Performance Tool 20-Foot Jumper Cable Review

Performance Tool 20-Foot Jumper Cable is a high-quality jumper cable, which is meant for medium-duty, standard-duty, heavy-duty, and even commercial uses. The product features both red and black insulated clamps for easier use even in emergency situations. The tangle-free cables are coated with rubber for perfect grip and prevention of tangling. Regardless of the weather, you could still utilize the cables.

The jumper cables have four gauge wires and great clamp build. Even its cable sheathing is thick enough to be flexible, supple, and resistance to overuse. It is also very long at 20 feet, making it suitable for various applications.

Parrot Clamps


These clamps attached to the cables made it more effective to use in various ways. According to experts, there are several advantages associated with the use of parrot type of clip. Primarily, it is about the higher insulation of voltage all over the body to where it would be attached up to the tip. It even allows for hands-on measurements even at high voltage.

In addition, parrot clamps are made to promote a low point contact resistance, specifically now that it has a sharp metal tip. You could even use its narrow structure to work on hard-to-reach places in your vehicle’s engine. Moreover, you would find parrot clamps lightweight, reducing the overall weight of the jumper cables.

Many often describe parrot clamps as the most aggressive type of handles since these are more durable and tightly hooks. Some even considered it similar to bulldogs grabbing a fresh bone like it does not want to let it go.

Thick Cable Sheathing

There are jumper cables that become less useful when its cable sheathing is too thin for long use. Unlike this kind of cable sheath, Performance Tool has a thicker one that could resist abuse. Basically, the purpose of cable sheathing is to protect the conductors inside it. It is also responsible for the transmission of electricity.  It could handle various settings and voltages.

Expectedly, high-voltage power lines require heavy-duty sheathing. Without a good-quality sheath, the insulation and lubrication of conductors would not be effectively done. Environmental hazards, such as snow and rain, would quickly penetrate and affect the cables. Consequently, even shorts would take place.

Fortunately, Performance Tool used more layers of insulating and weatherproof materials to complete its jumper cables. The manufacturer is aware of the possibility that the jumper cables would be used even in dangerous settings.

Performance Tool 20-Foot Jumper Cable Features and Specifications

Performance Tool 20-Foot Jumper Cable has a length of 20 feet with four wire gauges. The amperage of the product is 500/600 peak with a parrot type of clamp. It is available in two colors, which are blue and black. You may also use the jumper cables in all weather conditions. Ideal vehicle types where you may use the cable into are RVs, tractors, semis, and buses, among others. The cumulative weight of the product is 3.8 pounds.

To learn more about the jumper cable, here are its other principal features:

  • Well-Built Four-Gauge Wires. The construction of its internal cables is solid and perfected for heavy-duty applications.
  • Heavy Duty. You may likely be able to use in even in jumpstarting big semitrucks for it is durable even after constant use.
  • Very Long. You could use it to any situation since it is very long, giving you a potential to work at a considerable distance from the engine. This means you do not need to stay at the front bumper of the vehicle.
  • Flexible Plastic Material. Despite the fact it is also developed with plastic material, this component still remains versatile in cold temperatures.
  • Looks Well Made. The jumper cables appear to be perfected, which made it more appealing to use.
  • Color Coded. It enables you to easily identify which of the cables are the negative and positive ones since the clamps are in red and black colors.

Performance Tool 20-Foot Jumper Cable Reviews

The jumper cables received mostly perfect ratings and positive reviews from its existing users and buyers. According to them, even after using the booster cable a lot of times, it would still work as necessary with consistent performance. They have commended how well constructed the jumper cables are, which may be the reason why it is very sturdy. In addition, the satisfied consumers recommended the fact it could be employed to tons of vehicle types.

Things to Improve

There are customers who suggested making the cables smaller for it could be difficult to fit in their car’s trunk. Additionally, displeased buyers complained about the poor quality of air compressor. Nonetheless, the product should have been perfect.


Performance Tool 20-Foot Jumper Cable is still a great product to try since the positive reviews about it still outweighed the negative ones. Moreover, it is not a waste of investment since the product has a considerably affordable value.

You are free to have more options if you still doubt the efficacy of the product, particularly by proceeding to best jumper cables reviews.

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