Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables Review

Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables is a versatile product that could work in all weather conditions. You may use the cable for your cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs, and vans. The easy-to-use product is designed to prevent tangles and has color codes, which are black for negative and red for positive. For every package of the cables, you would have a carry bag that is very easy to store.

The 20-foot long and four-gauge jumper cables are available with 400 amperage (Amps) and copper cad aluminum structure. It is also ETL-listed. Once purchased, you would have a lifetime warranty for the product. If anything goes wrong, Iron Forge Tools would replace it with a new item.

CCA Construction

CCA stands for copper clad aluminum structure of the jumper cables. There are various advantages you could reap by using the type of cables instead of standard copper or aluminum wire. Primarily, the construction is lighter in weight, which is why it is more convenient to use than copper wire. In addition, compared with aluminum wire, CCA has higher tensile strength and conductivity.

By using the CCA cables, you would be able to solder the wire more efficiently instead of an aluminum one. There is also copper wire-like signal frequency and corrosion resistance using CCA. If you would install the cable material, it is also more manageable to do so alongside its advantage for added flexibility.

This type of cable is commonly found in automobile’s wiring, primarily due to its high economic advantage. It gets rid of stress on strand wires, reels, and conduit pulls, among others. Furthermore, this type of wiring is less likely to be stolen compared to pure copper.

ETL Listed Product

Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables is an ETL-listed product, proving that it has met the standards of independent testing authorities. Specifically, the certification guarantees that the product is in compliance to safety standards in North America.  Even the United States and Canada’s Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) considered ETKL certification as a proof of an item’s compliance to approved industry standards. At present, ETL is becoming the fastest expanding safety certification agency in North America.

There are tons of products that have to go through approval under ETL Listed Mark. These items include medical devices, industrial machineries, automotive items, appliances, and lightings, among others. According to records, the certification is featured on millions of products distributed and sold every day.

Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables Features and Specifications

Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables are jumper wiring that is 20-foot long with four gauges. It has 400 Amps and copper clad aluminum construction. The dimensions of the cable are 12.5 inches by 12.1 inches by three inches. Also, its total weight is 5.6 pounds.

To learn more about the product, here are its other top features:

  • Versatility. You do not have to purchase a different set of jumper cables in order to work on different engines. This product is perfected for all possible vehicles you got in your garage.
  • Easy to Use. It is very easy to use the cables since they are structured to avoid tangles. Moreover, it follows the basic steps of being clamped on your car’s battery.
  • Portable. You may easily bring the jumper cables anywhere you may go since they even have a carrier that is ideal for convenient storage.
  • Heavy Duty. If you prefer jumper cables that would last long despite intermittent use, this is an item to consider. It is different from cheap and lightweight rivals that may break in a few uses.
  • Ideal for Emergency. Even women would find the product totally helpful in critical times since it could be left in your car for traveling.
  • Affordable. If the features of the product are to be considered, you could say that it is reasonably priced. It is also a good investment since it does not need replacement even after long use.

Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 9.6 out of 10.

Most of the feedbacks about the product are positive. The customers commended how long the cables are, which is just perfect for any situation. In addition, the heavy-duty structure of the cables made it more considerable to use, especially if you often go from place to place and needs emergency support. Others even claimed that the cables have as well worked for commercial trucks, proving how sturdy it is.

Things to Improve

Not all were satisfied by the fact Iron Forge Tools cable is available with an easy carry bag. According to them, the bag is not as big as expected. Moreover, they complained how difficult it is to repack the cables back into the carrier. Some even shared that they had to use a different storage for the cables. However, this negative feedback was overshadowed by the cable’s great features.


Overall, Iron Forge Tools 20-Foot Jumper Cables are a great buy as proven by their high-performing attributes and relentless support from pleased consumers.

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