Top Best Stump Grinder For Small Business [Jan -2022]

Have a pesky stump in your yard?  There are a variety of ways to take care of that, but the safest and most reliable way is with the best stump grinder.

Many people attempt to remove lawn stumps in unsafe ways such as with a chainsaw.  If you value safety and time, invest in a stump grinder for removing your stumps.

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Best Stump Grinder For Small Business

DK2 Power Gas Powered Certified Commercial Frame Stump Grinder Power Tool with 14HP Kohler Motor and Multi-Position Adjustable Bow Handle
  • PRECISE CUTTING PERFORMANCE: DK2 Power stump grinder provides a direct belt drive system, eliminating clutch slippage and demands a 100% cutting performance from the 12 inch, 50 pound cutting head
  • GAS POWERED: Commercial frame implementing a Kohler 14HP CH440 engine, with a dual direct v-belt drive providing a cutting speed of 3600 RPM
  • SAFETY MATERIALS: Includes safety keys, ear protection, safety glasses, work gloves, tools and a oil bottle
  • EASY TRANSPORTATION: Constructed with dual locking hitch pins, for trouble free wheel breaks and an easier transportation over rough terrain
  • INCLUDES: 9 Direct Drive carbide teeth, dual locking ATV tires, adjustable heavy duty
Generac TB25044GENG Pro Tow-Behind Field and Brush Mower, Orange, Black
  • Mowing capabilities of up to 2 acres (0.81 ha) per hour (varies with conditions)
  • Towable with most ATVs, UTVs, or tractors
  • Driver-controlled remote control mowing
  • large deck for efficient mowing
  • Tool-free height adjustment
Generac ST47019GENG Pro Stump Grinder, Orange, Black
  • Carbide-tipped cutting teeth tackle any size stump
  • Detachable tow bar makes for easy towing
  • Constructed of 12 gauge steel; light weight, durable design
  • Quickly eliminates stumps, expand lawn and field areas, and remove mowing hazards
  • Generac G-Force power to make fast work of the toughest jobs

How It Works

How do stump grinders work?  Stump grinders are incredibly varied, with some being personal-sized and some being as large as a truck.

The key to discerning what kind of grinder you will need will depend on a variety of different factors.

Besides manually removing stumps by literally dragging them out of the ground, stump grinders work by allowing you to slowly chip away at the wood with a rotating disk.

The disk typically has teeth made of carbide, giving it excellent cutting power.  This disk burrows its way into the wood and turns the stump into a pile of sawdust. The sawdust is then either left to rot, or collected and hauled off.

Best Stump Grinder Reviews

You may be thinking that you can just use a chainsaw to remove that pesky stump.  Why not?  For starters, chainsaws work by spinning a saw chain around the arm.

Getting rid of a stump involves digging into the ground, which would involve getting dirt all through your chainsaw.

This can not only decrease the life of your chainsaw’s teeth, but it also will bring the dirt into the main area of your saw.

Beyond that, it is just flat-out impractical.  The amount of time it would take to manually remove a stump from the ground with a chainsaw just doesn’t make sense compared to the raw grinding power you get from a real stump grinder.

Types Of Stump Grinder

There are four primary types of stump grinders: handlebar grinders, self-propelled machines, tow grinders, and truck-mounted grinders.

Handlebar grinders and self-propelled have a clear advantage over the competition simply because of their size.

They can get places traditional stump grinders can’t get to.  This is perfect for getting to stumps behind sheds, or close to existing trees.

1. Walk-Behind Stump Srinders

Walk-Behind stump grinders are the smallest available. These grinders seem to resemble very much lawn mowers in that you walk behind the machine using a handlebar while running it.

Walk-behind grinders have become increasingly popular among homeowners, particularly due to their ease of use.

2. Tow-Behind Stump Grinders

Tow-Behind stump grinders are ideal for anyone who owns big lands or needs heavy-duty stump removal.

These machines can be transported using a four-wheel drive, but they are usually towed behind a tow truck.

3. Self-Propelled Stump Grinders

Self-propelled best stump grinder for small businesses remove tree stumps faster and are easier to use. These machines are typically powered by diesel or gas.

They are also known for their cutting capacity and brute strength. These grinders are ideal for areas where vehicles have difficulty reaching.

4. Track Mounted Grinders

Track Mounted grinders are stump grinders with tank wheels. These machines allow you to operate on just about any surface.

Ideal for hard-to-drive sites and construction companies. This is the most versatile type of stump grinder you can use for stump removal.

However, they generally lack the amount of power other grinders will have and are unable to grind as deep as other grinders.

For picking up when handlebar and self-propelled grinders fail, tow grinders and truck-mounted grinders come stacked with power and depth.

