating of 7 out of 10. This multimeter can really level up your automobile experience.

If you want to get ahead to most of the car problems, then it is a must to obtain one of these.

Most of the users praised it for its wide array of applications. They claim that they are able to use it in determining problems, preventing the onset of problems, and for troubleshooting purposes.

They are very satisfied with its ability to foresee problems so they can do something about it before it gets worse.

Some users also commended it for the large LCD display because they can read it very clearly even when their surrounding is dark. Overall, it gained positive feedbacks.

Things to Improve

If there are things to be improved with this multimeter, then it is probably the clamp measurement.

The existing users noted that it would have been better if the clamp doesn’t need to use a clamp adapter for faster and more efficient usage. Another thing to take note is that it is harder to set it to zero.


The Innova 3340 is indeed a multifunctional multimeter. You can use it in diagnosing different troubles with your automobile before it gets out of hand.

If you would like to maintain your car in its working condition, then it is time to buy the best multimeter in the market which is the Innova 3340. Check out the reviews for more information.

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