JKS 9904 Jeep Lift Kit Review

The JKS 9904 is another suspension lift kit option that is described as a formed urethane spacer system. The package ensures a lift of 1.25 inches in the chassis. It can fit between the OE body mount and the body of your truck. It ascertains that it would not influence the suspension geometry or spring rate upon lifting your vehicle.

Furthermore, the jeep lift kit guarantees a minimized effect on the center of gravity since it does not alter the height of the drivetrain and chassis. The JKS package is cleverly designed, ensuring a safe off-road performance.

Urethane Spacer Material

The kit is formed with components made of urethane, an extremely versatile material. This substance has long been used for various applications that cover mechanical activities. The flexible urethane has a wide range of hardness and a high load-bearing capacity, particularly in both compression and tension. It is structured in a way that it can return to its original shape after a change under a massive load.

Urethane material has been chosen by JKS for it could work on high flex fatigue situations while ensuring recovery properties. It is also an ideal solution even at low temperatures. Furthermore, it has high tensile properties and a better tear-protective attribute. It will not even degrade even if it is used around materials that promote harsh effects.

Easy Maintenance Support

Aside from your regular vehicle maintenance schedule, the JKS 9904 kit also comes with instructions on how you can keep all torque specifications working as intended. The steps include constant lubrication and cleaning using pressurized water.

JKS 9904 Features and Specifications

The jeep lift kit comes with all the needed parts for a successful lift even at your own place. In every package, you would get 11 Dura-Thane body pucks, six 0.5 inches by 4.5 inches bolts, six 0.5 inch flat washers, five 0.4375 inches by 4 inches bolts, five 0.4375 inch flat washers, a couple of 0.25 inch by 0.75-inch bolts, one 0.25 inch by 1-inch fender washer, six 0.25 inch Nylock nuts, one pivot bushing drop plate, and a pair of extended radiator bumpers.

To perform the lift and use the parts accordingly, you need tools such as the standard or metric socket wrench set, hydraulic floor jack, torque wrench, tape measure, 0.25-inch drill bit, spray lubricant, a heavy block of wood, a medium strength thread locker, center punch, and hammer, and die grinder with cut-off wheel or saw.

Given below are its top features:

  • Premium Body Lift – The product comes with a high-performance kit that can add 1.25 inches of tire clearance without influencing the suspension geometry or the spring rate of your vehicle. It increases the body of your truck minus the extra effect on the center of gravity. It works alongside drivetrain and chassis considerations. Its design ensures dependable operation, proper fitting, and safe drive.
  • High-Quality Materials – The components of the product are made from high-quality materials, such as urethane for the grill supports to ensure stress resistance. The poly spacers are Dura-Thane, guaranteeing extra security during installation.
  • No More Modifications – The kit would work without you having to change the settings of the air conditioning system, fuel tank, brakes, or even the radiator.
  • Easy to Install – The kit comes with a comprehensible and straightforward set of instructions. Since all necessary hardware is included in the package, each application would be a breeze.
  • Vehicle-Specific Design – The suspension lift tools are tailored to provide safe and reliable results without improper fitment.
  • Be as cost-minded as you want, but this product would not bring many issues in terms of affordability.

JKS 9904 Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 8.4 out of 10.

JKS 9904 jeep lift kit received mostly perfect ratings from its existing owners. According to the feedback, it is very easy to install compared to its counterparts. Though you may run into issues, these could easily be resolved. The reviews also highlighted the fact it can drastically enhance the clearance around the exhaust and transmission systems. Conclusively, it lifts as intended with the right amount of room.

Things to Improve

When it comes to improvement, there is nothing much aside from the fact that some customers suggested that it should at least prevent the use of original body mounts. This could be ineffective if the old ones you have are already rusty. Furthermore, the instructions must be detailed enough to include the disconnection of the gas filler tube.


The JKS 9904 is a considerable jeep lift kit to try. Given that it provides all the hardware you need to obtain a decent lift, you can ensure that it would work. It is also affordable, which strengthens the reason why you should buy it.

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