Truck-mounted grinders can also be fitted to the PTO of a tractor for power, giving them enough power to grind and sized stump.

When looking for a grinder, there are a few things to look for. Your stump grinder must have some sort of skirt around it to shield you from flying objects that will inevitably result from stump grinding.

If you’re not sure about the best way to go about grinding a stump, or find yourself uncomfortable doing it, it may be a good idea to hire someone to do it. Most companies charge by the diameter of the stump, and also how deep it is.


Along with the stump grinder rental, you can also hire personal protective equipment, such as gloves, hats, boots, glasses, etc.

The price of hiring a stump grinder may vary depending upon the size, type, and brand. Generally, the cost of renting a stump grinder can range from hundred dollars to a few on a daily rental rate.

The stump grinder rental is the very best, quick, and effective way to removing stumps left behind by the tree removal company.

A stump grinder is must require to remove large stumps. Before choosing the option between hiring a professional and a used stump grinder for sale, evaluate which one offers less cost service.

How To Use A Stump Grinder

If you plan on removing those ancient tree stumps from your yard then you may want to consider renting a stump grinder to get the roots out of the ground.

By using this equipment you can easily finish the work of tree removal. Stump grinders come in various sizes such as small stump grinders and large stump grinders.

While the small version is usually used for smaller functions, large stump grinders are typically used for professional work.

Avoid using a stump grinder without wearing hearing and eye protection. For safe use, the user should be properly trained and physically fit.

Materials and tools needed include: stump grinder, working boots, saw, protective eyeglasses, protective gloves and garments, earplugs, face shield, and safety helmet.

Your stump grinder is intended to remove tree stumps, not hard objects such as rocks. Make sure you remove all debris and rocks away from the stump to avoid any damage.

Surface roots should be ground together with the stumps. After grinding the exposed roots and the stumps, you may want to put the wood chips on a compost pile and let them decay.

The rental dealer should make sure you fully understand the controls and how to operate the machine.

  • Stump Removal

Stump removal can be a necessary challenge. The stump left behind after tree removing can be hazardous and will be taking up your space. Once the stumps are removed you will be able to plant another tree, grow grass, etc.

There are several methods to remove tree stumps. You can either use a chemical tree stump remover, an ax or circular saw, or a stump grinder.

You may also consider rotting, grubbing, burning, or covering the stump with soil but these methods are not always efficient nor easy to do and in some cases, they are not recommended.

how to remove stump

With so many techniques that don’t actually work, stump grinders have become increasingly popular these days.

Stump grinders are by far the most effective solution to get the task done. While many homeowners choose to hire a professional landscaper or arborist, these machines can also be rented.

The entire process typically takes less than a couple of hours but the work requires you to use large power tools that most people are not experienced or comfortable with.

It’s best to fully understand various stump removal solutions and choose the one that best suits your needs. Beware of products that promise easy and quick stump removal. It’s time to reclaim your space!

  • DIY – Stump Grinding

Stump grinders are designed to provide easy operation for both tree professionals and do-it-yourselfers.

Hiring a professional to help you get your stumps removed can be very expensive, which is why many homeowners decide to take care of the task themselves.

Removing tree stumps with a tree stump grinder is not an easy job if you don’t educate yourself first.

Tree grinders are mechanical tools that consist of a toothed cutting blade that chops or grinds away the stumps by breaking them into small pieces.

How To Use a Stump Grinder

Keep in mind that the equipment might weigh about 1000 pounds so you either have it delivered to your home by your dealer or tow the machine using a trailer hitch.

Before you start the operation you need to make sure there are no rocks or stones around the base of the stump that might damage or dull the teeth of the grinder.

You can speed up the job by first trimming the stumps close to the ground. The cutting wheel should be positioned over the stump’s front edge between the stump grinder and the stump.

With each pass, you will be removing about 3 in. of the stump. Make sure your dealer helps you fully understand the entire operation!

  • Sharpen Stump Grinder Teeth

If you want to maximize the life of your stump grinder it is important to learn how to sharpen its teeth.

For the stump grinder to grind through the stumps and cut efficiently, the teeth of the machine should always be kept sharp.

Dull teeth can cause injury to the user or damage to the equipment. The process can be done with a special diamond grinder wheel and a standard bench grinder.

You may also need a dust mask, a machine oil, a face shield, a hex key or screwdriver, water, and safety glasses.

home depot stump grinder

Make sure your workspace is clean of any debris and dirt. The spark plug should stay removed from the grinder while you are working on sharpening the teeth. You can start by removing the stump grinder teeth.

