Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E) Review [Jan-2022]

The Shark Navigator Professional (NV356E) is the vacuum cleaner you should buy if you want a portable and versatile appliance for your home.

The power of this unit is so great that it can suck up both large sized debris and fine dust particles from surfaces. Its versatility allows you to use it on bare floors, carpets, walls, and tight spaces.

The unit also features a 2-in-1 design with its Lift-Away technology and portable cleaning capacity. This vacuum cleaner is used and stored upright.

In order to reach the tighter spaces such as edges, corners, and under furniture, the Lift-Away technology that involves lifting the canister can be used.

Thanks to this feature, cleaning the debris and dust particles are much easier, especially in areas that are challenging to access.

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional (NV356E) Review

Shark NV356E S2 Navigator Lift-Away Professional Upright Vacuum with Pet Power Brush and Crevice Tool, White/Silver


Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology

The Shark Navigator NV356E’s complete seal technology allows the allergens sucked up by the vacuum to be contained within the unit instead of escaping back into the air.

The HEPA filter acts as a trap for dust particles and allergen, which reinforces the complete seal technology of the unit. The filter traps 99.99% of allergens, which helps in preserving indoor air quality.

Attachments for Efficient Cleaning

The Shark Navigator NV356E has dust-away hard floor attachments together with washable microfiber pads.

The hard floor attachments allow you to pick up any size of debris and dust on bare floors without damaging the surface. The microfiber attachments allow you to suck up even microscopic particles.

It is washable so that any dust and allergens left on the pads can be removed thoroughly. Once washed, the pads will be efficient to pick up microscopic particles again.

Shark Navigator NV356E Features and Specifications

  • Lift-Away Design – single-press button to lift the canister to allow for cleaning of areas difficult to access such as edges, corners, and under the furniture.
  • 2-in-1 Design – suitable for upright use for wide and accessible areas and lift-away option for manageable cleaning
  • Attachments – Dust-away attachment for hard flooring for bare floor cleaning, includes 2 washable microfiber pads to pick up fine dust
  • Complete Seal Technology with HEPA filter – for trapping 99.9% of particles and allergens inside the appliance
  • Lightweight – at only 13.7 pounds for manageable use
  • Size – 15 x 11.4 x 45.5 inches for easy maneuvering

Shark Navigator NV356E Reviews and Ratings

The Shark Navigator NV356E has received a large number of feedbacks at 7645+. Based on what customers have to say as well as our own assessment of the unit, we give it a rating of 9.2/10 stars.

Many of the feedback it has received are positive comments from actual buyers and owners of this vacuum cleaner.

One customer has numerous good things to say about this vacuum cleaner. According to him, the unit was well-constructed.

In terms of ergonomics, the design of the unit was brilliant, in the opinion of this customer, especially with regards to its lift-away design.

He also liked that the unit was inexpensive and lightweight. He added that it was incredibly easy to use with the swivel base making it easy for maneuvering.

The unit was also powerful as attested by this customer and its filtering system was reliable.

Its bag free design, which is because of its lift-away canister makes cleaning hassle-free.

The customer added that it had a motorized brush head that features a blockage indicator light, allowing the user to know if there is anything jamming the unit from functioning.

The last and most crucial advantage of this unit was its 5-year warranty.

Many other customers expressed their satisfaction with the overall quality of the Shark Navigator NV356E.

Things to Improve

Even though many customers have good things to say about the unit, it still has its flaws. Some customers commented on the flimsiness of some of the materials used and included in the product package.

The aesthetics of the vacuum seem a bit off for some, as well. Definitely, there is room for improvement with this appliance.

However, these are merely minor flaws that do not affect the utility of the vacuum. And so, these shortcomings are not worth more than the usefulness and value of the Shark Navigator NV356E.


The Shark Navigator NV356E is a portable, versatile, and technological vacuum cleaner that features a dependable filtering system.

Cleaning with this appliance allows you to pick up both large debris and microscopic dust particles. Its lift-away design allows you to access areas that are rather difficult to clean with traditional and bulky vacuum cleaner designs.

While it has its shortcomings, this unit is still of good overall quality that aids you not only in cleaning your home but also in ensuring that you achieve better indoor air quality as you vacuum particles.

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