Minka-Aire F843-DK Ceiling Fan Review [Jan-2022]

The Minka-Aire F843-DK ceiling fan has an elegant design with its distressed Koa wood finish.

This can provide a high volume of air with its 53 inches dimension and it can actually give an airflow capacity of 6,585 cubic feet per minute.

You will be amazed at the amount of air it can provide without developing a humming sound.

The Minka-Aire F843-DK ceiling fan comes with an integrated remote control that allows the user to adjust the speed with its straightforward instruction. The Minka-Aire F843-DK ceiling fan has exciting features and specifications to offer.

Color Brown Distressed Koa Wood

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Its color and design will perfectly match each area of your home. You can install it in your dining area, living room, bedroom, and visitor’s lounge because its stylish design and distressed Koa wood finish make it work in any place.

The three blades of the ceiling fan have a flipped design near the canopy part of the blade.

It allows the air to be distributed properly and to fill the whole room. The distressed Koa wood appearance of the ceiling fan has actually a dark red look.

Koa wood is one of the most expensive in the world, even though this ceiling fan is not made of Koa wood, its age and wear look makes its look like a real Koa. Its Koa wood resemblance helps its appearance to look more sophisticated.

Air Flow Capacity of 6,585 Cubic Feet per Minute

The Minka-Aire F843-DK ceiling fan does not only lessen the heat inside your room but it fills the whole room with cool air.

There are many heavy types that produce good air yet produce an annoying humming sounds. The Minka-Aire does not produce that unwanted sound yet provides a high volume of air.

A typical ceiling fan can produce a flow capacity of 5,609 cubic feet per minute (CFM) but the flow capacity of Minka-Aire is 6,585 CFM. No doubt that the quality of the Minka-Aire ceiling fan is remarkable.

The 52-inch blades of the ceiling fan with a weight of 19 pounds make it hard to create that kind of airflow capacity but because of its integrated metal material, it still manages to produce a high volume of air.

The 48-degree blade pitch is also a huge factor in why the Minka-Aire ceiling fan can give airflow for any room size.

Minka-Aire F843-DK Ceiling Fan Features & Specifications

  • 52 inches ceiling fan. The 52 inches blades allow the air to flow perfectly in any area.
  • The straightforward remote control helps the users manage the speed of the fan and turn it on or off when they want.
  • Contemporary style with distressed Koa wood finish (expensive wood from Hawaii)
  • Blade designs are partly flipped which makes the movement of the fan like graceful wave formations of the ocean.
  • This ceiling fan is rated at 120 volts and it is compatible with any regular outlet.

Minka-Aire F843-DK Ceiling Fan Review

We gathered comments and opinions from existing reviews online and we combined them in our own assessment.

This ceiling fan got a 7.5 score because of its unique design with contemporary and age style.

This is the epitome of a sophisticated and well-curated ceiling fan design. The only concerns of most customers are its color and humming sound.

There were reviews posted online saying that they did not like the actual color as it was different from the picture posted online.

Since this is just a resemblance of Koa wood, it might not get the overall appearance as expected.

Another review posted online saying that there was a humming sound in the ceiling fan after using it in a week.

But I think this might be caused by factory defects because most of the users did not encounter the annoying sound.

In fact, many users are happy after installing the ceiling fan in their home as it does not create much noise as compared to typical ones.

Things to Improve

The Minka-Aire is the best ceiling fan not only for your room but also in other areas in your home.

The only area that needs improvement is the distressed Koa finish of the ceiling fan. It really attracts customers and it will continue to attract more but customers might end up with disappointment if its appearance cannot justify its promise of Koa resemblance.

Nonetheless, the whole features and specifications of this ceiling fan are promising and remarkable.


The Minka-Aire F843-DK ceiling fan is perfectly designed and made for those people who are looking for a well-curated style for their ceiling fixture. Thus, it gives amazing airflow to any room because of its high airflow capacity.

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