Rubicon Express RE7030 Jeep Lift Kit Review

Rubicon Express RE7030 is a two-inch economy suspension lift kit that is described to be a perfect setup for those looking to obtain a substantial lift at a very low price. Simply adding two inches of lift could already provide more clearance for bigger tires and increased flexibility of suspension. This budget-friendly system will maintain the trusted quality of Rubicon Express kits.

The suspension lift kit installation is easy and straightforward. It guarantees a trail-ready vehicle. With its suitability for 31-tire application, you could also take advantage of its shock alternative.

Easy Two-Inch Lift

The basic kit is one of the best you could use to gain an easy two-inch lift. Though it is affordable, you could ensure that it would perform what it assured. It ensures the fluidity of your vehicle’s suspension. Even if you have bigger tires, you could also increment the clearance. The lifting steps are also easy to carry out. You simply have to fit the spacers of coil springs and put the precision-valved shocks.

Extensive Troubleshooting Support

No matter what issue you are concerned about vehicle suspension, Rubicon Express RE7030 would help you along the way. You could begin with the vibrations which could be experienced during acceleration and deceleration. For the former problem, you simply have to use the kit to adjust the angle of pinion according to the alternative cam bolts. The latter trouble could be resolved by doing the similar step given to avoid the pinion from getting too low relative to the transfer case output shaft.

Rubicon Express RE7030 Features and Specifications

The two-inch lift is available with the basic tools you need to enhance your vehicle’s off-road performance. The package contains a couple of RXT2220 rear shocks, RE1334 coil spring spacers, and RXT2421 front shocks. Moreover, you also have one RE1385 front and rear bump stop extensions. If you have a bought a kit with mono tube shocks, you would have an extra RE1385 bump stock for the front area of your truck.

Given below are the top features of the product:

  • Basic Installation – Installation with the use of the kit is practically easy. The parts from the package are all set, and you only need to have fundamental hand tools, spring compressor, floor jack, and jack stands. The spring compressor is optional. The instructions are grouped accordingly, one for the rear axle and another for the front.
  • High-Speed Wobble Solution – The suspension lift kit could you help you address a common problem with any type of steering. High-speed wobble is experienced whenever there is abnormal movement in the front tires following a bump hit. The condition could be solved by reducing the positive castor, minimizing the factor caster, and maximizing the factor toe in.
  • Bump Steer Correction – Correcting the improper connection of the track bar and drag link could be done with the use of the kit. You simply need to put the axle in the center again and specify the steering wheel’s neutral position. The steering wheel should be placed at the center by tweaking the drag link.
  • Flexible Height Increases – It was claimed by the manufacturer that all ride lifts using the kit are estimates. For every vehicle specification, there would likely be variances. Common factors considered are trail equipment, size of the engine, and factory options.
  • No Modifications or Replacements Needed – Using the kit means you no longer need to change or replace track bars, brake lines, or even pinion angles.
  • Economic Suspension Lift – Though the package is not as massive as other kits with tons of parts to assemble, it ensures a two-inch lift.

Rubicon Express RE7030 Reviews

The editor’s rating for the product is 8.4 out of 10.

Rubicon Express RE7030 received considerable positive feedbacks from its existing users. According to them, the package does provide substantial lift as expected while maintaining the stock ride. Many have commended that it does not need further modifications. As expected, it does help you drive more safely minus the peril of tossing around.

The customers also emphasized the high quality of shocks you could find in the package. According to them, the shocks may last longer than expected and competitive enough with its peers in the market.

Things to Improve

Though the shocks are described to be with heavy-duty quality, its length should at least be reduced. Besides, the spring compressor is suggested to be added in the kit for it makes the installation more manageable.


Overall, Rubicon Express RE7030 offers a great lift at a great price. Since it is a basic set of tools, one should not expect much from it. Provided its low price, its positive reviews and industry-proven features are proofs that it is a must-try.

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