Use small set screws to attach each teeth to the blade. Put on the dust mask and face shield. Turn on the stump grinder at its maximum speed.

The tooth should be held to the diamond wheel at a 90-degree angle. Remember to keep the tooth in some water every several minutes to prevent damage to the tooth or wheel.

At the end of the process, you can use compressed air to blow off the dust.

  • Hire a Professional

If you are having trouble getting rid of the tree stumps in your yard, you may want to consider hiring a professional to do the job for you.

It can be extremely difficult and frustrating to remove a stump in any other technique.

You should know however that professional tree stump removal may cost you roughly $100 to $150 per stump.

The price is based on several factors including the type of tree stump, the number of branches, the size of the stump in terms of diameter and length.

Based on these factors the company can determine the type of machine that is suitable for the task.

For example, if there are dozens of stamps a 100-250HP+ machine may be required. Some companies will offer discounts if several stumps are being removed at one time.

how easy is it to use a stump grinder

Once you’ve decided to hire a professional tree removalist you should make sure you ask about any surcharge, organizing tree branches, rubbish removal, additional labor hours, etc.

It is highly recommended to contact several companies and obtain more than 3 quotes that you can choose from.

Make sure you get an accurate estimate in writing and be sure that all costs are included, before hiring the professional stump grinder.

  • Rent a Stump Grinder

Homeowners, farmers, businesses, and landlords can choose to either rent a stump grinder or hire a professional.

If you’ve decided that renting is the answer you can try renting a stump grinder either from a heavy equipment rental company or a major hardware chain.

Before you go into the store to rent the machine it’s best to make sure you fully understand the different types of stump grinders.

When renting the equipment you should consider several factors such as delivery charge, safety guide, safety menu, hidden costs, extra costs for holidays, weekend rentals.

Make sure you are aware of any liability costs in case of damage and what cleanup and maintenance you will need to perform.

stump grinder renting

Stump grinders typically weigh roughly 1000 pounds so you will either need to have a vehicle to tow it or have the rental company deliver it to you.

There are safety precautions you should be aware of before you rent your stump grinder. The company should provide some operating instructions and safety guidelines and also show you how to operate the model you rent.

The stump grinder you choose should suit your budget and also one that you can handle. Renting a stump grinder will cost you somewhere in the $90-$300 range per day, based on the type of equipment you select.

Operating a stump grinder by yourself can be a little hard work but it will save you money in the long run.

  • Pine Tree Stumps

Not many homeowners are aware of the differences between removing a pine tree stump and removing other types of stumps.

Compared to other trees, pine trees have flatter, larger root networks that spread horizontally.

Once a pine has been cut down you will have to deal with the stump that remains behind the ground.

Removing pine tree stumps may be a frustrating task. However, due to their wide shallow roots, homeowners frequently prefer to remove them using only hand tools or other methods instead of stump grinders.

how hard is it to use a stump grinder

Waiting for the pine tree stumps to naturally decompose can take several years. Burning the pine tree stumps is dangerous and not recommended.

Never use petroleum or diesel products to ignite the pine tree stumps. Avoid dousing the pine stumps with oil, kerosene, or gasoline.

Many homeowners claim that using a stump grinder is the most efficient technique. Stump grinders are gas-powered machines that when pressed down on the tree stump can chew through it.

The type of technique you choose will mainly depend on your needs and budget. If you’re interested in stump grinding, you can always rent the equipment or hire a professional to get the job done. It’s time to get rid of those stumps!

Tips And Warnings

1. Using Kerosene to burn out the tree stump is an effective and viable technique. Extreme caution must be used as this is a highly dangerous operation.

2. Always wear sleeves, gloves, safety goggles, and long pants to protect you from flying debris and dirt.

3. Try several methods and techniques and see what works best for you and your stumps.

4. Tools should always be used with extreme caution to avoid safety hazards.

5. Make sure there are no people or animals in the near vicinity of your work area. This way you will prevent any injury caused by flying debris.

6. When the stump grinder is in motion make sure your hands are away from the wheel.

7. Ask the stump grinder dealer what type of gas is needed in case you ever run out.

8. Never forget to use safety goggles when operating a best stump grinder for small business.

9. You can contact a local landscaping company and ask for stump grinding services. Most of them provide this service.

10. Wearing a hat with a plastic shield will protect your eyes when operating the equipment.

11. Using a machine with ear protection will help you protect your ears while operating the machine.

12. Make sure there are no kids in the area when using the tree stump grinder.

13. Ask the stump grinder dealer to help you understand how to operate the machine correctly.

14. You can rent a tree stump grinder either online or from a machinery rental shop.

15. Using chemical stump removers can be hazardous to other plants and trees in the area and should be done with caution.