Lasko 1843 Pedestal Fan Review

There are a lot of choices of traditional stand fans in the market but for a fan that has an excellent design but can also live up to its purpose, the Lasko 1843 cyclone pedestal fan is one if not the best there is. It has quite an attractive design for a stand fan and it also comes with a lot of features for what it is worth.

The Lasko 1843 cyclone stand fan has a stable base but is mostly made up of plastic and lightweight materials. This makes it easier to carry the fan from room to room. Other best features that put this Lasko stand fan model on top are its programmable sleep timer, oscillation with tilting option, and its simple assembly.

Another good thing about this Lasko fan is that it’s easy to assemble. You can just snap all the parts together and you can be ready to use it just a few minutes after.

Oscillating Head with Tilt Back Option

Lasko 1843 Remote Control Cyclone Pedestal Fan, 18-Inch, Black

When choosing a stand fan, you want something that can give you a strong and cool airflow exactly where you want it to be. This is exactly what you get with the Lasko 1843 cyclone pedestal fan. It is designed with versatility in mind, thus, it has an oscillating head feature that allows the fan more coverage.

With its tilt-back option, you can definitely get that cool air exactly where you want it. The height of the Lasko cyclone pedestal fan can also be extended up to 54 inches. Having this option of stand extension will also extend the coverage of the Lasko 1843 that can really be helpful to cool even much larger space in a room.

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Three Quiet Speed Settings

One of the problems in most stand fans is the unwanted buzzing you get with it especially whenever you have to turn it to its highest speed. This can really be annoying at times especially when it messes with your sleep. Stronger airflow and quietness of the electric motor are not always associated with each other but with Lasko 1843, you’ve got nothing to worry about.

It has three whisper-quiet speed settings which will give you cool air the way you want it without giving you a high level of noise. The stand fan set also comes with a very handy remote control that will allow you to turn the fan on and off, and access the settings without really having to go to the fan itself.

Lasko 1843 Features and Specifications

  • Multi-function remote control – With the handy remote control of this Lasko stand fan, you can easily access the settings without having to stand up from your chair.
  • Oscillation control – With its oscillation capacity, you can get cooler air from side to side. With its additional tilt-back adjustment, you can easily get a direct air where you need it.
  • Adjustable height – With its maximum height of about 54 inches, you get a very versatile stand fan that is sure to get you enough cool air around a whole room.
  • Simple assembly – There is no need for tools when assembling the Lasko 1843 because the parts are designed to snap together.
  • Programmable timer – Aside from its built-in three speeds you can choose from, it also has a programmable sleep timer you can access.
  • Cyclone performance grill – Because of its latest cyclone technology, you can get both cooler and stronger airflow and quietness with the Lasko 1843 stand fan.

Lasko 1843 Cyclone Pedestal Fan Reviews

One of the best things people like about the Lasko 1843 is its air cooling capacity. You don’t only get an oscillation control with this stand fan but also a tilt-back option. Its additional height and extension are also a great bonus.

It is easy to assemble and clean and with its remote control, you can just sit back and turn on your fan and access all of its settings. This stand fan is definitely an 8.4 out of 10.

Things to Improve

This Lasko pedestal fan model is quite an exceptional one among its kind with its unique suite of features and lightweight design. However, some really picky customers are not sure about the strength of the design. It is mainly made of plastic and this can make the fan a little bit top-heavy especially when it is adjusted to its maximum height.


Lasko has created a very convenient stand fan for every home with its Lasko 1843. With its powerful airflow even in the lowest setting, you get your much-needed cool air. It has a lot of additional features that can surpass other stand fans and it is quite a very good investment for what it is worth.

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