Rough Country 609S Jeep Lift Kit Review

Rough Country 609S is a high-quality suspension lift kit for jeep wranglers. It is a complete package of springs, control arms, rubber bushings, relocation brackets, correction plates, and hardware, among others. The quality of the suspension lift is proven by its perfectly tuned components. Its coil springs function more effectively through its coil correction plates angling. Moreover, Rough Country 609S is made with heightened ground clearance and is suitable for four-door models.

The product is ideally developed with a reduced installation time and backspacing advantage. You could use it for a tire size of 35 by 12.50 R17. From its series of high-performance components, you could ensure a smooth highway ride.

OEM Standards Exceeding

The product is made to surpass the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) standards, which is why it is simply expected for it to outperform other suspension kits. It is specifically designed with components that were individually engineered, focusing on setting the bar for jeep tools. Aside from the maximized absorption of vibration, the product is also structured to ensure the track-bar angle. Rough Country 609S high industry qualifications make it capable of offering the best of both worlds, specifically for handling your jeep on and off the trail.

Smartly Engineered Parts

The overall performance of Rough Country 609S is contributed by each of the great qualities of its components. You could begin with its coil correction plates which rectify the spring angle by 10 degrees. As a result, the plates work more efficiently. Moreover, the factory-tuned coil springs are preset according to the stock spring rate.

Furthermore, Rough Country 609S has Clevite brand OEM style rubber bushings found in the control arms. If you want the most dependable equilibrium in jeep handling, you have its N2.0 series shock absorbers.

Rough Country 609S Features and Specifications

The product is designed for 35 by 12.50 R17 tires and wheel BS of 4.5 inches to 4.75 inches. Its front parts include hardware, lifted coil springs, pitman arm, fixed lower control arms, brake line relocation brackets, and track bar drop bracket. Alternatively, its rear components include hardware as well, lifted coil springs, extended sway-bar links, brake line relocation brackets, coil correction plates, and track bar drop bracket. The shocks available with the suspension kit are four Premium N2.0 Series.

The entire suspension kit has dimensions of 33.5 inches x 19.7 inches by 5.7 inches. You could obtain it with a cumulative weight of 48.4 pounds.

Given below are the top-rated features of the product:

  • Complete Kit Contents – You no longer have to worry about buying other parts because everything you need is in the suspension lift kit. It has separate tools for the front and rear jeep handling.
  • Perfectly Engineered Solution – The common problems you encounter with suspension lift kits are addressed by Rough Country’s engineering approaches. The real coil springs are supported by ideally angled coil correction plates. The ground clearance was also increased. Lastly, available shocks come with valves.
  • Technical Support – Rough Country foresees the probable issues you could encounter in the use of the suspension lift kit. For instance, in cases of possible contact between the front drive shaft and automatic transmission pan, you have the option to use an aftermarket smaller diameter shaft. This is regarded as a way to increment the components’ clearance.
  • Trusted Manufacturer Background – Rough Country has long been known for providing lift systems geared towards ride quality, ease of installation, and overall value. It is also one of the best companies offering customer service minus constant complaints. Furthermore, the rapid growing firm has been known for participating in most major off-road events.
  • Warranty Offer – There is a lifetime replacement warranty from the manufacturer on all its suspension lift kits, including stabilizers and shocks.
  • Affordable Buy – Though it includes tons of parts or tools you could use, is the kit is made available at a more reasonable price compared to its counterparts.

Rough Country 609S Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 9.2 out of 10.

The reviews of Rough Country 609S are mostly positive. Among the mostly commended qualities of the product is its quick installation. You can just read the instruction carefully since these are very detailed. In addition, the existing owners of the product preferred the fact that it is a huge wrangler at an affordable price. They even emphasized how the kit looks well-built, making it ideal for amazing rides.

Things to Improve

The existing owners of the kit recommended the availability of longer brake lines, particularly in the front to avoid serious mangling or bending of the hard lines. Furthermore, the users suggested that parts should be grouped in a less scattered way.


Practically, Rough Country 609S is an overall great product to try. Because it works immediately and does what it claims, it is a must-buy. You do not have to worry about the price for it is also reasonably valued.

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