How Many Recessed Lights In Kitchen

How to Measure Recessed Lighting Size

At present, you cannot simply find a house without recessed lights. Day by day, recessed lights have become an essential part of interior lighting. Due to this, everyone installs recessed lights in the dining room, drawing room as well as kitchen room. In this article we describe how many recessed lights In kitchen. Installing recessed … Read more

Recessed Lighting vs Flush Mount Lighting – A Full Explained Comparison Guide

Recessed Lighting vs Flush Mount Lighting

When decorating the interior of any new or old house, the most important aspect of paying attention to is the interior light setup. And many homeowners get confused when they come to this step, especially which lighting setup will be great, which lighting will show the house’s beauty more, with many more questions like this. … Read more

How to Remove Recessed Light Cover without Any Damage

How to Remove Recessed Light Cover

When you want to remove your recessed light for various reasons, including replacing the bulb, fixing the connection, or cleaning the dust or dirt in the recessed light, you will first need to remove the recessed light cover. However, some recessed light covers are easy to remove. But, most modern recessed lights have different styles … Read more

2 Easy Method: How to Remove Old Recessed Light Housing

How to Remove Old Recessed Light Housing

Recessed lighting is a perfect option to decorate any office, school, commercial space, and home in an amazing way. Nowadays, it is very popular, because, on the one hand, the best recessed lighting gives a long-lasting performance, on the other hand, they provide extraordinary brightness and decoration. The best part is that the updated recessed … Read more