7 Smart Ways to Keep a Home Garage Cool in the Summer

Hot and humid weather, especially in the month of summer, can make the day painful and difficult to carrying out the daily work. Without having the proper cooling system in your garage will create a tormenting and doleful environment if you want to spend free time.

The temperature of a garage can be 5-10° C higher than the outside environment when sunlight is burning almost everything. Some people use the open space of garage as fitness gym and some as a workshop and enjoy the leisure.

It might not be a safe option to stay for a long time in a garage in case your garage is not connected to central cooling or heating system of your home. In the hot season, stifling environment of your garage may increase the risk of heat stock or heat stress.


However, keeping a garage cool in summer is very challenging and hard if you don’t have enough budgets to purchase an air conditioner or increasing the capacity of your central cooling system to cover garage. You can consider some cheap but most effective methods to keep the garage cool in scorching weather.

If you like or plan to spend extra time in your garage, then following tips can help you to resolve the cooling problem of your garage.

  1. Improve Ventilation System

You can construct a passive ventilation system by installing a vent system on the roof of the garage. It can be a good exit point for the hot air what is stuck in the garage attic. This process works very excellently, and it needs very low cost.

Nevertheless, an Active ventilation system is one of the best ways to cool a garage, but you have to manage a decent budget to install it. A ventilation fan is a permanent fixture for your wall and garage door. Mount exhaust/ventilation fan in the extended space of the garage main door or windows will keep the garage cooler in summer. You have to hire a professional to install the exhaust fans if you don’t have certificate or training on handling electrical wiring or circuit breaker.

  1. Stop Parking Recently Used Vehicles in Garage

We park our recently used vehicles in the garage directly. It’s an atrocious habit. The engine and the body of the recently used vehicles radiate tropical heat wave into the garage and increase the temperature of the garage dramatically. Simply, fix this problem by leaving your vehicles outside until it becomes cool in the hot day.

  1. Use Electric Fan.

Of course, Fan is the cheapest way to make you comfortable in hot weather. A fan can also be used in your garage to keep it chilling. Though there are different types of fan available for home use, simply choose a fan that can oscillate and circulate the air well (like tower fan, pedestal fan or stand fan). A ceiling fan can also be a good solution for garage cooling purpose. A fan circulates the air around the garage and removes the warm air outside the garage.

It might be a good idea to use two fans instead of one. Place one fan facing the window so that it can blow away the hot air from the garage outside. Another one can be used to flow cooling air in free space for the garage. Tower fans or pedestal fans can be the best suitable option for this air flowing goal.


  1. Choose Light Colors for Garage Exterior

Light color absorbs less heat wave of sun than the dark color. If the color of the exterior of your garage is dark, then you can expect an increase of your garage temperature a little bit high.

In case you have a private and isolated garage, it will be a good idea painting the roof with the light color. It will reduce the temperature of garage significantly.

  1. Insulating the Garage

Proper insulation system in your garage can reduce the exchange and transformation of heat wave from the outside to the inside of the garage. Thus, insulation will keep the cool inside the garage.

You have to add insulation to the garage door, walls and ceiling to make it perfect for summer. If the main garage door is made of wood, you don’t need to insulate it as wood is an excellent insulator. To insulate the garage, you can use cheap materials like polystyrene or polyurethane.

Weather-stripping can be used to make the insulation system more advance. Fill the cracks or gaps of the frames your garage doors or windows using weather-stripping. Silicone caulk can be a great alternative of weather-stripping in this task.

  1. Remove Unnecessary Items from the Garage

Usually, a garage is used as a store room. We store many household appliances like mowers, tractors, saws, etc. in the garage. This equipment accommodates lots of garage space. So the air can’t move freely in it. Arrange and organize stored equipment such that the air can move freely inside the garage. Don’t store this machine after using it. Either wise it will radiate thermal heat wave.

  1. Plant Deciduous Tree

A deciduous tree will keep your garage cool in summer and spring season. In these seasons, the leaves of the tree protect the garage from direct sunlight in peak hour and will give the garage good shade. Also, during the winter season, the bare branches of a tree will let the sunlight directly warm the garage. It will keep the garage cool in winter.

Choose a fast growing tree and plan it in the free space around the garage. Plant an evergreen tree if you need shed both in hot and winter seasons.

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