Klein Tools MM1000 Multimeter Review

Klein Tools is a well-known brand when it comes to car components and other parts. The Klein Tools MM1000 is another innovation from this company that features a wide array of uses.  Whether you are an amateur or professional user, you will surely be able to use this multimeter in maintaining your vehicle.

It has the ability to measure the AC voltage and the battery.  These factors are very important in allowing your car to run continuously and without any problem.  Have you ever experienced driving off the road and suddenly your engine stopped?  If yes, then one of the probable causes of this is the battery or the alternator.

The battery needs to have sufficient voltage to keep on functioning.  If it drops, expect that it will eventually turn off.  This multimeter can help in preventing these kinds of problems.  You will be able to check if there is something wrong to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Auto Ranging Features

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The Klein MM1000 has auto ranging features that make it possible for electricians to treat it with utmost trust and respect.  This multimeter has the ability to provide all the necessary functions of a multimeter. Aside from this, all the factors for troubleshooting and testing will be provided.

The built of this multimeter is very functional.  You will find it easy to grip because the side parts are made with ribs to prevent accidental dropping while you’re holding it.  The thing that you will really appreciate with it is its application to different electrical gadgets.  This means that it is not limited to cars only.

It has the function to measure the DC and AC current as well as the duty circle.  This ability helps it in maintaining its lead in the market.  if you would need to measure resistance and capacitance, then you should not think twice about purchasing this multimeter.

High Resistance Level

This multimeter has the ability to measure high levels of resistance that can reach up to a maximum of 40M.  In using this feature, you will be able to check the efficacy of the resistor.  You can even check if it is functioning properly.  The multimeter will place voltages on the probes.  This will induce a flow in the gadget.

You will be able to see the measurement of these readings through the interactive screen.  You can check it in the right side of the dial.  The calibrations are also given so close with each other, which is another edge of this multimeter.  Just remember that you need to set it to zero before you start measuring using this multimeter.

Klein Tools MM1000 Features and Specifications

  • Thermocouple, test leads and batteries inclusion
  • Auto ranging Voltage measurement mechanism – This allows you to measure the AC and DC voltages.
  • Backlit Display – This is used for greater visibility for the users.
  • Professional Multimeter – Most of the electricians prefer this multimeter due to its professional look.
  • Test Continuity Diodes – This is perhaps one of its most important feature.

Klein Tools MM1000 Reviews

Due to its effective and dependable features, the Klein Tools MM1000 received a rating of 7 out of 10.  Most of the users are able to find the features they are looking for in a multimeter.  They also praised its high efficacy to measure both AC and DC voltages.  The diodes measurements are also being utilized by most of the users.  It definitely helps them in pinpointing the problems that might arise.

Another thing that most users like about this is the ability to measure capacitance.  You might be wondering what capacitance means.  It is simply the ability of a particular system to store an electric charge.  It is also the ratio of change in electric charges.  Klein Tools MM1000 is able to do the capacitance measurement which cannot be found in other multi meters.

Things to Improve

Some of the users commented on the measurement of the DC voltages.  According to them, there is a tendency for it to be inconsistent.  It should have been better if the maker will make it more consistent and reliable, although it is one of the best in its league.


If you need to do a comprehensive check up on your automobile, it is recommended to make use of the Klein Tools MM1000 because it is one of the most reliable in the market.  It can even measure capacitance which cannot be done by some other multimeters.  These features are the main reason why this multimeter still remains to be the top rate one in the market.

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