Tricks and Techniques in Stacking Firewood at Home [Jan-2022]

The hard part is over after you have cut the trees and split the wood. However, facing a messy pile of lumber is not the end of your task.

The next tedious mission is how to stack firewood to make it orderly if not attractive to keep your fireplace burning all through the cold season.

You don’t need tools or heavy lifting in stacking firewood, just enough knowledge on the art of stacking firewood to achieve an organized stack.

You Need the Wood Dry

A well-stacked wood is easy on the eyes but the real point of stacking wood is to let it dry until the time you need it.

Firewood seasoning allows the wood to dry until only 20% of its moisture content is left. This makes the wood burn efficiently and creates less pollution in terms of smoke.

There are factors to consider in choosing the type and technique you want to use in stacking your firewood.

Whatever technique of piling you will use, it is best to remember to avoid doing it too tightly. Allow air to pass through the logs to help them dry.

Choosing Where to Stack Firewood

The first step before heaping firewood is selecting the best place where to assemble it. Since dead woods home termites, it may be best to select a location for your stack that is a little far away from the foundation of your house but not too far.

Tricks and Techniques in Stacking Firewood at Home

Also, pick a location that receives plenty of sunlight during the daytime to help speed up the drying of the firewood.

Ensure that you picked the location at the height of the slope if your house is built on sloping ground.

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Stacking Firewood Techniques

There are a lot of techniques in stacking firewood. Besides considering the basic principles in piling firewood, find the process that suits you.

Holz Hausen Technique

Also known as the Round Wood Pile stacking system, the Holz Hausen is an easier and faster way, more stable, and sheds water better than traditional stacks.

This is done by stacking wood through a circle placed vertically to allow vertical air movement so the logs inside can dry as well. This stacking method is great for odd-shaped logs.

This building round woodpiles video will give you a more detailed and visual step in stacking wood using this technique.

Amish wood Stacking

The Amish way of stacking firewood is done in a pyramid-like pile. By heaping firewood in this manner, the water is drained from the firewood easily which makes the pile dry within just a couple of days.

This pyramid-like wood stacking technique holds more firewood compared to when it is piled horizontally.

Firewood Box System

This firewood box system is designed to minimize your time in filling and stacking wood from your firewood stack to the stove.

This is done by piling firewood in crates and the crates are then assembled for storage.

This serves to lessen time and energy in stacking and restacking firewood.

How to Prevent Rotting and Falling of Piles

To ensure firewood quality, avoid the bottom of your wood stack from rotting by avoiding stacking it directly on the ground.

You can do this by stacking the wood on old pallets so it doesn’t touch the ground. You can also make concrete blocks as a base where you can pile the wood and keep it from the mud and water on the ground.

wood stacking techniques

Your wood stack will need stability on both ends to prevent piles from falling. You may do this by creating towers on both ends where you are going to stack your firewood.

This will give it steadiness from toppling over. However, you have to remember not to build the mound too high that it can no longer hold its structure.

Final Tricks in Firewood Stacking

The stability of your firewood stack is important. Do not create your stack until you have secured your support towers if ever you use one.

Smaller firewood stacks dry faster and are firmer. It makes it better to consider having several small stacks than creating one large stack.

If your firewood has not been piled and just sitting around for a while, check each piece for any sign of mold or fungi before adding it to your stack. This will prevent the bad piece from compromising the total mound.

The hard work of cutting and chopping wood is done. One thing that left is organizing the stack which is less hard to do.

Regardless of the method, you use on how to stack firewood, keep in mind the basics, the base on which you stack your wood, the stability of your firewood stack, keep your firewood dry, and ensure that it will continue to dry even more.