KRASR Garden Hose Review [Jan-2022]

The KRASR Garden Hose is one of the few hoses in the market that can expand very easily under water pressure from 25 feet directly to 75 feet.

Since the KRASR Garden Hose is made of rubber that is high pressure-resistance latex, it is very strong and durable. It also has a maximum water pressure capacity or burst strength 145 PSI endurance level.

Finally, it is a kink free hose which makes it a gardeners dream and has a warranty of 12 months.

KRASR Garden Hose Review


  • Kink Free: One of the best features of the KRASR Garden Hose is that it is kink free. You can use it for a very long period of time and it still won’t get any kinks. This saves a lot of time of yours when you are working in your garden.
  • Expandable: The KRASR Garden Hose can very comfortably expand to 75 feet from its size of 25 feet which is very rare in a garden hose. You can be comfortable and not worry about the size of your lawn or garden when you are buying this hose. Since it expands, even if your garden would normally need 50 feet or more hose, the 25 feet KRASR Garden Hose suffices
  • Light and easy to store: Since the hose is expandable and immediately contracts to its previous size of 25 feet when the water is switched off, the KRASR Garden Hose is very light, portable and easy to store. The 8 feet hose can go up to 25 feet when filled with water.
  • 145 PSI: The KRASR Garden Hose has a 145 PSI burst strength which is more than enough for even using it with power tools to clean but stubborn stains or even chewing gum off your car, furniture or driveway.
  • 12 month warranty: The KRASR Garden Hose has a 12 month warranty and even though there have been reviews online about the hose getting leaks in a couple months, if yours does, you can just claim the warranty. In case you need to replace the hose, you can just contact the company via Amazon from where you would have bought it and since the hose is shipped from within the US, you get a new hose in 3-6 working days.
  • Flexible and easy to use: Since the hose is an expandable one, you can just lay it down pointing towards the direction you will need the water and once the water is switched on, the hose automatically expands in that direction up to its maximum length making it very easy to use.


  • Leaks in a few months: There are a few reviews online about the KRASR Garden Hose getting leaks in a few months. Since the company claims to have sold over 10 million hoses, it would be normal to have a hundred or so bad reviews. Anyway, in case you do get a faulty one, you can anytime claim the warranty as long as it’s covered.

Additional Details

Once you are done with the watering, you can switch off the valve which would be attached to the brass connector.

In case you don’t do that, the pressure in the hose can be built up which would damage the latex of the hose and then can burst or get a leak.

Also, make sure that you empty out the water from the hose once you have completed the chores for the day.

expandable garden hose


Since it is made by the KRASR Company which has a very good reputation when it comes to high quality products, it is a definite recommend.

It is durable, kink free, flexible expands so is easy to use and store. It also has a 12 month warranty period so in case you get leaks it is still a safe purchase. Check the price on Amazon.

I hope you liked our review and will benefit from it. Have you used the KRASR Garden Hose? Please comment below to share your review on it.